The Dragon King

By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 36

Dressed in a white t-shirt and dark denim jeans, Raiden’s aura in the village was inevitably different. It was hard for him not to get noticed. He parked his car outside my parents’ cottage. My parents were outside waiting curiously to see who was driving a shiny black car.

I bit my lips nervously from inside the car. This matter is not a matter that can be easily fixed. It could be if our engagement was mutual and we did it without the elders knowing that we have pledged our lives together but that wasn’t the case. Niran had asked his elders to come to our home and asked for my hand personally. The matter was set and agreed upon two clans. It will be hard to break it without losing face from my father’s end.

"Raisneua o’myen, don’t worry,” Raiden said from beside me.

I gave him a nod before getting out of the car. Raiden followed me. My father’s eyebrows furrowed the second he saw us together. My mother offered a puzzling expression and my grandma’s eyebrow shut up in surprise.

Raiden and I met at the head of the car. He intertwined his fingers through mine before walking up to my parents. My father noticed the act immediately.

“What is the meaning of this?” My father questioned.

My mother placed a hand on my father’s arm to get his attention. She swept her eyes around us before returning it to my father.

“Perhaps this conversation should be carried on inside the cottage.” My mother inclined that privacy was better. People might be watching and gossip travels faster than wind.

My father nodded before looking at me, “You have some explaining to do, young lady. Get inside.”

We walked inside and moved to sit at the eating table. My father cast a look of suspicion between Raiden and me before his eyes settled on Raiden.

“I am old but I am not blind.” My father announced once we all settled down.

Raiden nodded and a small smile appeared on his face.

“You’re right, sir. I came here with intentions. I hold your daughter’s hand because I love her.” Raiden replied.

“Love her? You have only just met her.” My father’s eyes narrowed before he turned his eyes on me. “Do you realize the situation you have put me in? You were supposed to work in the city. A woman should not immerse herself in an affair when she is engaged to another.”

“Don,” My mother spoke up which caught my father’s attention.

“Maya, do you realize what your daughter has done? How do I get us out of this situation? If it was anybody else, it might have been easy but this is the village chief.” My father was getting riled up. His hands slapped the table hard.

“I understand that but she is your daughter.” Maya reasoned.

“Son,” My grandma cut in. “Think about when you were young...”

“I know.” My father cut in. He ran a hand over his face in frustration before glancing back at Raiden and me.

“Do you know what you are doing?” My father asked me.

Guilt hit me like a hurricane. An inner turmoil brews inside my mind and heart. One wanting to be with Raiden because he is my life but another wanting to be the good daughter and not ruin my family’s reputation.

My father raised me to be a good daughter. Taught me everything I needed to know and my responsibility to the family. I am his only child. If I was a boy, things will be easier. I can carry on our name and his grand descendants. Unfortunately, I am a girl and must marry into my husband’s family, taking his surname. Although he doesn’t voice it, I knew the slight disappointment behind me being a girl. He loves me but I know he had wished I was a boy.

Raiden placed a hand on my thigh to catch my attention and to reel me back to reality. I looked up and found him staring down at me. He gave me a small smile and just like that my heart was winning. I didn’t want to lose him.

Raiden turned to my father. His hand still on my thigh to comfort me and add as a shield of protection. He was here and I didn’t need to make a decision alone.

“Sir, I understand the dilemma you are in but what if I told you that Anna has been promised to me since she was a child,” Raiden said.

My father’s face scrunched up in disbelief, “I would say that is preposterous. I would know if I promised my daughter to another.”

I didn’t know where Raiden was getting at. Didn’t he remember that my family’s memories were wiped? That they can’t remember a single thing, not even the promise they made Raiden.

“But you did.” Raiden persisted. His smile growing each passing second.

My father’s confusion grew. He remained silent as he ransacked his mind for some hidden memory. My mother looking thoroughly perplexed and surprised.

Raiden lifted his hand in the air and waved. A slow steady stream of white light stream from his palm and sailed over to my family. As it hit the center of the table it splits into three streams before hitting my family’s forehead. The stream was steady and my family seemed to be in a daze. Their eyes glazed over with a shiny glimmer.

After a few minutes, the stream disappeared and my family blinked. Their eyes settled back on Raiden and me. I bit my lips and watched my parents blink a few times.

“This...this is unbelievable.” My mother whispered and breaking the silence.

The corner of my grandma’s lip lifted and her tiny wise eyes shined with happiness.

“Indeed I did.” My father hummed silently before his own face broke out into a smile and he started chuckling.

Raiden smiled and turned to look at me. He winked and wiggled his eyebrows.

“Did you give them back their memories?” I questioned.

He smirked, “It is only reasonable as you are indeed promise to me.”

A knock sounded at the door at that very precise moment. My mother stood from her seat and walked to the door. She opened it and revealed Niran behind it. Niran’s eyes swept the small cottage and the occupants inside.

“This just keeps getting better,” I muttered.

My mother invited Niran inside. He approached the table. I noticed his eyes didn’t miss Raiden. A confused expression appeared on Niran’s face.

“Kane, are you here to visit? Is there something we needed to discuss?” Niran asked.

My father cleared his throat to catch NIran’s attention. He gestured to the chair on my left. Niran sat down. A tried to remove Raiden’s hand on my thigh in order to ease things with Niran but Raiden’s hand tightened possessively. I threw him a glance and his face remained impassive.

“Actually, I am here on a personal matter,” Raiden answered.

I bit my bottom lips again and risked a glance from underneath my eyelashes at Niran. Raiden’s eyes fell on me and Niran’s also. The tension was unbearable, especially between these two men. Niran’s suspicions were growing and Raiden took his time in explaining.

“I can explain.” I started.

Niran’s attention snapped to me. I cleared my throat and shifted in my seat.

“I-I can explain...” I muttered before glancing between my family. I realized my father wasn’t going to say anything and I huffed in frustration. I turned back to Niran.

“Can I speak to you alone?” I said.

Niran deserved this much. He invested a year into me. Threw away any potential marriageable bride because of me. If he needed to hear it, he needed to hear it from me but I won’t do it in front of my family and Raiden. I felt that this matter needed to be handled in private.

Raiden’s hand squeezed my thigh in silent protest but I gave him a pointed look. A jealous gleam appeared in his gold and hazelnut irises. He sighed in defeat a minute later and let go.

I stood up and Niran followed suit. We stepped out of the cottage. I took him a little farther from home just to give us a little added privacy. When we were away from all eyes and ears. I turned to face him.

“Niran, I-”

“You like him.” Niran interrupted immediately.

I looked up from the ground to look at him in surprise. He was always perceptive of my emotions. I let out a long exhale before nodding.

“But it is not what you think,” I told him.

“What am I thinking?” He questioned.

“He isn’t just a random guy that I fell in love with after meeting him. I have known him for a long time.” I replied honestly.

Niran’s eyes swept my face slowly. It seems he was recalling a memory. A minute later he spoke up again.

“Was that why you ran when you saw him the first time?” Niran asked.

I nodded and Niran’s eyes reflected the hurt and pain that he was feeling. I felt extremely terrible like I have wronged him. He was not a bad person. He was sincere to me for the past year. I might not have shown him affection and rebutted him but he never gave up.

He nodded slowly, glancing away, unable to look at me a second longer. I touched his arm.

“Remember when I told you, I loved another?” I directed his attention back to me.

His gulped and his adam’s apple bobbed. His eyes landed back on me and I can see the pain in his heart.

“It is him. He is the one that has owned your heart for a year.” Niran’s voice cracked under the emotions that were brewing inside of him.

I nodded, “I am sorry, Niran. I don’t want to hurt you. You have been nothing but kind and patient with me. I feel terrible.”

He laughed softly but it was a sad, heartbroken laugh.

“Don’t be, Anna. I always knew that you never loved me. I was the one that actively pursued you. You brushed me off every time but I refused to let you go. I allowed myself to fall in love with you. I held nothing back. I knew that this day might come one day but I never expected it to come at this time.”

He took a step closer and cupped my cheeks. Tears slipped down my cheeks and he wiped them away. I am hurt because I viewed him as a friend. Tears slipped down his own cheeks.

“If only I met you before he did...” He whispered. “Maybe I would have been the one to capture your heart.”

I shook my head but he held onto my cheeks.

“Let me hug you.” He pleaded.


“One last time.” His voice shook and his eyes clouded with tears. He blinked and huge tears slipped down his cheeks. I nodded before he pulled me into his arms. He held on tight. His body shook, I heard his sniffles, and his arms wrapped around me. It was like he was almost afraid to let me go.

“I love you. I love you so much, I didn’t care if you returned my love or not. I knew what I was doing. Do not feel guilty, Anna. I don’t regret loving you.”

My arms moved to wrap around his waist to comfort him. I allowed him to hold me until he can control some of his emotions. After a lengthened period of time, he slowly dropped his arms from around my shoulders and pulled back.

“Would it be awful if I said no? That I want you?” He smiled but it was sad.

I smiled back, “I don’t think he will be too happy with that.”

“But he left you for a year.” Niran retorted.

“He has his reasons but if he had a choice, he wouldn’t have,” I told him honestly. “Thank you for being there. For being a friend and listening to me all those years, Niran.”

“Tell me this, if you never met him, would you have given me a chance? Would I have had a shot at your heart?”

I shrugged, “Ifs are just ifs. We won’t know until it happens.”

We looked at each other for a long time before he sighed and cupped one side of my cheek.

“You will always have a special place in my heart.” He whispered. “I will never forget you.”

His hands dropped to his side before he turned and walked away. I walked back to the cottage and found Raiden waiting for me outside. His eyes landed on me the second I emerged from the edge of the woods.

He gave me a supporting smile but the look on his face told me he heard everything that Niran and I were talking about. I didn’t see a hint of anger or jealousy, only understanding. I trudged my way up to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

I nodded before throwing myself into his arms for comfort. There was still a pain in my chest from losing a friend and it seems Raiden seems to know this because he wrapped his arms around me in silent understanding.

“I’m okay. I hurt him.” I murmured. Raiden tightened his arms around me.

“He loves you,” Raiden mentioned. “But he is willing to part with you to make you happy.”

“He is a good man,” I replied.

Raiden chuckled, “Does that make me a good man too? I was willing to let you go if you were happy with Niran.”

I pinched his arm, “That makes you a bad man.”

I pulled back to look at him. A smirk appeared on his face.

“And why is that?”

“Because I love you.”

His smile broadened and he leaned in to kiss me.

And that is the love story of my parents. Wondering who I am and what the future holds for me? I heard my creator is working on it right now. It’s called, The Unruly Princess.

Author’s Note:

I am so sorry for the lack of updates. College expectations are dragging me down. Research papers after research papers. I just can’t find the time to be on Wattpad that often. I am hoping to finish this book this week. I am finishing up on my classes in the next two weeks. After that, I have one week to myself. Hoping to get back on the Wattpad train again before classes start back up for me.

Sometimes giving up seems so much easier but then I remember the reward at the end is so much sweeter. I just have to keep climbing!

This is the end! Jump to the next book with me! It’s called The Unruly Princess!

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