I'll Strip For Ya

By ljstacy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Evangeline had ran away from home in her teens and had regretted it ever since. At first getting money was hard, but she realized she was good at something that got good money: stealing and prostitution. So, now she is 22 and part of a group of girls and guys like herself who lure people in and steal from them. She gets good money from what she does and has learned not to feel guilty. She very rarely has sex, unless she is in the mood. One day she met Bentley Ford, a local rising business owner at a club. Seeing that he seemed attracted to her and had loads of money, she decided to have herself some fun with him. Little did she know that she was throwing herself into a whole new world when she decided to bed with him. The man she was to steal from was a werewolf, and an alpha at that. And she was his mate.

--> One <--

-Evangeline’s pov-
-June 3rd, Friday, 10:07 am-

“Beep, beep, beep,” the noise I heard wasn’t the normal sound of my alarm clock was replaced with an annoying, human monotone. I groaned and leaned over in my bed, pulling my blanket over my face, trying to block out the noise. Sadly, my blanket was ripped off of me nearly immediately. “I said beep, beep bitch. Wake the fuck up.” The voice was of my dearest friend, Gina.

“Unless you’re Pennywise ready to take my life, I don’t want to hear another ‘beep’,” I said begrudgingly and my eyes open to the brightness of our room. Gina, a blonde Asian who was my best friend, stood above me with a smirk on her face. “Well, I guess you kind of do look like a clown.” I say and she furrowed her eyebrows, her smirk gone. She grabbed a pillow from my bed before hitting me in the face with it.

I shoved her head away before I sat up and stretched. Our room was unbelievably messy, although I didn’t mind. I mean, I lived in the ‘whore house’, or at least that’s what I liked to call it. This house offered a home to wayward kids who had run away from their parents. As long as the kid was either already good looking, or was close to it.

“How dare you, I’ll have you know that I don’t even wear makeup during work,” she told me as she casually sat down beside me on my bed. “Unlike some people,” she pointed to me and wriggled her eyebrows.

I just smiled and rolled my eyes, pushing my hair out of my face. “At least I’m cute,” I say in reply which resulted in her shoving me lightly and us both laughing. I leaned over and rolled out of bed, only wearing shorts and a black tank top.

“But you know what we both are?” She said as she got up and I noticed she was wearing her morning workout gear and her hair was tied back into a tight bun. “SLUTS!” She yelled out which received numerous hollering and cat calls from the rooms around us. I nodded in agreement before I went over to the closet and put on my workout outfit as well. We were required to go for an hour workout everyday.

I turned around and walked over to her, slipping my arm through hers to create a link with our arms. “Ready to go to the KK?” I ask, referring to Krispy Kreme shop that was about a mile from the whore house. We usually spent our hour running there to get donuts and running back.

“You know it, every Asian needs a bit of donut in her life,” she told me and I just shook my head and laughed lightly at her before walking with her out of our room. Standing outside of our room was one of our good friends, Zac. He, just like us, has on his own workout outfit and followed us as we made our way downstairs.

’Good morning, my lovely ladies,” he greeted and we waved to him as our greeting. “Are we going to head to the KK-” he was cut off by our boss and friend, John as he came over to us.

“Ah, just the three I wanted to see,” he said and smiled to us, more to Zac. We all knew that John was gay and it was fun seeing him hit on the males here in the prostitution business. “As you all know, high schools just let out the students. I’m sure you all know what that means,” he nodded to us and we nodded our heads.

We definitely knew what that meant.

“Okay, I’m partnering you three up tonight in ‘Lucky’s Bar’ down the street, Zac you’re the bartender for the night,” he says and turns, mumbling back to us, “and be safe please ladies.” Despite his obvious greed in money, he was protective of us like his family. He made us partner up when going out to places so that no one would be harassed or taken advantage of. He was a nice guy.

“Time for KK.” I say, replying to Zac’s message that he had been trying to say before and soon we were all walking towards the front door again.

-June 3rd, Friday, 9:46 pm-

As Gina opened the large bar doors, as the mumbled music from inside became louder and the smell of sweat and alcohol filled my senses. It smelt normal to me, almost homely. “I’m headed to the dance floor, E.” She told me over the loud music before she was gone.

I looked inside to the bar and saw that Zac was already working, in his cute little completely black suit. He was talking to a man that was sat at the bar, but by the look on Zac’s face the guy seemed to be getting on his nerves. I only saw the back of the man and it looked like the man was tensing up as well, I was able to see the muscles in his back flex through his white dress shirt. Somehow it attracted me.

Pushing that aside, I made my way over to the bar, taking a seat next to the man. I could calm Zac down as well as maybe get some money off of this guy. It was a win / win issue. “Hello, may I have a coke?” I tell Zac in a polite and innocent tone, sending him a wink. Men liked it when the girls they were hooking up with were innocent. So, I was going to innocent the fuck out of the guy beside.

“Coming right up,” Zac said in a reply before turning and began making me a drink. Beside me the man invertebrates in a growl, or a grumble of some sort. I furrow my eyebrows slightly as I look to the man and freeze in my spot.

Even in the dimly lit area of the bar, his face showed how handsome he was. His face was molded nearly perfectly, his jawline sharp enough to cut. His eyes were a light brown with golden flecks in them. They resembled the embers in a fire. His dark hair only looked perfectly styled and ready to be messed up. I wanted to be the one to mess it up.

Catching me staring, he turns to look at me as well, his eyes darkening a bit. It was probably my imagination. His mouth fell slightly agaze and I knew that he liked what he saw. He cleared his throat and bit his lower lip which was so incredibly hot. “Hey, I’m Bently.”

I blink slightly, hoping the shiver that ran down my back didn’t show. His voice was so low and deep. It was so sexy. I licked my lips and nodded. “I-I’m Evangeline.” I stuttered out, trying to act like the innocent girl most men wanted. I wanted to facepalm as I realized I had given my real name. We were supposed to give fake names away instead. Pushin that aside, I try to move on from that. “Do you come here often, B-Bentley?”

I’m not sure if I saw it correctly, but I swear I could see him shiver a bit. I wonder if it was from the way I spoke. Or maybe it’s how I said his name so sexily. I had practically moaned it out quietly.

“Here’s your drink ma’am,” I looked up to Zac, seeing him giving me alert and wide eyes. He noticed that I gave this guy my real name. I went to grab my drink, but he pulled it back. “Actually, I’m sorry miss, you look a bit too young. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” He said to me before grabbing my coke and dumping it out before he began to wash the glass out.

I stared at the back of him with wide eyes and my mouth wide open. This had never happened before. Just because I gave this guy my real name? I guess it was risky, but still. I furrow my eyebrows and was about to tell him I was definitely over the drinking age before Bentley stopped me.

“This place is kind of dull anyway. Wanna walk with me out?” He said to me, obviously seeing I wasn’t going to leave without a fight. I looked over to him, seeing he now faced his body towards me, moving out of his seat.

I composed myself and nodded slowly as I moved to stand up as well. “Sure.”

-June 3rd, Friday 10:12pm-

“This is my room.”

We stood in front of the hotel that John had paid for for the night for me to stay in. Gina and Zac probably had rooms close by if they ever got laid. I turned to Bentley and gave him a small smile. He seemed like a nice guy. A very nice guy. My eyes only glanced to his well-made chest, but I knew he noticed because he had a smirk on his lips.

“It was nice meeting you, Evangeline. Here is my number so that we can hang out-” No, no, no, this was not how it was supposed to go. Most men are already offering themselves inside, but he is offering to meet up again?

Cutting him off, I lean up and press my lips to his, bringing my hands up and running them through his hair. I pulled my lips away from the kiss before he could react and my body was practically buzzing. He tasted amazing and his vanilla scent wafted over me. It was amazing. I looked up into his eyes, making mine wide and innocent. “Don’t you want to come in?”

The question had just barely made it out of my mouth before he had me pinned against the door and was hungrily kissing at my lips. I didn’t hesitate at all, moving one of my hands to the nape of his neck and the other to unlock the door. Once it was unlocked, I pulled away from the kiss and pulled him inside with me before closing the door.

He kissed me again, even more passionately than the one before and I returned it eagerly, my hand going to his chest to unbutton his shirt. “You are so fucking gorgeous.” He growled out as I finally got it unbuttoned and began running my hands up and down his chest. “Your turn.” He said as he began to take off my shirt.

I pulled away, noticing his lips were swelled up from the kiss. It turned me on even more. I shook my head at him, my hands moving my own shirt. “No, you don’t have to. I’ll strip for ya.”

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