Vampire : Love Or Revenge?

By Tassen Raihan Trima All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


*** Do vampires exist? This question appears in the mind of most of the people. But none knows the answer of that question. Even if they existed, their dear ones kept their existence hidden as none wants to scare off the human beings. But why do vampires survive even if they exist? As far as I know, vampires survive for any of the two reasons. One is Love and the other is Revenge. Meet, Alexander Org and Rebecca Hertford. They are in such a situation that they had to chose either one, Love or Revenge. That one decision of them will change everything occurring in this world. Once vampires had 90's love only. Gradually revenge started. But now, it's a confusion time. *** Read the story, "Vampire: Love or Revenge?" to find out what decisions people has to make.


|•|•|•|Prologue |•|•|•|

Love is not for vampires. Or so he thought. This woman broke all the walls he had strongly built around himself. She doesn't know herself what she did to him. To his heart.

He doesn't know what happened all of a sudden. But all he knows is, he is being deceived. But with what and from whom?

Well, right now he is happy. That's all matters. Right?

Okay. Vampires do have a heart. Even though they are walking dead person. But don't dead people die with a heart?

Everyone thought that vampire doesn't survive in this century. Well, it was true until he entered.

Normally vampires used to get love and affection. But he survives. Not for love. But for revenge. He is that vampire, who is born to get revenge from people. People who killed his childhood.

But everything goes hareway when someone is mass killing the vampires, without being caught and that too in the place where the main headquarter of Vampires are situated. Vamp Headquarter. Havoc is created when all the other headquarters of vampires living in other countries keep bargaining about them not being safe. Alexander Org, is the Head and runs the whole Vampire community. He's forced to find out the real culprit. But he needs to be a vampire king in order to find out the cunning culprit. He can also fulfill his revenge if he becomes a Vampire King. That's when a solution was presented in-front of him. Rebecca Hertford.

She is the only source to fulfill his aim of getting revenge. She is different. With one glance of her, you will feel her magic.

Her magic will make anyone weak. Will he be weak as well or will she be weak?

Once vampires had 90's love only. Gradually revenge started. But now, it's a confusion time.

Both of them want revenge. But, both are the only source of each other for fulfilling the revenge.

Now, will love grow between them or revenge? And most importantly, who will win?

Read the story, "Vampire: Love or Revenge?" to find out what happened.

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