The Dragon King

By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 8

Prince Raiden

I’m trying to be reasonable. I know she’s having a rough time. God knows if it was me, I wouldn’t know what to do but God, every time I look at her—it is like a temptation flame engulfing me. I wanted nothing more than to run my lips over those soft peachy lips—to taste and to learn everything about her body. I wanted to own her body and heart.

She doesn’t know.




But time was all I have been doing for the longest time since I’ve rescued her when she was little. Now that I have her, it is hard to keep away from her.

I heard her crying in my bedroom and it was like a knife to my heart. Pain spreading from my left chest and radiating in waves. I feel like a villain for selfishly taking her from her family, but we came to an understanding. They know, and they have agreed.

Still it doesn’t help the ache in my chest from hearing her cry.

After leaving her bedroom, I couldn’t help feeling disgruntled and frustrated. I don’t know how to make this work.

Leaving my wing, I headed to the waiting room where my step mother had requested my presence. The waiting room was a grand room with surrounding sophisticated royal sofas. A place for people to sit and converse. It provided a privacy from the grand hall. A large glass chandelier hung from the ceiling.

Upon entering, my presence was immediately sensed and everyone in the room turned towards me. My step mother, my younger brother Ronin, and Duchess Tuyen and her daughter Song. When Song realized my presence in the room, her round cinnamon eyes fluttered to me. A soft smile gracing her lips and her eyes warming at the sight of me.

Her hair was elegantly pinned with gold pins that accentuated her delicate round face.

“Ah, Raiden, son.” My step mother smiled brightly. “Duchess Tuyen and Song came to visit today. They brought sweet treats. Come, sit.”

I made my way to the empty one seated seat and sat down. My step mother fixed me a heaping of sweets that was sitting on the gold glass coffee table. She handed it to me.

“Try it. It is delicious.” My step mother insisted.

Song eyed me, waiting.

I lifted the small dainty fork and poked at the piece of cake before placing it in my mouth. It wasn’t that bad. I gave them a smile.

“It’s delicious. Thank you.” I replied politely.

Song smile grew, and a blush marred her cheeks. Duchess Tuyen put her arms around her daughter.

“Song woke up this morning to make it for you when she heard I was coming here to speak with your step mother.” She informed me.

Nodding, I set the fork back down and placed the plate back onto the table. Song’s smile slipped a little and her unhappy eyes moved back to me. I avoided her gaze. A slow pout formed on her red glossy lips. Then she looked back at her step mother who patted her softly on the back as if to calm her.

“Raiden, why don’t you eat some more? Song must have worked really hard on these desserts.” My step mother insisted.

“I’m not much of a sweet person.” I shrugged.

Ronin smirked, “Dear brother, is that any way to treat your future bride and mate?”

I clenched my jaws and my fingernails dug into my palms. Ronin and I are not blood related. My father had me out of wedlock. I am a bastard child, but I am also the first-born son for my father. Therefore, I earned myself the place on the throne before Ronin. My mother was a royal consort for my father before she died in a natural incident. My step mother knew of the affair the second my father took me from my mother’s arm. She gave birth to me and he ripped me from her arms. Told her that I needed to be raised and taught right away. The Queen is my step mother. She gave birth to Ronin.

“It’s okay. If you don’t like sweets, I’ll make something else.” Song interrupted softly.

Her voice was gentle and almost childlike. I glanced at her and she gave me an assuring smile which I couldn’t find it in me to return.

“Of course, Song is good at cooking all kinds of comfort food.” Duchess Tuyen insisted with a laugh. “Next time, she will for sure amaze you.”

My step mother turned towards me and in her eyes, it revealed her displeasure but the fake smile on her lips could fool anybody but me.

“Raiden, how about you take Song for a stroll in your garden?” She asked. “I know how much time you put into that garden.”

I shook my head, “My wing is off limits.”

My step mother’s smile wavered slightly, and a slip of annoyance appeared on her face, “Then, how about you take her on a stroll through our main conservatory?”

“I would love that.” Song said happily, turning her body towards me. My eyes met hers and I felt nothing. Nothing like how I feel when I am in Anna May’s presence. Anna’s pout sends a yearning to my guts. Her eyes were stories after stories that I can look into forever.

Nodding, I stood up and Song followed. She hooked her hands through my arm and together we walked through the glass double doors connected to the waiting room and down a long passage hallway.

Song’s fingers on my arms were touching me more intimately than I would like. Soft little circles and caresses that are meant to be subtle but are nothing but subtle.

I slipped her hands from my biceps down to my hand but even that she made it more intimate. Intertwining her fingers through mine and wrapping her free hand around my wrist.

She smiled up at me. Song wasn’t ugly. In fact, she was a beautiful female Dragon. She came from very strong blood line. This will increase our chances of having a stronger and thicker royal blood. However, I have no interest in her.

“I missed you, Raiden.” She whispered when we entered the conservatory.

I didn’t answer her. Instead, I released her hand and walked down the narrow cement walkway. She skipped to catch up.

“Raiden, wait.” She grabbed onto my hand again to stop me from running. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Let me show you our conservatory.” I said.

She refused to move from the spot. Her forehead crinkled in concern and tears began welling up in her eyes. I wanted to roll my eyes so badly.

“Song, please, don’t cry.” I said.

Her lips quivered.

“But you seem angry with me. Did I do something wrong? Please tell me.” She whimpered.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” I said, biting back the annoyance.

“Then why are you treating me this way?” She asked.

“I have always been this way, Song.” I told her, trying to untangle my hand again but she held on strong.

“No. I could sense something is off. I need to know what’s wrong, Raiden. Stop shutting me out. Telling me what I am doing wrong. I want to make you happy. We are to be mated soon.” She was throwing a tantrum.

“We won’t mate until you bare my dragon on your skin.” I told her in a cold voice.

She took a step back like I had slapped her hard across the face.

“We do not need to wait that long. We can mate first, and I can bare your mark after.” She countered.

I rolled my eyes then, “Song, please, I do not view you in any other light other than my sister. Stop.”

“But I like you a lot, Raiden. I really do. I think—I love you and I really want this to work.” She insisted.

“Stop.” My voice came out harder and I grabbed onto both her hands, stilling her. “Listen to me, Song, this will never work.”

“I’m not giving up on us.” She said in a determined tone.

“There is no us!” I shouted exasperated.

I took a step back and walked ahead of her. I heard her following quietly behind me. Then there was the sniffles and I knew she was crying. I closed my eyes tightly and pinched the bridge of my nose.

“Song, please.” I turned around to look at her.

The fresh sea smell of the conservatory provided a source of calming fountain that washed over me. I inhaled deeply.

“Let’s just walk through this place and go back to your mother.” I told her.

“I don’t care about this place. I care about spending time with you.” I hint of bitterness flitted through her soft tone.

She took a few steps and stood in front of me. Her arms slinking around my waist and she pressed her cheek against my chest.

“Why do you have to be so cruel? Ever since we were children. You have always been quiet and mysterious. You rarely talk but I find myself being pulled to you. I know you don’t feel the same way but I want to get to know you. I want you to open up for me.”

“I can’t.” I told her. My arms hanging loosely at my side.

“Why not?” She was pouting again.

I can’t because I love someone else. I can’t because she’s in my wing right now and probably sleeping in my bed. I can’t because all I want to do is ravish her even though she’s completely clueless.

“I just can’t, not now. Not ever.” I told her, pushing her away by holding her shoulders. “Now, please can we walk through this without you crying and any further talk about this?”

I think she knew if she pressed further, I would walk away. After eyeing me for a minute she nodded and wiped her tears. She followed in silence next to me.

I have known Song all my life. Duchess Tuyen was my step mother’s real sister. My step mother raised me but not as her own. She has always made it clear that her feelings for me is mutual. There was no motherly affection which I have grown accustomed to.

I played with Song a couple times when we were little but Duchess Tuyen stopped bringing Song around for a while. However, she again started bringing Song around when I turned eighteen and Song turned sixteen. Hints were dropped about a potential mating. I ignored it, but it was becoming more and more evident that they wanted me to choose her as my Queen.

I took the short cut in touring the conservatory. We headed back in fifteen minutes tops and I quickly dropped Song off in the waiting room. My step mother attempted to stop me, but I effectively excused myself from the group and exited.

I walked back to my wing with one person in mind. No one knows she’s here. I’ve taken her in silence. The only person who knows is Aika and Daisuke who was the guard to my wing. When he saw me, he gave me a quick nod and moved aside for me to enter my wing.

My steps quickened the closer I got to the room. I can feel her. Her heart beat. Her soft breathing.

Slowly, I opened the door and saw her sleeping soundly on the bed, drool seeping from the corner of her mouth. I smirked and allowed my eyes to roam what will be mine soon. She didn’t even bother to pull the silk covers over her body.

My eyes skimmed leisurely over her soft oval shape, down her soft pointing chin and the rise of her chest before landing on her stomach and down her curvy hips. Biting my lips, I fought the urge to crawl into bed with her. She wasn’t ready.

I turned and left the room.

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