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Romance / Drama


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It’s early in the morning. You decide to stop by your favourite coffee shop before work. You order your usual coffee and wait in the pick-up line for your drink to finish. There were 10 minutes before work started, but luckily the studio was only a block away. You smile once you receive your drink. You thank the waiter.

Happily, you sip your hot coffee tentatively, the drink burning your lips. Then, you swiftly turn around. However, you crash into a large figure, spilling your scorching coffee over your own clothes and his. The cup dropped from your hand, and you groan in frustration. You kneel down to clean up the spill, but you hear a male voice say to you.

???: “I’d appreciate if you didn’t get coffee on my clothes.” You look up uncertainly, and before you is Park Jimin, one of the lead singers for the famous Korean male group: BTS. They work in the same studio building as you, but you’re only close to Taehyung.

You: “I’m sorry. Let me go clean th-“ Jimin kneels down in front of you, and you can feel his concentrated stare back and ask, “well I could use a little help here.” He looks at you annoyed, but cleans up the spll with you. After, you hurriedly storm out, hating to be late for work. Surprisingly, he jogs up to you from behind. You: I’m late for work, but thanks. You acknowledged him and continue walking without looking at him. You glance to the side where he’s walkingwith you, and you see his arms crossed. His stained blue sweather stirs up guilt, and he feel your gaze and turns to look at you tooo. Jimin: “yo work with music managers, right? I’ve seen you around” you nod and trek up the main steps of your building, him following close behind.

Jimin jumps forward and opens the door for you, giving a gesture for you to enter. Jimin: “I’ll see you around.” He walks away without another word. His demeanour bothers you. He was so different from Taehyung. But you couldn’t help but admire his idol looks-the hair, lips, clothing, body. But his hostility catches you off guard. You dismiss it, and head up to the studio. Your phone rings, echoing throughout the room. You look at the screen and it says: incoming calkl from Kim Taehyung.

Taehyung: “Y/N! want to get lunch tomorrow before my photoshoot?”

You: “sure, I’ll see you then.2 you smile. You hear some muffling on his end of the call before you hear his voice again. Taehyung: “sorry, Y/N! j-hope hyung is stealing my- I’m sorry, I’ll see you tomorrow!”. He hangs up. You star the ended phone call screen before you get a text from your manager: I’ll need you at the bangtan photoshoot tomorrow; 2:30pm. Don’t be late! You quickly text an ok before submerging yourself in your work. There was a lot of work to finish with the recording but certain things kept poppuing into your head, distracting you. You were finally released at 8:30 and you walk onto the street with nothing but your bag. Unfortunately for you, it was raining. It was even raining heavily, and you forgot to check the forecst and bring an umbrella. You run towards the direction of your home, soaking your clothes and shoes, however, suddenly you feel some water getting blocked by an object above your head, you stare uo and realise there is a backpack being held by 2 hands, shielding you from the rain. It was him again. Jimin: “you didn’t even bring an umbrella?”

You: “well you didn’t either, did you?” you cant heklp but stare at his soaked white shirt, his body underneath toned from all the dancing and practice. His hair andf skin were wet and covered in water, you force yourself to back up into his eyes, shaking the thoughts form your head,. Jimin: “I LIKE THE RAIN. Soi we meet again, I realised I never got your name.”

You: Im Y/N, thank you for asking. You give a nervous, small smile .

He pull his backpack away from the top of your head and now only uses his left hand. The rain has calmed, but it was still falling heavily enough for you to feel colder and colder. Jimin: Where are you headed? Hes being polite.

You: home. Its been a long day.

Jimin: Ill walk you home. Its not safe on these streets. His concern made your heart thump in your chest. What was he doing, offering that? You see him straight ahead, completely open in the rain. You couldnt deny him – he was being kind. You both continue the wet city street until you approach your familiar apartment building. When you arrive he halts in his steps, making you stop and look at him. Jimin: This is where you live??

You: Yes why? You bite your lip nervously. He looks at you down to your lips, and you look back with comfusion. Jimin: This is where I live too. You can feel you heart pounding against your ribcage, rapidly. The fact that Jimin lived in the same apartment building as you did. Jimin stares at you with dark eyes, making you squirm in your own skin. His calmness makes you feel uncomfortable, especially with that hot gaze of his. Jimin: “Lets go in first. Its pouring out here.

You: Here my room. Thanks for walking me home. You are both still dripping water, and you skin get chilly in the air conditioned hallway. You straighten, and he clears his throat. Jimin: No problem. He looks uncertain, but his gaze never falters.

You: “Dont worry I wont tell anyone you live here. Jimin nods and runs a hand through his hair, pushing it back. The action make me take in a long breath, and I look away once again. Jimin: I should get going now. He looks behind him and back towards me.

Jimin: goodnight. He turns to walk away just as I quietly mutter Goodnight back. I head in for the night. You enter your apartment and immediately go and take a hot shower. This day was completely unexpected – but it was a big stretch from the usual, boring day. Right after you shower, you fall asleep, exhausted at the eventful day.

The next morning... you awake at the sound of your alarm clock, the sun just rising. it was only 6:00. Tiredly, you get up and go change into something for work, going through the morning routine. hurrying out, you grab your bag and leave the apartment, a brand new new day beginning.

Later that day - 1 pm you show up at the restaurant that taehyung called you to, relieved to have a lunch break.

you’re excited to see him after a long week, you two being good friends.

You see two figures walk throught the door, one of them being Taehyung but the other.. you scoff.


Taehyung: “Y/N! It’s been a while.”

He sits down at the table, smiling.

You glance nervously at the two of them and offer up a polite smile.

They were in the same group- so they always had lunch together.

Taehyung: “Jimin, this is Y/N. She’s works with the company.”

You’re about to greet Jimin as if you’ve never met, but he interrupts you.

Jimin: “I know who she is.”

He looks at me.

Taehyung: “Really?!”

Taehyung looks surprised, and Jimin nods.

Taehyung now turns to you.

Taehyung: “By the way, I heard from Manager that you’re becoming our assistant.”

You stare wide-eyed at him, not hearing this information before.

You ask him again to double check and he nods.

Jimin seems a bit shocked too.

Jimin then faces you and his eyes shine with hints of light brown and green.

“It looks like you’ll be with us..”

“For a very long time.”

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