Chosen One

By Serena All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi

Intro Family


The goddess has blessed the Lance family and gave them the power and ability over fire. The Lance family use this ability to gain dominance over the other tribes. They are very hostile towards others and they show no mercy to no one. There enemy was the Carters, and in times of war, with the help of the Wayne’s, they would sometimes beat them. The old king was Lartin Lance and the queen was Lu’illa. They bore a son names Lion who was destined to be king. They bore another son and daughter soon after. They were Lucius and Lilly. Lukas has great contempt for his older brother for he is not as strong and powerful. After Lartin has stepped down as king, Lion has taken over. He is hot tempered troublemaker who is always looking for a fight. His people fear him which brings him joy. He longs to find his other half, his soulmate. He is 21 years old. He second in command is one of his best friends, Lukas. Lukas and him are alike in the same way, some would say they were twins. His third command is Lukas’ younger brother of One year, Logan who is the exact opposite of them. While they are hot tempered, Logan is there to be the calm rational one in their friend group. They are the first most powerful family.


The goddess has blessed the Wayne family and gave them the power and ability over weather. The Wayne family are extremely wealthy and have a lot of inventions. They use their unique ability over the weather to help their Allies, the Lance, to defeat the Carters and the De Gracie. They are not that hostile towards others. They are the second most powerful family. The old king was Weiland and the queen was Waverly. They bore a son named Wade. Two years later came a little girl named Wynona. Wade is very protective of his family and friends and his tribe. He is 24 years old. His second command is his best friend Wes and his third command is his cousin Wyatt. Wade is extremely smart but is not very social. He longs for his soulmate.


The goddess has blessed the Carters family and gave them the power and ability over water. They are the third most powerful family. They use their powers and ability to heal people and creatures. They are the enemies of the Lance, and also the Wayne, family. The old king is Chad and his wife Cythenia. He bore a son with a powerful water master Cleo, but she died two years later during a war against Lance and Wayne. The son was named Champion. 5 years later. Chad and Cythenia have twin girls named Clarke and Clara. Then another 5 years later they have a son named Clance. The Carters are known to be kind people unless provoked, in which they can be wrathful. Champion is 23 years old.

De Gracie

The goddess has blessed the De Gracie family and gave them the power and ability over earth. They are the fourth most powerful family. King Drakon and his wife Queen Delena ruled their kingdom with peace and harmony. Their first born is Damian. After him 2 years later was their daughter Deme. They are not military smart but they have a lot of people in their kingdom. They are enemies to the Waynes. Damian is different from his family. He is more warrior like then anyone else. He is 22 years old.


The goddess has blessed the Ambrosia family and gave them the power and ability over air. They are the weakest family. King Adamson and his wife Adonna bare a son named Anton. Next, was Alana and Amy. Then was Arick. Last is Atlas. Anton is 24, Alana and Amy is 20, Arick is 18. And Atlas is 17. Though he is the youngets Atlas is heir to the throne. But his parents disapprove of this and made his older brother soon to be king. The Ambrosia family are the weakest out of the five family but is stronger than anyone who is not. They are very smart people but are very submissive in times of war since they are a small kingdom. They are in the middle and the other four surround them, leaving them stuck in the middle of wars.

Okay guys, that was just a little intro on the family and important characters. Later I will post a full list of characters in the story and description about them. This story is completely original, meaning most things are made up. There will be a mix of mythologies in the book and my own imagination. Also on Wattpad, I'll post this book, but instead of being a lgbt+ book, it will just be straight. Everything will probably be the same except for change of characters. That's all for today!

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