The Dragon King

By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 35


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Her lips against mine were anesthetic over my wounded heart. There were no words that can express the way I missed her. Years apart and I finally get a taste of love before it was ripped out of my hands. Days without her presence was like walking on fire. It burned through the protective layers I had, leaving me raw and in pain.

Grabbing onto her hips, I flipped us over until she was lying underneath me on the floor. My body was on top of her. Her eyes were still red with tears and her lips quivered.

“I am not hallucinating, am I?” She whispered.

I shook my head. One hand slipping underneath my shirt that she was wearing and up to her waist. Memorizing everything again and remarking my territory. She was mine.

I captured her lips fervently and it was like the gates of heaven opened. Our lips fit perfectly like two puzzle pieces. Her hands slipped from my cheeks up to my hair and tugged on them, forcing me to deepen the kiss further. I grounded my hips against her. A soft little moan vibrated from her throat.

It was hard to tear away from her lips but I needed more. My lips traced down her jawline quickly to the crook of her neck. Slowly, I suckled on her sweet sensitive skin. She tilted her head to the side to give me better access. Her lips now freed were letting out little sighs that had my body tightening with desire.

This yearning was like a tugging in my body. It is a magnetic minefield, pulling me to her. Dangerous but entrancing. It is insane how wrapped up she has me. She didn’t realize how much I was under her spell. My life circled around pleasing her and making her happy.

With both hands, I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt she was wearing and lifted it up. It exposed her delicate porcelain skin. Internally, I was glad to see that she discarded her bra. I captured one small hard bead into my mouth. She mewed and squirmed underneath me, arching her back just the way I like it. Without missing a stroke of my tongue, I lifted her up and placed her onto the bed.

Her hands moved to the back of my shirt where she bunched up my shirt and tugged it higher. I released her breasts and moved back causing my shirt to slip off immediately. She tossed it aside and her dark almond cinnamon colored eyes roamed my body leisurely. I bit my lips before moving to remove the shorts she had on.

Only her. Only Anna can make me burn with a fiery desire to bury myself between her legs. I hooked her legs around my waist and her hips raised in the air. My hands slid up and down her thighs causing her to shiver.

The head of my arousal pressed against her entrance. I grabbed at the base and coated my tip with her slick opening. Her breath hitched and she grasped onto the sheets with her life. My lips curved into a sly smile.

“I miss you.”

My erection hardened just at her words. I fought my need to pummel into her but instead slowly slid inside her. Her eyes rolled back and she tried arching her back some more to take me in. I held onto her hips.

“Raiden, I love you. I love you so much.”

The way it slipped from her lips, it was filled with longing and emotions. I plunged my shaft into her and her back arched, her head rolled back, and she moaned with pleasure.

Leaning forward, I slipped my hands underneath her shoulders and held her close. My lips captured her for a quick hard kiss. My hips began a slow leisure pace. I want to feel every clench of her walls around my arousal. I wanted it to torture me slowly.

“Say it again,” I growled.

“I love you.” She moaned.

I pulled out and plunged into her roughly. A gasp escaped from Anna’s lips. Her hands came to my back, clinging to me.

“Say it again, Anna,” I ordered, my own emotions clouding my mind.

Her eyes opened and stared into my own, “I love you.”

My pace increased. Short and hard. I’m drilling into her like I wanted to absorb myself into her body. To become one. It was crazy and rough. Her fingernails dug into my back. She kept up with the little gasps of pleasure.

“I love you.” She moaned. “God, I love you.”

The side of her neck was exposed. I leaned down and sucked on her sensitive skin while at the same time driving us both quickly to our edge. She became a little hellion. Her body squirmed underneath me. She was scraping my back and shoulders and I felt her walls tightening around my erection.

“Ah, Anna.” I groaned. She was gripping me tightly and it felt so damn good.

“I love you. I miss you. I love you.” She began chanting breathlessly.

Spurred by her words, my thrust increased. I’m practically pummeling into her roughly but I couldn’t stop my movement. It felt so good. The bed shook in protest as I became an animal. Her walls tightened more and finally, I heard her scream of pleasure. Her walls pulsing around me. Her eyes rolling back. Her fingernails digging into my back. Her legs tightening around my waist and her body shaking from the orgasm.

With one last thrust into her, my semen coated her walls. I groaned and moved to bite her neck. She held me close as I thrust crazily into her and finish my release.

When I finally gain some sanity, I pulled back to look down at her. Her hair fell over her forehead slightly from my roughness. I smoothed it back with one hand and kissed her forehead.

“I love you,” I whispered. I moved down to kiss the tip of her nose.

“I love you.” I kissed her lips.

“I love you.” I leaned back to look down at her. She smiled dreamily at me. I can tell I had exhausted her out.

I pulled back and moved to clean both her and I but she stopped me by holding onto my hand quickly.

I turned back to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Don’t leave me. Stay here.” She replied. She was sitting up now. Naked and looking like a goddess.

“I am just going to go get a towel to clean you up,” I told her. She gripped onto my hands tighter.

“No, please. Stay.” She tugged on my hand.

I sighed and cupped one cheek, “I am not leaving you, Anna. I am real.”

“I know.” She replied in a whisper.

I exhale slowly and crawled to settle myself behind her. She fell back to the bed and nestled her back to my front. I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly.

“I remember distantly you hating me.” I murmured into her neck.

“Distance can clear up your mind and tell you what your heart wants.” She replied with a soft laugh. My hands moved to caress her soft skin.

“How much did you miss me?” I asked.

“I miss you so much. It is was hard to live in. I lived a year with these heavy chains around my heart. It tightens every time I think about you.” She admitted and I can hear how painful it was for her.

“Everything around me dulled in color and happiness. I couldn’t love another. There were times I thought you weren’t real, that I am crazy and you were just imagination. An illusion I thought up when I hit my head but...” She stopped.

“But what?” I asked.

She turned in my arms to face me. She freed one hand from between us and traced my eyebrows, the bridge or my nose, and my lips.

“But your love...I felt it. Our last have to be real.” She sounded broken.

I nuzzled into her neck to comfort her. My arms tightening around her waist.

“I am sorry to put you through all this. If I can stay by your side forever, I will do it in a heartbeat.” I told her.

“You were gone for a year.” She mentioned.

“It was difficult to get out. My father had me imprisoned. I escaped but had to be treated because of my injuries. After, I got into a fight with my father. He is dead now.”

She pushed on my chest so that we can look at each other.


“I killed him,” I admitted.

“You had no other choice?” She questioned.

I thought about this a lot too. What if I didn’t lose control and I was able to imprison him instead? Will things have been different?

On the other hand, I think he knew what he was doing. My father knew how I felt about my mother. I think he deliberately lied to provoke me. Provoking me was destructive but it also ended his life.

“My father is a tyrant but calculating man. He doesn’t do something unless he has a purpose behind it. I think he deliberately provoked me on purpose.” I sighed and closed my eyes.

I felt her hand on my chest, stroking me to calm me.

“So, you are King to Grenagon?”

I opened my eyes to look at her.

“Yes.” I smirked and leaned in to kiss her lips. “And you are my Queen.”

“Will your people accept this? I am human-”

“They now have no choice. Opposing me will be opposing the law. You are my Queen. Anyone who opposes will answer to me.” I responded before closing my eyes again. “Go to sleep. Tomorrow, we go home and meet your parents.”

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