The Submissive One

By T. P. Trnovac All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Haunted by the horrors of his painful past, Dean lives as a recluse. He spends his nights working at the local BDSM club, The Whip, as a bartender. With light brown hair, beautiful big blue eyes, and small, thin body he is every Dom's dream come true, but he doesn't let anyone get close to him. Damien Jones is a handsome, wealthy man in his mid thirties. He works hard and plays even harder. After having his heart broken, he swears off love and commitment, going trough different boy every other night. What happens when these two, very different people meet and the sparks fly? Will they come together, or will they let their fears run their lives? The Whip Trilogy Part 1


4 years ago...

I could barely recognize where I was.
My head was pounding, my left eye was completely swollen and I was bleeding excessively from the wound in my abdomen.
I could barely move.

“Please don’t do this! Please, this isn’t her fault!“, I begged him. I could see him standing above Carla with the loaded gun pointed to her head. The satisfaction of holding someone else’s life in his hands was swirling in his dead, cold eyes.
I could remember the time when I had thought that those were the most beautiful eyes that I had ever seen.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I felt helpless since this was all my fault. I shouldn’t have brought anyone in this mess. And know her blood will forever be on my hands.
There was a moment of complete silence and then I heard the sound of a shot, and then another and another...

“No!“, I started screaming as tears ran down my face.
And then there was nothing.

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