The girl and the werewolf

By Aleecia lover All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi


1 17 teen year old human girl 1 17 year old male werewolf. how will it end for them. James becomes alpha soon and is waiting to find his mate but what happens when he already has and cant stop thinking about her. Emma is in a bad family she cant wait till collage but will she ever make it her crush is so close to her. she sees him with every girl that comes his way fuckboy of the year. will she be ok or not read to find out

chapter 1


I wakeup from a horrible dream and sigh knowing I have to leave for school soon. My foster parents don’t really care about me so I’m basically there slave. “Emma get in here now” my foster mom yells. leaving this place will be a dream come true I’ve been here for almost 4years. “yes mama what can I do for you” I say with a fake smile. “Drive Ella and Abby to school” my foster mom tells me I’ve learned to not disobey.

(on the way to the high school)

“why do you have to dive us when we get to school drop us off then leave and come back in 15 minutes and go in school” Ella said. I dropped off the girls and was about to leave when a boy got in the car and told me to drive so I did. “uh where am I driving to” I ask. he didn’t even move so I brought him to my house because I don’t live in the same house as my foster family. He looks at me funny when I pull up and stop the car. “look I don’t know who you are but follow me to my house this is my foster family’s mine is in the back” I told him he didn’t even look at me just followed me. who is this dude I think. “To answer your question I’m James” he says. how did he know what I was thinking.


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