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Romance / Fantasy


I have always loved the water. My family has always been near water. My uncle was a an oceanographer which had me interested in what he does. It was always seeming so mysterious, what lies beneath, what is under. Being a lover of the sea, my family has owned a villa near the beach and I found my self visiting quiet often. Until my uncle had given me a birthday party on a boat owned by my family. That is until that night my life had changed when I accidentally slip into the waters slowly sinking down under. From that day of, I had saw things differently which had me even more curious on to what lies beneath our feet. Until her that is, that life, my life as we know it had changed. If I tell people, would they believe me but then again I wanted this to be kept a secret, my secret, my little secret. ---Warning not intended for 18 and under---strong mature sexual language----

Chapter 1-Mysterious Blue

Sitting at the edge of the stern I dipped my feet kicking, the water felt cold. It was cold and freezing and dark, very, very dark.

“Careful there bud, you don’t want to fall in. I was told the water is freezing this time of night.” Turning my head to the side I looked up to see a man who was much taller than me holding a glass of whatever he was drinking. Though he was young, he looked old with having a salt and pepper look to his hair and the wrinkles plastered on his face was evident.

“Uncle.” I beamed up at him before turning back towards the open water.

“Are you having fun my dear nephew?”

“Yes I am uncle, this is the best birthday present you have given me.” That was half the truth. Most of these adults could care less to whose party they attended to as long as it is filled with free food and drinks. While they were in the saloon which was on the main deck I am out here just enjoying the calmness of the open sea.

None of which I had kids my age. This was mostly for them as it was for me. An excuse really just to gossip and socialize.

“I’m sorry bud, your mother and father had took control once I had mentioned a party on my yacht. If it were up to me, I’d just have your friends, you know that.” He sighed.

“Of course uncle, I know that, still I could just enjoy the calming of the open waters.”

I stayed still feeling the boat rock back and forth, and the water’s dancing as ripples were forming. It was almost relaxing until there would be bumps making my heart jump just a bit.

Looking back at my uncle who looked rather deep in thought, “Uncle, what are you intently thinking about?”

Taking another sip of his drink, he had patted my head, “Just what the open sea holds. Isn’t it just breathtaking?”

He had a look of wonder in his eyes. With being an oceanographer, he was always curious what lies deep in the mysterious blue.

Most of the time he spent his days in his yacht, if not in his yacht, his submarine and he would gift me something unique whether it be a seashell or a starfish just to add more to my collection.

My parents however seemed displeased with me always hanging out with him. You would think otherwise considering my dad is his older brother. My dad would rather have his younger brother join him at his company but instead he spends most of his days in the water.

“Come, I have a surprise for you.” Jolting me away and removing me feet from the waters, I followed my uncle back into where the party was being held.

We had then reach a small cabin where a box was on top of his desk, he carefully handed it to me, “Open it.”

Smiling, I pulled on the bow and lifted the cover only for my eyes to gaze in awe. It was not like I didn’t have other sea shells but this one had more like a rainbow color tinted every time it moves.

“Uncle, thank you.” I wrapped my tiny arms around his torso. Of course I was happy to receive another shell, but if I wanted to, I’m sure my whole room would be filled with different types of shells.

Bending down to my height, uncle stared into my eyes, “This shell is special.” He smiled.

“How so?” I could only raised my eyes as to what uncle was saying. How could a sea shell be special. It’s just like any other shell right?

“If you hold this in the water, it’s as if the water is speaking to you.” Was this man nuts. Water speaking to you. No wonder my dad dislikes it when I spend too much time with uncle. But like him, I too love the water.

“Is that so?” Might as well enjoy his gift.

Taking my shell I found myself out on the stern nearing the edge once again with the sea shell in my hand.

My eyes going back to the water and my newly found gift. I wonder if what uncle said was true. Could the water speak to you? It wouldn’t hurt to try right?

Slowly, with very tiny steps I made my way near the edge where the water trickled its way onto the boat.

Good thing I was barefoot. I know mother always said not to go near the water but it is like it is in my blood. Like it was just calling to me.

Looking back at the party, my parents were to busy to even notice me anyway, with their high society friends.

Sighing, I slowly gripped my newly found sea shell and dipped it into the water.

My hand tingled on contact as the wind constantly blew cold icing air.

Bubbles then rose to the surface as I pushed the shell into the water, ripples were forming inwards. It was dark that even I cannot see what lays beneath.

A few seconds has pass when my ears had perked up, as bubbles continue to surface, a soft sweet melody began to play with each bubble. It was like listening to the angels play a tune.

I smiled. Uncle was right. Though the waters don’t actually speak, it was like their own language.

“Eeeekkkk.′ A loud screech was soon replace as the bubbles came to a halt then with a loud pop, followed by a harsh bump. It was almost like the waters were in some sort of battle.

With my hand still in the waters, I slipped and fell and found myself struggling to reach the surface.

It was like the water was pulling me down under. But I could’ve sworn I was pulled into the water.

As much as I love the water I never did learn how to swim. Opening my eyes, while holding my breath and wiggling my arms, I didn’t know which way was up but considering I was sinking, I would say to go in the opposite direction. Black is all I see. Not even a single light.

Being still for a split second it was like sharp piercing needles, thousands of needles were prickling my skin. You would think it would feel just like the beach. Unfortunately it wasn’t even close. It was just too damn cold, like when you would stick your tongue onto ice and try to pull it off.

It was useless however, as the bubbles escape my lungs, I knew no one knew where I was. It was then I should have listened to my parents. Stay away from the waters because now it is the one that I love that would end up killing me.

My vision soon blurred as I was now running out of air to breath when I felt sharp scales against my skin. A fish! I had instantly thought as it moves around me like it was dancing. I couldn’t even scream if I wanted to.

But this fish was huge. Well it’s tail and fin was huge. Among other things I was feeling, it’s fin seemed to be wrapping around me, pulling me along the way.

Was it the fact perhaps I did love the water that I am imagining things? Maybe I am dreaming? No fish could be this big unless it was a shark but I’m sure the shark would have gnawed my face off.

‘Eeeekkkk.’ Again that screeching seemed to be following me as my eyes gasped in horror and my mouth now trying to scream only for more bubbles to escape my mouth as I witness two yellow beady eyes glaring at me coming closer. It was like watching a zombie movie as you try to run away but end up going nowhere.

The fin that was draped around me pulled me further and already I could see that those eyes were so far behind.

I don’t know what happened because the next thing I knew before blacking out was the cold cool air against my skin.

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