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Anna Lee is a 23 years old woman, graduated from University with a Mass Comm degree and is currently working at a bakery as a part timer. She is trying her best to work hard and save as much money as possible to survive in the city and she is currently living with her best friend and a well-known model, Lacy Hudson. Luca, Xavier, Stefan Heinrich are not ordinary men. They are the one of the most famous billionaires in the world, having their own company Heinrich Inc. and owning chains of successful businesses around the world at the age of 26, 27 and 28. They have everything they want; fame, money, luxuries and girls who would worship them. However, what they do not have is a girl they can love, a girl who would be with them without demanding for expensive materials but be there for them. What happens if they cross paths? Read to find out.

Chapter 1

Anna’s P.O.V

The scenery of the park gives a sense of serenity with the luscious trees and flowers surrounding me. I sit at a bench that is provided in front of the pond and I watch the ducks swimming on the water calmly.

Kids are playing happily at the playground while their parents either watch them quietly or striking a conversation with each other, a few adults are exercising around the park, ice cream vendors are selling ice cream to everyone and there are a few people who are enjoying the view of the park like me.

I have finished my job at the Golden Dust bakery which is 10 minutes walk away from here. I did not want to go home yet so I decided to take a breather. I sigh quietly as I watch people feeding the ducks and all of the sudden, my phone vibrates.

I look at the caller and see it is my best friend, Jennie. I quickly pick up as I will be murdered if I ever ignore her calls. “Yes woman?” I answer and she immediately jumps straight to whatever she wants to say without greeting me. “I have some good news girl. Apparently the Heinrich brothers are here in town and they are here for the opening ceremony of their new businesses.”

Heinrich brothers, also known as Luca, Stefan and Xavier, are one of the most well-known multi-billionaires around the world. They own different types of businesses; from transportation to technology and more. They basically are very successful and you know every men wants to be them while women who would willing to die for them.

I nod while listening to her blabbing about the men. “Oh and I heard that they are about 30 minutes away from us and they are going to have an event celebrating their opening of business so we are going to-” I cut her off.

“No we are not going to do whatever stupid stuff you are planning. I don’t want to end up in prison.” I tell her off. I look at my watch and it is already 6:30 pm. I stand up, holding my bag and walk out of the park. “Please- wait dinner at Rose-gold restaurant tonight at 7:30 pm. I’ll tell you everything there.” She ends the call.

I sigh before walking back towards my home. Fortunately, this is a safe neighbourhood so there are less worries when walking in the dark. The security is very tight so no one dares to do a crime here. I enter my small home and lock the door before throwing myself onto the couch. I quickly walk upstairs to get ready for the dinner tonight.


“Hey!” Jennie screams from the inside of her car as she sees me walking out of my house. “Hey sis.” I greet her while climbing in and she pulls away from the driveway. “So I have a lot of information about the brothers.” And she keeps blabbing non stop until we reach our destination.

“Here we are.” She pulls towards an empty parking spot and we quickly climb out of the car. We walk towards the entrance and host opens the door for us. We thank him and a waitress begins to guide us to an empty table. Chatters fill the room as the waitresses or waiters getting orders from customers, people chatting with each other.

We flip through the menu and quickly order our meals before Jennie dives deep into her topic. “So do you still remember about the event the brothers are going to have for their business? Well apparently they are having it at a big ass yatch and they are going to invite all business men and women around the town.”

As she is talking non stop, my bladder feels like it’s about to explode so I stop her. “Wait, I need to go to the washroom. You can talk later.” She nods and I quickly grab my bag and walk towards the washroom. After I’m done, I walk out of the washroom and back towards the table.

Jennie is sitting there with eyes wide open with her hands over her mouth. The people around me begin whispering and looking towards the VIP rooms which is above us. “What happened?” I ask her and she begins to scream silently.

“Oh my god the brothers are here. You missed it.” She squeals silently. “Oh wow.” I nod at her and a waiter approaches us to serve our food. “Holy shit. They are so perfect like imagine them fucking you.” I look at her weirdly while eating my fries.

“What the-” I say and she smirks at me. “Uh hello?? With their perfect size muscular body and prominent abs, who wouldn’t imagine of them fucking you? I bet their dicks are huge too.” I choke on my food.

“Shut up and eat.” I laugh at her and we continue to eat. “I can’t believe you had actually missed the brothers walking into the restaurant. “Hmm yeah I did but so what?” I say and she looks at me with disbelief. “Uh hello?? They are basically celebrities.” She exclaims.

“Yeah I know but do you think they are going to remember you for the rest of their lives?” She glares at me. “Don’t ruin my mood.” I smile at her sheepishly. “Right sorry. I’ll let you gloat.”

“Wow. The food is delicious.” She burps as we walk out of the restaurant. “Yeah I know and it’s reasonable too.” I agree with her as we walk across the street to her car. “Wait I’m too full. Can we stand for awhile before getting in?” I nod and we begin chilling around her car.

What we did not notice is that three pairs of eyes are staring at us from the upstairs of the restaurant; well, more like staring at me as I walk around the car. “She’s so cute.” He murmurs and the brothers agree as they continue to watch my actions. “Who is she?” Another brother asks and they shrug.


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