My shadow

By Jiminsgirl63 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


After a horrible car accident, Skylar struggles through years of physical therapy to regain her mobility. An idol who is a friend of Jimin's paid for a physical therpaist for Skylar. She doesnt know who the idol was, all she knows is that it was a 22 year old man. Skylar initially assumed that he is just being kind or he saw the accident but Little does she know that he has been helping her through life in secret. helping her get her dream job of writing novels, making her happy. what will she do when she realises it was him all along??


Hello, My name is Skylar.

3 years ago, i was involved in an car accident with my dad and twin brother Jimin.

Jimin only had a few scratches but for me and dad it was a different story.
I lost all mobility in my legs and our father lost a lot of blood and unfortunalty didnt make it.

Jimin continued to pursue his dream to make our father proud. A year later he became a singer in the k pop group BTS. To continue his career, he had to move to Korea, which meant leaving me behind. My doctors had to clear me so i could go, but unfortunately they decided i wasnt ready as i was still only 18. (A child in Korea)

Jimin went to Korea on his own, it lonely, not having him around but that’s okay because he video calls me every morning and night to make sure i’m okay.

Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook and Jin video call me during physiotherpay to give me aupport and see if im getting better.

Jimin is the best twin, i could ever ask for and i cant wait to be cleared, even though i know thats a long way ahead.

Jimin says that another idol paid to get me a physiotherapist who is really good but he wont tell me who. He says one day ill realise who it is.

My best friends are Jungkook and Taehyung as its kind of impossible for me to make friends when im not allowed out the house and all people ask when they see me is about my accident and i dont want to remember my dad dying anymore. We became friends when Jimin video called me, as he landed at the airport. We have became so close that we all now have nicknames. Jungkook is Kookie, Taehyung is Tae or Tea because you cant go wrong with tea and cookies LOL. and they nicknamed me Skye because they think of me as an angel for surviving such an ordeal.

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