Their Cold Souls

By Emily Harvey All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


When Arson Damon returns back to Bates High after leaving for three years, Clove King doesn't know what to think -- let alone feel. Arson had been Clove's best friend before he left, but when he did, he said nothing - leaving Clove to deal with heartbreak and her parent's death alone. Arson tries to win Clove back, but it's getting constantly more difficult with the mysterious new kid in town -- someone who it seems Arson already knows and hates. Later, upon finding out what Arson has been keeping from Clove, she can't help but feel afraid of him and his bloody little secret.

Chapter 1

This was the very first completed book I have ever written. This was completed early last year and has been on Wattpad ever since. Now, I have transferred it onto Inkitt to share it with you lovely people. Please excuse the grammar mistakes, horrible writing and the cheesy plot. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it and please keep the negative comments to yourselves. xoxo

AS ARSON BRUSHED some hair behind Clove’s ear, he saw a change in her hazel eyes; they widened with fear.

He whirled around to get a look at what was grabbing her attention. Alongside the houses lining the sidewalk was a man walking on the pavement.

He had to be at least six and a half feet tall. His muscles bulged with power against his tanned and delicately smooth skin.

Even as the sun was setting, that man’s complexion was clearly visible. He was carrying a large black trench coat in his hand. A red liquid was splattered on his arms, just like red paint staining a clean white wall.

The man looked satisfied with something and as he passed them, igniting Arson’s tempter, his blood boiling instantly with hatred. This confused Clove, her brow furrowing as she tried to figure out the relation between the stranger and Arson’s reaction.

“Arson?” Clove’s voice broke him out of his trance, his head turning back to her, taking note of the slight fear entangled in her hazel eyes.

His features softened a touch as he gazed down at her, but his body was still rigid. Clove noticed how, while he was looking right at her, he was also looking past her -- through her even.

His body was present, but his mind was off somewhere else. She took a step forward to get a closer look at him.

His grey eyes were no longer bright like she was used to; they were lost in a dark lagoon. A quiver of fear and uncertainty ran through Clove.

She had known Arson since they were kids. They went through their entire elementary school years together and were both now fifteen, about to enter high school as a freshman. She knew him better than anyone, but now she could see something was different.

For the first time since she first met Arson, she felt lost and she couldn’t shake the feeling that the boy in front of her, was not the one from moments before.

She also couldn’t get it out of her head that Arson was going to leave her.

Unfortunately, she had been right.

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