The Cursed King

By scarwals All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi


No one is immune to the power of love. Not even one of the most powerful beings in the universe. One mistake. One curse. And Roth was still paying for it millennia later. Waiting for the one woman who would come along and absolve him of his crimes and love him. But when he finally finds her, an old enemy rears his head. History seems set to repeat itself. Will Roth be able to save his soulmate, or is he destined to never find a heart and home for himself?


Year: Circa BCE 13,000

Place: Modern day India

It was a time of great changes on earth. The Human race was like a little child, learning quickly, maturing fast.

And then one day, unseen by the people of the land, a large object floated silently down from the skies.

A group of six beings disembarked from the flying ships. They each carried precious cargo with them. A royal infant from the two ousted royal houses of their far away land, out in the stars.

They had to be hidden. Away from the enemy that had ravaged their land, massacred their people and forced the royal houses into exile.

The infant royals carried the hope of their homeland in their tiny hands. Especially the oldest one. He had skin as blue as parts of this land had seemed from their starship. His eyes and hair were as dark as the night. Even at this young age, his immense power could not be denied.

The beings split up for the safety of the young ones. They made sure that the babes found a home in the royal families of this foreign land. Anywhere else, and it would be impossible to conceal their powers.

And so it was that Roth and his brothers Bardan and Lukas became the sons of King Dashrath of Ayodhya. The princesses Sia and her sisters Moya and Uri were hidden away in stasis, to be found nine years after the boys. They became the coveted daughters of the king of the kingdom of Mithila.

The guardians of the babies made their homes in the lush green forests that seemed to occupy the entire landscape. They would keep an eye on the young ones and oversee their education when the time was right.

Little did they know what lay ahead in the lives of the young royals.

28 years later

“How could you, Roth,” Moya shrieked, grabbing Roth’s tunic.

Bardan tried to gently pull her back, but she was having none of it.

“You were supposed to protect her, to stand by her. You let that despicable Krall kidnap her and now you are sending her away?” She broke down into sobs.

Roth took her into his arms, saying nothing and let her cry her heart out. After all, she was only telling the truth. When all rhyme and reason behind an action is stripped, all that remains is the simple irrefutable truth.

He had failed in protecting his Sia and now he was indeed sending her away. But he was a ruler, whether it was on this remote land, or back home. And as a ruler, he had all the power and yet, none at all. He had to teach this population so many things.

As her sobs died down, Moya stepped away from Roth and slipped her hand into Bardan’s. Her eyes were glittering with the recently shed tears, and something else. Something that made even a being as powerful as Roth step back in alarm. And then she said it. In a voice that would not be denied, the words which would bring a world of pain to the king.

Roth. You are cursed. You drove your wife, your soul mate out. You shall not know home until you win her back. Until she forgives you. In every lifetime, you shall be separated. Only when she forgives you in spite of the separation, will you be able to return home. With her!

The men were stunned. The dark arts of magic and sorcery had been lost to their world eons ago. Their guardians had told them so. And yet, here was a royal princess, brought up on this alien world, who was seemingly skilled at it. She was still shaking from the strain of delivering a curse so powerful, the earth shook for miles around her.

“Moya, what have you done? How do you know how to do this?” Bardan exclaimed in shock.

She looked at him, her husband, her large doe eyes blinking in confusion.

“You just laid a curse on Roth. Where did you learn how to do that?” Bardan insisted.

“I didn’t. I don’t know how to lay a curse. I was just so furious and sad. I won’t ever see Sia again,” Moya whispered, tears streaming down her eyes again.

“You know it isn’t forever, Moya. We are going to leave this place in a few years. Sia will be with us,” Roth explained.

Moya shook her head, “No. She won’t be with us. I know that. This time she is not coming back.” She turned her face into her husband’s chest and shook with the effort of keeping her sobs under control.

The two brothers looked at her. Still stunned from the series of unlikely events that had happened in the short span of a few hours.

“Roth! Is that true?” Lukas’s voice thundered from the antechamber. He threw the door open with a bang as he strode in.

Roth sighed. Bardan was the calm and even-tempered one among the three brothers. Lukas was easy-going most of the time. But he did lose his cool every once in a while and when he did, it was quite spectacular. The thud of the chamber door declared that he had heard the news and was in his spectacular mood.

Roth felt his temper rising. He had held it in check when dealing with Moya. He had allowed her to vent her anger on him. But he could keep a lid on for only so long. Which was not at all long as everyone around him kept reminding him. Well, it was what it was. He was a short-tempered man, and if the recent reactions of everyone around him were anything to go by, also a very cruel man.

“Yes. I will not discuss it any further. It is done,” he declared, his arm slashing through the air in a decisive arc. Turning to Bardan, he ordered, “Take Moya to your chambers. She needs to calm down. Quickly.”

Bardan nodded and led his wife out after giving Lukas a sharp look, telling him to not poke the dragon further. Looking at Lukas’s face, Bardan was sure that they were in for another explosion.

As soon as the door closed behind Bardan and Moya, Lukas spit out, “We will discuss this brother. And you will retract your order.”

Roth was shocked. He knew Lukas was in one of his rare moods, but he had not expected such language from him. Lukas had clearly forgotten that he was talking to the King, of not only this, their adopted land but also of their home.

“Get yourself under control before you speak any further, Lukas,” Roth warned. The wind outside had picked up several notches, to match the rising temper of the king.

Lukas looked outside the window and noted the worsening weather, a clear sign of how close Roth was to blowing up. He’d seen the full extent of Roth’s fury only once. When Sia had disobeyed their orders and gotten herself kidnapped. Roth had lost control over his powers and the destruction that had resulted had not been pretty. The storms had raged on for days. The rivers and seas had flooded hundreds of miles of land. Volcanoes had erupted and countless human’s had lost their lives.

It was only Uri’s gentle coaxing that had brought him back to a semblance of normalcy. Even then, the storms and floods had only abated enough that the humans were safe and could survive. The weather had only returned to normal almost a whole year later, after they had finally rescued Sia.

He couldn’t let that happen again. From what he had seen when he entered the chambers, it was obvious that Moya had already had a go at Roth. And the slack that Roth cut for the two girls was not something that Bardan, Lukas, or even Sia could count on. So, he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths before facing Roth again. He wished Uri were here. She was the only one who could calm Roth down in Sia’s absence.

“I have already been told how unjust and cruel I have been toward Sia. So, unless you have something new to add, I am going.”

Roth never did anything without thinking it through, and once his decision was made, he never changed it. It was a line etched in stone, for better or for worse. So, Lukas went straight to the heart of the matter, “Why?”

Surprisingly, that seemed to calm Roth down a bit. Lukas suddenly realized that everyone who was against this decision had simply accused him of being unjust and cruel. They had not asked to hear the reasons behind the decidedly wrong decision of exiling Sia from the kingdom.

Roth moved to sit on one of the chairs and invited Lukas to do the same. After they’d settled down, he took some time before speaking, obviously choosing his words carefully.

“I don’t need to tell you how rigid the people in this land are. They simply could not accept a queen who had been in the hands of another man for such a long time. It is too soon to educate them on social advancement yet. They still have to learn far too many other things before that can happen.”

Lukas waited for Roth to continue, but it was soon clear that that was all the explanation he was going to get. His temper started flaring up again. He couldn’t believe that Roth had kicked Sia out of the kingdom simply because the people thought she was no longer pure and did not deserve to be their queen. And all this after Roth had made her literally walk through fire to prove her innocence in front of the representatives of his people?

He couldn’t bear to be in the same chamber as this man, his big brother, his king, any longer. Sia was a gentle soul, loved by everyone. She had gone through every trial that Roth and the people had put her through after being rescued from Krall and yet she had not found forgiveness, or acceptance, in their hard hearts.

Lukas halted at the door of the chamber, turned back to face Roth and said, “I hope you suffer for this Roth. She didn’t deserve this, and you know it well. This is one decision that I will never, ever, condone!”

A whip of lightning cracked in the sky. A testament to Roth’s mounting temper. Lukas opened the door and walked out. Not caring if Roth unleashed another year of destruction on the humans. They deserved that, and more!

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