The Dragon King

By Leila Vy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 13

Prince Raiden

Grenagon is beautiful during daylight but at night, it is mystical especially when you are outside. There is a soft glow in the sea and only the sea creatures who defy sleep are awake which are very few. They swam carelessly by, oblivious to what’s happening around them. Small outdoor ground torches and lanterns were lit to provide lighting for the small festivity happening outside.

I fixed the gold belt around my black trouser after taking a long-scented bath. Never in my life did I think I will be running after pigs but the look of pure joy on Anna’s face. I couldn’t deny her even if I tried.

A small smile played on my face as I remembered just how dirty we both got. Anna was a complete puzzle. She’s completely different from the women I know here. She is a free spirit.

Chuckling to myself in the guest room of Aroon, I recalled how we both stunk bad after we both successfully caught three out of the six pigs. The people here are friendly. They offered us warm baths and new clothes from a local market.

Anna May was in the room next to mine. She was most likely naked and in the warm bath. Closing my eyes, I imagined her beautiful porcelain skin dripping with the scented water. Her eyes closed, her lengthy eyelashes spanning her rosy cheeks and her soft peachy lips parting in an inaudible sigh. My blood heating and a fiery jolt heading straight to my crotch. Running a frustrated hand through my hair, I pushed aside thoughts of her and stepped out of the room. I exited the home.

Anna May and I have been here all day...catching pigs. My mother will probably be stunned to hear that I was catching pigs. Chuckling, I shook my head in silence. It must be the craziest thing I have done all my life yet deep within me--it was the most freeing. I never felt this relaxed in forever.

Outside, the villagers were roasting a pig over a huge fire pit. I can smell the delicious succulent meat from inside Aroon’s home. A long table for was set up for everyone. The environment was airy and light. People were laughing and joking. Soft music strumming in the background.

I passed a few people. They all bowed their head respectfully. I met Aroon by the long table. He was speaking to a few people but when he saw me coming he smiled brightly at me.

“Prince Raiden! I hope you like what we did!” Aroon grinned before handing me a goblet of homemade liquor.

I accepted it and thanked him before sweeping my gaze around the place. My eyes stopping the moment it found who I was looking for.

She was dressed in a cream color chest wrap pinned with a dragon pin to keep the chest wrap in place. Although she had removed all jewelry that she brought with her, Anna May was still wearing my necklace and my heart tightens in my chest at the sight. The skirt she wore was not as long as the luxurious skirt she wears at the Palace. Its length reached just below her calves. It flared out slightly at the end while the top hugged her curve and dainty hips and perfectly shaped bottom. Royalties love to doll up and add all sorts of unnecessary pieces of jewelry to their hairs, but Anna May simply left her hair down into a soft wave down to her shoulder.

The urge to run my nose through it, to inhale her scent-imprint it in my soul was overwhelming. I caught hints of her scent and it was intoxicating. At first, I thought it was just the bath that is drawn for her at the Palace but knows. This scent was underneath her skin. It was an aphrodisiac. She smelled like jasmine flower with exotic spice, warm and sensual with a heady richness that literally makes me want to pull her close all the time.

She took her time leaving Aroon’s home, taking the steps one at a time almost hesitantly.

How can she make something that looks so simple look so beautiful?

I watched her get pulled away into the crowd. Everyone likes her. I can see it in their eyes and their stance. I took her here for a reason. Huisong was the farthest village from the Palace. The population here is very small and I know these people. They maintain very good privacy.

I stood on the sideline looking--content in just having to look upon her natural beauty underneath the sea light and torches but my content was abruptly interrupted when I saw unmated men approaching her.

Growing uncomfortable, I moved forward. She notices me right away and sends me a beautiful smile that had me almost tripping over my feet like a schoolboy. Another thing about her that seems to keep me in a trance. The pure sincerity and happiness that radiates from her smile were infectious. It attacks me knocking down my defenses. I’m left speechless and my chest tightening with a severity that makes it hard to breathe.

The unmated men saw me approaching. Some backed away and others remain there, observing. I stared them down until they shifted their eyes in the other direction.

Good. Keep those eyes somewhere else.

I placed a possessive hand around Anna’s waist. My fingers brushing against her delicate skin. I heard her sharp inhale. The surprise parting of her peachy full lips.

“You look beautiful,” I told her.

“Thank you,” She replied, and I noticed her rosy cheeks turned a shade darker. I put that color on her face and a victorious roar thrummed through me.

She turned slightly to face me but made no move to step out of my embrace, again my heart beat against my chest, threatening to escape.

“This place is beautiful. It reminds me of-“Her face fell and I knew what she meant. It reminded her of her home.

Seeing that look in her round innocent eyes, it sends my heart into another kind of pain. All these years, I waited patiently for her. I touched no other-loved no other. She was always the one and I knew it the moment I saved her. She was always the one that clutched my heart in her hands even if she doesn’t know it.

I didn’t realize how long her, and I was staring at each other until someone cleared their throat. I turned to see that it was someone I know-someone close to me. My Nainai (Grandma). Her silver hair tied back into a bun, wrinkles on her face and a softness to her eyes.

“When were you thinking about visiting me, buirr (boy)?”

I chuckled, “Nainai, I was going to come after the party-”

She scoffed and threw me another disbelieving glare before turning to Anna May. Her eyes carefully looking at Anna from head to toe. Anna looked at me confused.

“She’s my grandma.” I told her.

Anna nodded, a smile blooming on her face.

“Are you the one holding my grandson captive?” Nainai accused, jutting her chin at Anna.

Anna smirked, “I think he is the one holding me captive, Nainai.”

I blushed and scratched at my neck nervously. Nainai threw me another glare before slapping my arm.

“You know better, Raiden!” She scolded.

Anna blinked, probably surprised to see her attack me the Prince. Nainai glanced between us before she returned her attention back to Anna.

“I’m in need of some food.” She announced.

Anna nodded, “Of course, let us go together.”

Anna stepped out of my embrace and hooked her arms through Nainai’s. I watched them walk off as if I was not even there. I knew what Nainai was doing. She was making sure that Anna stays close because that means I will be nearby. Where ever Anna goes, I’m there.

We finally took our seats at the long table. Aroon made a quick formal speech. Everyone clapped and dinner was served. Anna May was placed across from me next to my grandma.

I talked to everyone but my eyes kept sweeping back to her. My heart doing flips with every glance she tossed my way. It was fleetingly yet it is like the sun touching my skin after a cold night.

Dinner was done and by this time most villagers have gone to bed for another long day tomorrow. I politely said my good nights to passerby. My grandma walked up to me with Anna May behind her.

“I made my decision,” Nainai announced.

I blinked in confusion before looking at Anna May who had a smile on her face.

“And what is that?” I asked.

“You two will sleep at my place tonight. No questions.”

I wasn’t planning on staying but I couldn’t say no to her. Anna May fell into step next to me as we followed my grandma back to her place.

“She reminds me so much of my grandma.” Anna May whispered with a warm smile.

“She seems to like you a lot. Usually, she’s grumpier than this.” I replied.

We walked down a dirt path until we reached her home. She opened the white cloth to the entrance of her home. She turned to us once we entered into her small living area.

“I only have two bedrooms. One I will be using. You two will have to share the other.” She declared again, leaving no room for arguments.

Anna May’s smile faltered.

“But-” Anna started.

“There are extra beddings in the spare bedroom. You can use whatever is in there.” She waves her hand dismissively before disappearing. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of devious plan she has worked up.

Anna May and I were left alone. Together we entered the bedroom. A soft comfortable mattress was laid out on the floor for two. Two pillows rested on the mattress.

“I will sleep on one side and you can sleep on the other. We don’t have to share one blanket. I will take a spare clean one.” I told her.

She nodded slowly before inching to her selected spot. She crawled underneath the white blanket, turning her back to me almost immediately.

Sighing, I settled on my side and covered my body with the spare blanket. I turned to face her even though she had her back to me.

My eyes trailed over soft curves. The curve of her shoulder to her arms down to the sensual dip of her waist. I continued to over her hips.

Anna May was different. I knew this before I chose her. I recalled her trying to divert my interest to other female Dragons here. It won’t happen. She can try but it will futile. I love the fact that she is outspoken. That she isn’t afraid of me.

Exhaling, I closed my eyes and fell asleep soon after.

It was late into the hour when I felt something warm pressed up against me. I knew who it was and my heart picked up speed.

I opened my eyes to see her wrapping her arms around me. At first, my body was stiff with surprise but I adjusted my position. Hooking one arm underneath her, I wrapped the other around her waist. She snuggled deeper into my embrace. Her lips were innocently pressed against my throat.

Heat and desire thrummed through my veins. I clenched my teeth but continued to hold her. I have never been this close to a woman before. She is the first woman to touch me in this kind of way. It fired my blood faster than anything else.

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