You are my dream

By Madhurima_Sappatti All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


Elizabeth is about to start a new chapter in her life, as she moves into her dream house... Fate intervenes as she meets her neighbour, Matthew. Come along their journey, as their friendship blossoms from learning about each other's favorite bands to something much more meaningful... The question at the end of it all is, can they remain as best friends forever, or will circumstances change their relationship?


To be alone and happy at the same time, it’s a gift all of us have, though we fail to cherish it, unless it’s staring right at our faces.

It’s like a code only a few of us can crack.

We get a glimpse sometimes, into what we can have.

It’s like a peep-hole through a door full of opportunities.

And then it’s gone.

We try to do everything possible to open the lock of that door, we fail to realize that the key might be right in front of us.

We wish to be happy forever, but forget what we truly desire, in trying to accomplish that which is expected from us.

It’s a dream we never grow out of, because it’s there, buried deep within us, poking at our conscience , wanting us to grab it by the shoulders, and listen to what it has to say.

But it ends up being all but a dream.

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