The Dragon King

By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 22

Anna May

I woke up when I felt a weight on the bed behind me. Rolling over, I rolled straight into Raiden’s body. My body glued to the crook of his side. There was something amazing about sleeping in bed with someone-not just someone but someone you harbor strong feelings for. The skin on skin contact was a warm comfort to my mind and heart. Physically, my muscles relaxed, and I settled back down on the bed.

“Where did you go?” I asked sleepily.

“I just had a few things to take care of.” He replied. His breathing was labored as if he was in pain. The way he was holding me-it felt like he was in silent despair and needed me close.

Silently, I caressed his chest to comfort him. I didn’t know where he went but I knew his mind was running a hundred miles a minute. Something happened but I can sense he was not ready to tell me.

Do I drag it out of him?

Was it something that I can help with?

I can feel the stiffness in his body. Caressing his chest was not helping at all. I turned my head to look up at him. He glanced down at me and I saw the look of torment and agony reflecting in his eyes even through the dimly lit room. Looking at him and my heart panged with an urgency to find out what was going on.

“Raiden?” My eyebrows furrowed, and I moved to push myself up onto my elbow.

Surprisingly, his lips crashed onto mine. One hand came out to cup my cheek and deepening the kiss. This kiss was nothing like our first one. It was demanding, brutal, and desperate for comfort.

This was what he needed. He needed to feel me close and me sleeping next to him was somehow not enough. At first, I was surprised at the sudden attack of his lips. I debated if I should push him off or kiss him back. The latter won, and I relaxed in his arms. If this was what he needed, and I was his chosen mate, why stop what feels so good?

A pool of liquid seductive lava burned inside me. Our breaths mingled, and my heart beat synced with his. Increasing with each stroke of his tongue. He maneuvered so that I fell onto my back. His body on top of mine. My hands skimmed his shoulders and up his neck to tangle in his hair.

The taste of him was refreshing like spring water. His natural masculine scent of the salty sea invading and intermingling in our heated kiss. A moan escaped from me and he replied by spreading my legs apart and settling between them. His hard bulge pressed against my heated core and a new kind of heat burned inside of me. A voice screamed for me to move my hips and I obliged quickly. Wiggling underneath him that elicited a throaty guttural sound from Raiden.

He pulled back slowly from the kiss and began focusing his attention on my jawline. Brushing it with his soft lips and moving down to my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access. If I thought the kiss was hot. His mouth on my sensitive skin was hotter. My breath hitched, and I wantonly pressed my body up against his. One of his hand, pressed down on my hip to keep me in place.

He nuzzled my neck with delicate kisses before running his tongue briefly over my heated skin. I let out a small sound of pleasure and it seemed to stir a different side of Raiden.

My time here, he is always reserved and respectful but the man on top of me was nothing but hot and sexy. Memories of my dreams came flooding. The way he makes my skin sizzle with heat and need. How hot and foreign it was to have his mouth on my skin. I trembled underneath his muscular body.

Suddenly, he sucked in my sensitive flesh and the ache between my core Intensified.

“Raiden,” I said breathlessly, trying to grip onto sanity.

“I need you.” He said hoarsely. “Anna, please.”

He bit my flesh gently and my eyes rolled back slightly. Even if I wanted to say no, I couldn’t. My mind was completely scrambled. I was at lost for words and all I wanted was for him to quench the fire burning inside of me.

“Be mine.” His voice was pleading-begging.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. Could I?

His fingers that were on my hip dug in slightly. He moved and continued his assault on the other side of my neck, giving it the same hot attention that he did with the other side.

“I will take no other. I will love no other. It will always be you.” He breathed in pain.

And as if a light switch went off. I knew without a doubt that I wanted-needed this man. Holding back and trying to rationalize all this was driving me mad. Why wait when I already knew that he has my heart? Why push everything all my feelings into a small chest when I know that they will never leave me.

“Okay,” I replied.

He growled and rotated his hips, grounding his bulge onto my core. A whimper left my lips and I dug my fingers into his shoulders. It felt so good. My whimper encouraged him to do it again and wetness pooled between my legs.

Raiden changes the direction of his kisses and it peppered kisses to the soft exposed mound of my chest. With one free hand, he unclipped the gold and intricately designed dragon clip that was holding my ruby colored chest wrap together.

It loosened it immediately, relieving my chest from its secured confinement. With his fingers, he pulled down the chest wrap to uncover my breasts. I have small size breasts. They are the size of Asian apples. The weird comparison brought a small little smile to my face. That was until he cupped one in his hands and my smile slipped. The feeling of his rough hands against my soft skin tickled. My body hums with a new feeling.

Without missing a beat, his mouth finds the other and latches onto the soft pink bead. His tongue flicks it an erotic manner.

“Oh...” I gasped, arching my back. My hands fell to the mattress and I clung to the sheets.

“So sweet.” His voice thick with desire.

Slowly and in sweet torture, he sucked on my breasts, driving me into a sexual frenzy. The other hand massaged and pinches my other breasts.

“Raiden, ” It came out in desperation. I squirmed underneath his hard body.

He released my nipple with a pop before moving lower. Hot open mouth kisses down my belly until he reaches the top of my skirt.

The skirt I head on was similar to the one I wore when I first came here. It hid little but still looked elegant. Slowly, he peeled it down and with each inch that he pulled it down, he placed a heated open mouth kiss on my skin.

Finally, when he reached the part where I ached most for him. He pulled back. My eyes flew open at the lost of contact but saw that he was moving to strip out of his own trousers.

My eyes shamelessly watched the trouser falling to his feet. He stood before me naked and with a very hard thick and long shaft. The candle danced on his sun-kissed skin. The shadows dipped and curved over his muscular form.

I swallowed just before he slipped back onto the bed and between my legs. He removes my skirt next in one pull. He tossed the garment aside. I lay before him naked.

For a second, I was self-conscious but when I saw his irises glow gold, I stopped. He loved what he saw.

“Raisneua o’myen.” He breathed. A look of pain flashed before his eyes before he dipped between my legs.

Both arms underneath my butt, he lifted me up and I felt his mouth immediately on me.

“Oh!” I moaned before biting my bottom lips hard.

His mouth and tongue swirled and slid over my soft nub. It ran up and down my core. I felt the scrape of his teeth against my sensitive core and I bucked against his mouth.

My stomach tightened and my muscles contracted. I felt like if he continues I will snap. My thighs tightened and one of my hands touched the back of his neck, begging him for more pressure.

He moaned against me and I cried out his name. Slow breathy gasp coming from me as my body was being pushed to over the edge. Just when I felt like I will shatter underneath him, he pulled back, situated himself between my legs and thrust in one hard move, leaving me surprised and in pain.

The pleasing haze around me slowly going away. I opened my eyes to look at him. Tears running down my cheeks.

He leaned forward, slipped his arms underneath my shoulders. His hard chest pressed against mine.

Placing a gentle kiss to my lips he kissed away my tears.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered huskily.

The pain subsided but there was a dull ache between my legs. It felt weird having him fill me like that. I wiggled underneath him and he let out a groan before his forehead fell against mine. His eyes opened and they were smoldering hot. The little sparks of gold in his hazelnut irises glimmered whole the gold band around it lit up. He pulled in his bottom lips between his teeth and began moving slowly.

His eyes never leaving mine, he watched me as my eyes rolled back and I arched my body for more.

Each time he pulled out and thrust back in, my body winds tighter and tighter. His grip on my shoulders tightened and he increased his speed. Heavy grunts and groans coming from him. His hot breath fanning my neck.

“Raiden, ” I moaned, squirming underneath him.

His thrust grew harder and faster. It sent me into a frenzy and I am clinging onto his body for dear life. He switched it up and grabbed my hands, pinning them above me. His upper body slightly lifted, he rotated his hips, pulling and thrusting back in.

“Oh my God.” I cried out and tightened my hands in his.

“I love you.” He said breathlessly without stopping in his rhythm.

My eyes opened to look at him. I saw the emotion swirling in his eyes. There was so much in there. Love, pain, despair...

“I love you too,” I whispered honestly back.

His astonished expression was apparent but a look of determination appeared and he increased his speed. My lips parted and I tossed back my head, arching my body for more. His grip tightened around my hands.

Sweat beaded our body and our heavy pants filled the air. Something inside me snapped.

“Raiden!” I cried out. My muscle spasms had me squirming underneath him. He growled deeply, the sound rumbling deep inside his chest. His thrust was short and hard. Spurts of his hot seeds coated the inside of me.

When we both came back from our release, his body fell over mine. His semi-hard arousal still inside of me. He rested his head on the crook of my neck.

A few minutes later, he rolled off and padded to the washroom. He walked back a few minutes later with a cloth and wiped the slickness between my legs.

He tossed the cloth aside and crawled into bed beside me, pulling my back against his front. My body was completely exhausted. I didn’t care what he did because my eyes were already shutting. Sleep vastly approaching me.

He kissed my neck, “Did you mean it?”

“I do. I mean it.” I whispered with a sigh, feeling satisfied and exhaustion. His arms tightened around me. I slipped into sleep soon seconds later.

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