The Dragon King

By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 3

Gasping for air, my eyes flew open in alarm. Immediately, I knew I wasn’t home. Gone was the wooden walls of my grandma’s cabin. In its place was white walls that were so high I swear it could touch the sky, sheer white and gold curtains hung from the royal bed canopy I was sleeping on. The silk white sheets were so soft, it literally felt like I was floating on clouds. The bedroom gave off a soft clean Mediterranean ambiance (Closest picture to what I see in the story bed below)

A gold classic European chandelier hung in the middle of the large room I was in. I shifted to look at the other side. There were many doors and I could only assume one of them led outside of the bedroom that I was in.

Finally realizing that I was wearing something other than my old pajamas, I glanced down at my body. My body was barely covered. The only thing that was covered on my upper body was my breasts and they were wrapped securely several times in gold, intricately designed silk several times to keep my breasts in place. A gold turquoise pin pinned the top together.

My pajama shorts were gone and its place was a soft one layer chiffon gold skirt. The only thing protecting my goods were a gold silk underwear piece. I felt heaviness on my wrists and so I lifted my hands up to glance at my wrist. They were riddled with pure gold bracelets fashioned into dragons. (See below for skirt envisioning but in sparkling gold)

Swallowing the uncertain lump in my throat, I slowly got out of bed. My bare feet touched a warm plush oval white rug. This could only be a dream. I have never seen anything as beautiful and as regal as this room. I looked up from staring at my feet to find my reflection in a large gold vanity mirror.

I stopped breathing.

I looked so different, dressed in this beautiful outfit. On my arm was a gold band, again, with a dragon curling around it and going upwards. My long black hair was a startling contrast to all the gold colors on my dress. On top of my head was a gold bohemian and Arabian headpiece.

(See below)

The double door directly across from the bed swung open. A young girl entered she was dressed in simpler gold clothing and less jewelry. She was wearing a simple gold gown and a gold chest wrap, like mine. She gave me a warm smile when she walked in and saw that I was awake. In her hands, she carried a tray of food.

“You’re awake.” She smiled as she walked over and sat the tray of food on a gold glass coffee table.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“You must be hungry.” She avoided my question and gestured for me to sit down on a seat.

This couldn’t be real. I must be dreaming and if I was dreaming that it wouldn’t hurt for me to eat and enjoy while it last. I walked over and sat down on the velvet white couch. Opening the lid, I grinned when I noticed it was chicken porridge.

I seasoned it with a little bit of black pepper before digging in. I didn’t realize how ravenous I was until I downed the whole bowl. Almost considered licking the bowl clean but hesitate when I noticed that the girl didn’t leave. She was staring at me.

Sighing, I stood up and walked around the room again before turning to look at her. This is a nice dream. The first where I woke up in a room fit for a princess.

“So, can I look around?” I asked the girl.

“No, I am under strict orders that you are to remain in your room.” The girl replied.

“Nonsense!” I waved her off and hurried to the double door that she came through.

“Milady! You cannot go out there!” She hurried over and plastered herself on the double doors to stop me from escaping.

I’m not going to waste my time sitting in here. Soon, I will be awake, and I knew I will be upset if I didn’t even get to explore not even a little.

“Oh, it will be fine.” I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her off the double doors.

“Oh no no no no no no. This is not good. This is not good at all.” She mumbled fearfully, clutching at her chest with her hands.

“It’s fine. It’s only a dream. I promise you won’t get hurt.” I assured her.

She looked up at me in confusion and fear, “This is not a dream!”

“Of course, it is!” I told her. I swung the doors open and stepped out. I was met with a grand arched hallway.

“Wow, is everything in here real gold?” I murmured as I touched a gold pillar, leaning in to inspect if it was. It was cool to the touch and felt amazingly smooth.

“Wow,” I whispered in awe.

“We have to go back in, milady. I do not want to get into trouble. Prince Raiden will roast me alive.” She exclaimed behind me, becoming hysterical.

I turned around to give her a good scowl, “Can you pipe down? If Prince Raiden didn’t know that you disobeyed before, he does now. You are practically shouting at the top of your lungs.”

She snapped her mouth shut and glanced around, “Milady, I insist that we return back to your room.”

I ignored her and walked further down the hallway. In this hallway were gold arched pillars and in between each arched pillar were more hallways. It was like a complete maze.

I decided to wing it and made an abrupt right turn down another hallway. The maid behind me gasped and I almost turned around to see if she fainted. Her scurried footsteps told me she was still very much alive.

“This is bad. This is so bad. I am bad.” She whispered in a panic to herself. I sighed and turned around to look at her.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

She looked up at me worriedly, “Aika.”

“Aika, chillax,” I ordered.

“What?” Her wide eyes were filling up with tears.

I rolled my eyes, “I said calm down.”

I turned around and started walking again down the hall. The smell of fresh air and flowers meeting my nostrils. I sniffed and followed the direction it was coming from.

“Milady, I cannot calm down. We should not be down this hall. This hall it is restricted. Please let us return back-”

I gasped when I saw what was in front of me. A beautiful garden with flowers and vines climbing all pillars and neatly tripped around a rounded water fountain. In the middle of the water fountain was a gold dragon that spun in circles upwards.

The scenery in front of seemed to shut Aika up because she also became completely quiet.

“Wow, this is beautiful,” I whispered before making a move to enter the garden.

Little hands wrapped around my wrist, “We cannot enter, milady. This is Prince Raiden’s private garden.”

“Oh, it will be fine.” I gushed before trying to walk inside again but her hold on my hand was strong. She pleaded and begged me to not go in. Almost dragging me back to my room.

“Aika, stop. I want to see.”

“We cannot see.”

“Yes, we can.”

“Please, milady. Let’s go back- ”

“Aika.” A thick and deep voice entered our conversation. My skin tingled with awareness. We both stopped tugging on each other. Aika’s eyes were wide with fear and mine were looking at her curiously before turning to the person that spoke.

Aika let go of me immediately and turned to the man before me. He was about a head taller than me. His frame was strong and ripped. I couldn’t help how my eyes were slowly traveling down his muscular torso down to his waistline that was wrapped up in a gold belt along with a long black trouser. On his bicep was also an arm bracelet that mirrored the one on mine. His dark black hair and brooding hazelnut eyes met mine after I took my time eating him up.

Heat immediately attacked my cheeks when I realized I was caught ogling him.

“I’m sorry, Prince Raiden. I tried telling her to stay in her room but she wouldn’t listen.”

Ah, so this is Prince Raiden.

He gave her a brief nod, “You may leave.”

Aika gave me one look that told me I would probably die before she could see me again then she spun on her feet and ran out of the hallway, leaving me with this handsome stranger.

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