You Didn't Have To Ask

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Romance / Drama


Leandra and Rishawn were childhood sweethearts; even in Kinder-garden they were inseparable. The years flew by their friendship grew from strength to strength and they discovered that their friendship was actually a foundation for something much deeper – their love for each other. Unfortunately, after discovering their deepest affection for each other, tragedy struck and their idyllic life was shattered. It was at this point that Leandra would journey into a world of drugs, partying and all sorts of unquote behavior to fill in the missing half of her heart. Desperately she fights to hold on to her sanity trying to cope with her inner demons before stumbling on a life changing experience that would transform her entire outlook on life and restore her existence. Meanwhile in a mysterious place, Rishawn is suddenly awakened & disappears.


You didn’t have to ask

Romance novel

Written by: H. Richmond Samuel

It had been years since Leandra visited their special place. The wondrous scenery enthralled her. Even after all these years, there it stood the hardwood tree with its paradise-green leaves that sparkled under the sunlit clouds whilst its lush greenery swayed gently in the breeze.

In every direction Leandra looked, she could see a moment in her past of their time together. Like a river rushing down the mountains the memories overwhelmed her. Her feet felt the full force of gravity weighing heavily on her but in truth, it was really her heart that felt such a burden, which made it even harder to breathe.

Dazzling from the rays of sunlight a single tear drop fell to the ground and like rain drops falling from the sky more tears quickly followed. Barely able to stand, Leandra engraved the last X within the carved heart on the tree which she and Rishawn made in the beginning. Feeling sorrowful joy, Leandra rest the pocket knife on the ground then slowly wiped the tears from her eyes. Deep down she knew this would be the last time she’d visit, so she gently passed her fingers over the heart, touching each letter, every line, every X that they carved, stitching every precious moment into her soul as she walked away.

With each step Leandra took she could hear the sound of kids playing and chasing each other to her back as she slowly walked away. Tears fell off her cheeks and danced within the wind. His voice filled her lungs with air to breathe. His touch felt like the warmth of the morning sunrise. With every step she took through the lush grass, her heart ached as she made her way closer to the edge of the cliff overlooking the vast ocean.

Looking into the distance of ocean and sky she thought to herself that there could be hope, love and even a future filled with happiness but instead, she chose to close her eyes to see his eyes, gazing back at hers. He’s, her love, the other half of her heart beat, she could hear his voice calling.

If there were any fear within her heart, it ceased to exist as she took one last step. With a smile on her face, she was thankful for all the sweet memories, from the very first day to their last day.

Each one flashing before her eyes…

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