All My Life

By waitwhatyoko All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


What's life without the one who gave it to you to begin with?


Brown eyes are staring into my soul, these brown eyes know everything there is to know about me. A grin tugs onto the corner of his lips, "Why are you looking at me like that, psycho?" his grin only gets bigger, dimples show on his cheeks and he rests his back on the arm of the couch.

"You're beautiful," Heat spreads in my face instantly, hearing him speak to me this way sparks unwanted reactions. "I love you, Elizabeth." I can't help the smile spreading on my face. "You're my one and only, Eli." I can't help but throw my head back, a small laugh leaves me and I can't help but cover my face as I sit up again. His hands grab my feet, only one reaches out to move my hands from my face.

"Sunshine, I love you." He's not one to express his emotions this much.

"Are you on something, Dimitri?" His left hand is holding mine, fingers pass over my own, stopping on my ring finger.

"I'm trying to express my eternal fucking love here, Elizabeth." He groans out my name, fingers squeeze mine. "Just shut up and listen."

I can't help but give him a cheesy grin, one that has him rolling his eyes and letting go of my hand. He reaches for me, bringing me closer to him, so close that I have to rest my legs over the armrest of the couch. My feet are suspended in air and legs are against the sides of his body, his arms hold my legs in place.

"I want to marry you, Eli." His forehead is against mine, his nose is touching mine and his lips are only a few centimeters away. "I want everyone to know that you're mine and that I am yours," There are no words to explain the way my heart stops, I wouldn't be able to describe the emptiness that suddenly takes over inside my stomach. As if everything has stopped functioning and has died from shock. "I want to give you what you deserve in life."

"I want you to know that you're my everything." His lips are against my ear now, his voice is so close, every inch of him is so close. "I've been looking for you all my life, sunshine." His fingers grip my hips tightly. "And I know it's the right time," I can't breathe. "I know it's the right time because the thought of doing all this with someone else, or someone taking you from me is fucking painful."

He pulls away and I know he is done, there is nothing else for him to say and I know he wants to hear what I have to say.

"Marry me?" I whisper the words out, everything comes to life again, my heart pounds inside of me. Butterflies are attacking me on the inside and a tightness grips my chest. Tears fall. "You want to marry me?"

"Do you really have to ask?" His eyes are hard, hurt is written across his face and I move my hands over his hands, putting them between our bodies.

"I do," The words are stressed. "I have to because this," I pause. "Dimitri, I fucking love you," My heart is full. "I am so in love with you that it is fucking crazy!" That grin of his is back. "Of course I want to marry you, you don't even have to ask me." He throws his head back with a laugh.

"Shut up, Eli!"

"I'm serious, babe." I can't stop smiling as I look at him, he's been what I've wanted since I met him. "You could have just said, we are getting married and I would be on the same page, Dimitri." He is laughing louder now.

"If I would have done that we both know you'd never let me hear the end of it," He has stopped laughing now, his smile is still there, dimpled cheeks are flushed red. "Like when I stated we were a couple and you freaked because of the fact that I didn't ask you to be my girlfriend."

I can't help but roll my eyes, pushing him away from me slightly. "We were like nine and you were yuck back then."

"I don't have a ring yet, Eli." There's a serious look on his face, one that brings wrinkles to his scrunched up nose and eyebrows. "I want to be able to give you the best ring and the best wedding because you deserve it all and so much more, Eli." I can't help but smile at him, taking his face in my hands and bringing him close.

"You know me, Dimitri," I don't look away from him. "I don't need a ring, a big dress, or an entire wedding."

"Then let's do this baby."

Sunshine, it's time to wake up.

Bright lights are blinding me, faces of people I don't know block the light, then they are gone and Dimitri is here. I love you, Eli. He's gone again, the taste of blood in my mouth is sickening and the pain I feel has tears blurring my vision.

Dimitri is back, brown eyes are full of happiness, a grin on his face as he stands across from me. We are in the church, and he's putting my ring on my finger. I blink and he is gone again, "Dimitri!" I scream for him but I can't even hear my own voice, all I can hear is tires screeching and metal crashing, all I can smell is burning rubber and all I can feel is broken.

Let's go home, Sunshine.

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