Dark Bonds (The Millennium Wolves 04)

By Sapir Alexandra Englard All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


“Why are you here?!” I snarled, cutting to the chase. His infuriatingly pretty eyes widened with disbelief. “Are you for real?” I was antsy, irritable and couldn’t sit anymore. Jumping onto my feet, I began pacing, my hands folded, my face feeling like it was stuck in a permanent scowl. “Just spit it out, Jed,” I barked. He was on his feet too a moment later and right in my face, forcing me to stop pacing. He looked down at me like her didn’t know me and it hurt so much, I had to stifle a pained gasp. He’d always been taller than me, but I’d never felt smaller. “You’ve been gone for over a year,” he hissed, eyes locking mine, “you didn’t even attend your own father’s funeral. You hid in this mansion for fuck knows how long like a coward. You refused to see any of us, not to mention speak to us. You closed California’s borders to werewolves. You purged werewolves out of this state. And on top of that all - you’ve become a fucking blood sucker! And you ask me why am I here?!” His voice was now on the verge of yelling and he was laughing humorlessly. “Fuck you too, Reyna.”


August, 2015

City of Stars, Mana


“You are a coward, Reyna.”

Blood and tears blurred my sight, but my hearing sense, now enhanced, heard him just fine.

“Barron, stop,” Llinos’ voice should’ve been comforting, but it was anything but. “She did what she could. How do you expect her to kill - “

“If she’d killed her sister, the sacrifice would’ve been greater, and so would her powers!” Barron snarled. In all the times I’d secretly met with him, I’d never heard him so mad.

I wasn’t stupid; I understood why he was mad. Barron Von Logia liked control more than anything. The moment someone gripped his control under his belt, that someone became a target. If the circumstances would’ve been different, the Deity would’ve already killed me. As it was, we had a deal that prevented him from doing just that.

It didn’t mean he couldn’t give me a verbal lash-out.

“What’s done is done, Barron!” Llinos snapped. “She’s a vampire now. Everything worked according to the plan. We have no time to dwell on what could have been. We need to move; the others are hot on our tail.”

My hair was suddenly grabbed and I received a shaking. “Get up, stupid princess,” Barron bit out, “we have no time for you to snivel. You are a fucking vampire, so behave like one.”

I cried out as he dragged me to my feet and gave me a slap that made my ears ring. “Focus,” he barked.

Llinos grabbed my hand and offered a small smile. “I know it’s a lot to take in, Reyna, but we need you sharp. We count on you just as much as you count on us.”

For the first time in what felt like forever, I spoke. “Anya?”

The andorgynous Deity turned around so I could see Anya’s unconscious body dropped over her shoulder. “We’ll go to Deschutes National Forest first to drop her off before heading south,” she promised.

“Let’s go,” Barron said, grabbed my arm, and everything blurred again.

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