Desert's Kiss

By Sarah All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi


a girl is not supposed to love other women Sota get that....and she has been ridiculed forever for being like it. But secrets can't hide themselves forever. Now this new cyborg has traveled into town and SHE has to take care of it. Why does it feel as though she like her, NO not a her she is a machine, why do her lips so supple so tender to be touched. Sure she saved me from those human traffickers and we are no outlaws against the united planet nation....being drug by the boot heels of some crazy rebels group. But does that mean I am falling for a cyborg?

The finding

The desolate dark barren landscape didn’t seem to show much form of life. Not even a small hint that life had existed here ever.

The outskirts where no place for “normal” people. People that lived insaide a goddamn box more like. People that simply just did not understand how life really worked.

No one wanted to know there were outposts outside the city,or that other people outside their class even existed. It was either live out here and hope to the gods you could afford a gas mask. Or be inside and take the risk of being a slave.

Akira didn’t want any of it, in fact if she could get through a week without having to gather scraps for trade and a small sum of money that might be nice. But it just simply wasn’t the case.

This planet was nothing but scrap,only unwanted or traded cyborgs landed in this place. Akira had been here for so long she almost felt like par to the landscape.

Since she could not tecthnically go to sleep she spent a lot of her time awake and wondering what else in the universe could possibly be out there for her.

Surely I am going to live for a long time,so it seems pointless to just sit on this and rust heap of a planet and simply become rust myself.

So one day she decided to go and head off in a direction she had never gone before. Leaving all the rust all the scrap behind her.

To someone else the journey would have felt as though it took forever,however to Akira it just was her….walking…

she often wondered to herself what it would be like a normal human, to feel thirst,to feel the heat of the sand on her feet, to have to sleep and rest at night.

Soon enough she came across, something odd something she had never seen before. There heaps of stone….?

The town was small,

Well ok lets be honest, saying it was small was understatement. Most of the people lead common , simple ordinary lives.

Boring is more like, Sota thought to herself,as she picked a tubaroot out of the land. Even the land beneath their feet fought against them.

They had to pay special attention to it, buy specific chemicals,fertilizers , and everything else just to treat the ground to make the soil for the crops to viable for growth.

For fuck off sake getting a crop was hard enough on, earth million of light years away now. But this place,this pace was not meant for the living

“what the hell is that?” Sota mentioned or questioned to her elderly father. Something in the outskirts of town, was glenting off the two suns in the sky,

She walked out through the strong drifts of sand to the where the object appeared to be coming from. It was a….a girl? No….no it can’t be a girl, she looked like a girl but she was made of metal,where did she come from ?why was she coming into their town?

Akira had finally come into the little area, there was something that looked similar to her coming toward her. Something she could not compute. But then again her programing did not know much outside of things from the place she lived. However her programing would allow her to learn anything she came across,and put it directly into her memory bank”.

“where am I located?” Akira asked the girl that she approached “your in Jublia, on Tramine.

… the mining and junk planet of the Glumba system”.

“You seem very well versed and educated to know such information” Akira commented with a sand crusted smile. Sota looked down at her feet shyly “ not really miss, its just that all in the habitants here,are required by law to know that. Other then that, I am not a very bright person. I am not even married at the age of 30 and my father is very near his time to pass”

Akira cocked her head to the side...”does you being married mean you show some worth?”

Sota looked quite shocked by the response and abrupr question. “ for a women yes, women can’t have jobs like men so I could not be a miner.”

“I would like to go with you to your dwelling and learn more about you, and this place, for my data bank.”

Sota looked at the thing she had just spoken to oddly, “what the hell is this thing?” she thought to her self.

“OH my name is Sota , who or what may I call you?” She asked shyly she could feel herself blushing at asking the question. Why was she blushing, this thing wasn’t even alive, was it?

Akira named off her manufacturing number, as she walked down the small sandy, lightly gravel road with Sota. Yet again she noted the girl gave her an odd look she could not compute, but the girl was quandary to her. Just cause one does not know something did not make them dump, stupid or of less worth. There was plenty she did not know her and that made her none of those things, she simply had not learned them and stored them into her data bank

as of yet. Why couldn’t this girl do the very same thing?

Sota kept finding her self,asking questions about this thing. She had seen other machines of course,but most of the machines they got on Jublia was second hand waste products that didn’t work worth a damn. “maybe she came from one of outskirts, but all that comes from them was just junk.She worked!

One of Sota’s biggest secrets she kept from her family, was that saved old android and cyborg,scraps that she found outside the village. Sota had actually become quite good at working on them, truthfully her intentions were mostly selfish she often had stole hers self away into the city. And sold scrap metal to make ends meet for her family. But what, was found now, by this girl….she was some piece of technology and metal Sota had never seen before.

And she would be lying to herself if didn’t think to herself about seeing if she could sell this thing for some money. Gods know in this barren village outside the big city walls, they all could use as much money as they could get.

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