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"You killed them" he said without any emotions. It scared me to see him him like this. "Y-Yes , yes I killed them" I answered and my voice cracked. "I let you in, I fuck*ng let YOU in, I treated you like a queen and you destroyed everything, every little thing " The anger in his voice shone, I wanted to cry but I controlled my tears. Maybe this was the end of it all after all, because some secrets were best kept hidden. ♥️ A ruthless billionaire, A sweet heart and A marriage.

e p i l o g o

~ H O W I T A L L B E G U N ~

The cold wind sent a shiver down my body as I dug my hands further down in my coat pocket hoping to find heat. With Goosebumps covering my arms I shivered again.

Finally I stopped walking down the busy New York streets when I came across the building that I was looking for.

This was it.

The building still looked the same; it screamed ‘welcome home’ but I knew better. This place was no longer my home but I planned on making it mine again for a little while. With determination clear in my eyes I stepped inside the building.

The security guard beside the gate gawked when he saw me but did not deny me entrance. No one could deny me entrance in this building even though it was no longer my home.

Holding my head high, I reminded myself that I was Charlotte Scott and as a Scott I had dignity. I walked up inside the building and relaxed when the cold wind outside was not in contact with my skin anymore.

Bliss, pure bliss.

Shaking my head and getting rid of useless thought I knocked on the door.


The door soon opened revealing Demi, the house maid dressed in the usual uniform which was assigned to her.

A black knee length dress.

“Charlotte! Signore is waiting for you in the hall with his lawyer.” I smiled and nodded while Ari opened the door inviting me in. I gulped one last time and gathered as much courage as I could.

This is it, I have to do this.

I walked straight to the hall as my heels clicked on the floor. When I reached the hall the first thing I saw were a pair of grey stormy eyes looking right back at me, as if reading my sole. I did not doubt it; I knew those eyes could look into my sole.

They always did but why did they fail to understand me this time? Why were those eyes not able to see the pain I was in?

“Zack.” I acknowledged the owner of those eyes. His face still as perfect as ever. With a sculpted jaw line and dark hair he looked no less than any other runway model in vogue, Zack wasn’t any less than those models though, he owned half of the states and was the wealthiest person at his age.

He deserved all the respect he got; he earned it just the way he earned my love, my trust and my sole.

He was the holder of my whole entire being but misunderstanding mess up the best relationships ours was no different. He knew me better than I knew myself but he seemed adamant on not wanting to understand me.

Did I blame him for anything?


I was just as much in fault as he was so who was I to question him? Things have come to a point where I can’t even say I am related to him. What am I to him anymore other than his ex-wife whom he regrets?

“Charlotte” Zack’s voice breaks my train of thoughts as I look up to him again. He seemed angry as well as irritated and I knew exactly why.

“When will you sign the divorce papers? Is it because I am not giving you any property in return?” Zack questioned, it broke my heart to think that he thought so low of me. But I also knew that when he was angry he said all that he did without meaning it, this was all his pent up anger for me.

He does not mean it Charlotte

“No I haven’t signed the divorce papers and it is not because of the property” I clarified. The divorce papers stated clearly that I would hand Zack back whatever was his.

On our second anniversary Zack had given fifty three percent of his company to me. He said that he did not want me to ever beg around if something happened him.

The irony is that nothing happened to him, it happened to us.

“What is it then?” Zack questioned getting more irritated by every passing second. It hurt to think that my presence made him this unhappy.

It hurt physically.

“I will sign the papers and give back all your property but there’s a catch” I finally voiced my opinion Zack ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “What is it?” he finally asked.

I took a deep breath, it’s now or never.

“The deal is that for the next ten days we will forget about whatever has happened in the past five months and live how we used to and love how we used to.” I smiled internally at the thought of us being happy.


“Is this some kind of joke to you, Charlotte?” Zack questioned his voice rough and on the edge. If he could he would probably blast any minute but that’s the thing about Zack, he’s very patent. Sometimes it scares me to think of how patient he can be.

“This is no joke, you do as I say and in return I give you divorce and leave without a penny from you” I answered “what game are you playing, Charlotte?” Zack asked trying to get the hang of things “no games at all Zack, it’s a simple deal agree and get over me. I will never disturb you again I promise.”


“It scares me to think of what all you can do in ten says Charlotte. It took you hardly seven days to make a decision and break our marriage” Zack replied, I closed my eyes to hold in the tears threatening to come out.

I made mistakes and I regretted them.

“Do you agree with me Zack or do you not?” I said ignoring his statement. “if that is the only way to get rid of you then fine, so be it.” The happiness I felt right in this moment couldn’t have been described in words. I regained my composer quickly “are you sure, we will be like the married couple we were. Sleeping in the same bed and me doing everything I used too”

Zack smirked “You hardly affect me now, you being with me or not does not matter anymore.” I smiled sadly, my mistakes were not forgivable and I knew it. “I’ll be gone Zack I promise just ten days, act like you love me and let me love you.” Zack laughed but I could see the pain in it “let you love me? Your love is what scares me Charlotte. But its fine ten days and no more.”

I nodded “ten days and no more” Zack then continues to stare at me. ”your clothes and everything you

need is still here sleep in the guest room and we start tomorrow morning.” I finally let the smile embrace my face “tomorrow morning.” Zack got up and was about to leave the hall when I stopped him.

“Can you go to work a little less the next ten days, please?” I requested, Zack gave it a thought “alright, I’ll try to work reduce my workload if only you asked me to do the same five months ago you would still have been pregnant and all this would have been real, so much more real.”

I am sorry Zack, so sorry.

Someday you’ll know the truth you will know it wasn’t me. I loved the unborn child just as much as you did.

I will live the rest of my life remembering these ten days and savoring them.

I sent a silent prayer for my unborn twins.

Hold on tight babies someday daddy and mommy will be there with you. We love you so much, so very much darling.

The tears never seemed to stop flowing.

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