Forever Yours

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


After the deaths of hundreds, being immortal is no picnic especially when you have to watch your loves one dies, that is until she meets Samuel Forrest. Will she follow her heart and possibly thinking she'll make the same mistake or will she let him be happy without her. But fate always has its way when two people are meant to be together. Suddenly a blast from the past wants her, all of her even if it means killing her. Someone who had loved her just as much as she loved another. -Sequel to Finding you

Chapter 1-The Beginning of an End

“Find him...” He growled to his people.

Everyone he saw, they were shivering and never in their lives have they been so damn cold.

Actually cold is an understatement, they were freezing. Nothing but white powder covered the ground as their foot steps were like walking on soft marshmallows.

Hardly the case however. Things were jagged with a lot of rocks and mountain tops.

If they weren’t careful one wrong trip and they’d go tumbling down the hill.

Being fifteen thousand feet above ground is not helping. The air up here is thick and the altitude is not working in their favor trying to breath. The cold wind were like sharp needles prickling their skin and yet here they are trying to get over to the other side.

“But sir...we have looked everywhere, if we do not leave now, we will loose more of our kind.” A man trembled. And it wasn’t from the fact that their leader was angry, no, it was the fact that he could no longer feel his hands and feet.

“I don’t son is missing and you will do damn well to find him now. Search the whole fucking entire mountain.”

The people, his people were starting to loose hope. Hope for their families, especially their children. “Sir,” Another man tried, “What about your daughter,” he gazed at the little girl who was shivering in his hands. Her face turning blue and her mouth pale.

The man sighed, no matter how much he loved his kids he couldn’t let his people, his daughter suffer. They had to get off this damn mountain. But could he leave his son behind?

“I don’t care, she will be fine,” he took of his coat and placed it over his daughter. “I want my son...”

“If we do not leave now they will find us, is that what you want?” A female yelled over the sound of the whispering chills of wind. “We love your son but if we do not get off this mountain, they will find us and it will be the end of us. Do you understand me? Your son is a strong brave boy, I am sure he made it down the mountain.”

The man thought and thought. His son is indeed brave at his age and smart too. “Fine, let’s move.” Not another minute longer they began once again their trail towards the other side of the mountain hoping to find a new home.


A boy just bellow the summit cried not in fear that he was lost, not because he was separated but because he was forgotten. Was he forgotten?

His fingers were numb and he couldn’t feel his legs, he sobbed.

“Boy why are you crying?”

In the midst of all the cold air he looked up to see a woman peering down at him. The sun had overcast her face but when she had bent down she smiled at him.

A woman who he thought was so damn beautiful in his eyes.

“ cold.” He shivered, cold wispy wind leaving his breath.

“Well no wonder you are cold you are sitting in a pile of white snow.” Gently picking him up, she dusted the snow off of him then began shaking his arms and legs. “Better.”

He smiled but wonder what kind of woman is walking on this mountain where the only thing you could feel are the icicles on your face. And to top if off she was only in a thin white dress with a lace trimmed and diamond beads and a white scarf around her neck.

“Come.” She held his hands to which he hesitated yet took. Not much warmth when he had held her hand, they were cold as ice. He just stared at her mesmerize but such beauty and elegance. How can someone poses such attributes he had thought. Even in his village no one can compare to her looks an appearance.

“I...I can’t feel my legs.”

“It’s okay, I’ll carry you.” She chuckled before lifting him up and placed him on her back. His tiny arms instantly wrapped around her neck and his legs around her upper body, “Hold on tight.”

While she carried him, he leaned his head against her back as they continue to climb the mountain together. “How old are you?” She asked curiously but more so to keep him awake and talking. She could feel he was tired and sleepy. In this kind of weather you could fall asleep and never wake up.

“Seven.” He answer cutely.

“My, my, you’re seven. You must be a big and brave boy to wonder yourself out here.” He could feel her slightly amuse to know a child alone in this place and without his people.

“You talk funny.” He laughed.

It’s true, she has been known to talk with an accent. Every once in a while though she is able to hide her accent. But seeing today, she decided not too. “Very observant aren’t you.”

“And you are as white as the snow.” That was true. If he hadn’t known he would’ve thought that she was a snow woman. Not only that her eyes were like ocean blue, very pretty he thought even if he only got a glimpse of it but he would, no, could not forget those eyes. Just for a split second he had stared into her, he felt at home for some strange reason.

The woman laughed at his observation with a hum.

“I’m really cold.” He repeated. She had to do something for fear that this boy might not make it through the night.

Setting him down she removed her scarf and wrapped it around him, “But what about you, won’t you be cold?”

Smiling for his concern, “I am used to it.” Looking around her ears had picked up a nearby goat. What is a goat doing on this mountain top she had wondered before looking back at the boy. None the less it was her lucky day.

As if an idea had struck her, she lead the boy to a nearby rock trying to shield him from the harsh winds. “Wait here and close your eyes.”

The young boy looked up at her seeming what she was going to do. Was she going to leave him there? Possible to die frozen today. “No don’t leave me.” He latched himself onto her leg.

Bending down to his height, her red lips smiled as she had patted her head. “I won’t leave you. I will never leave you, now close your eyes and no peaking.”

Though he was afraid, he did as she said.

The woman left him there and every once in a while she would look back to see if the boy was still there doing as she says and he was.

Curious as he was, he had slightly opened his eyes trying to look around. Unfortunately his vision was blurred by the thick snowy fog.

He had waited and waited, the wind even more colder than before. His feet had hurt so he had leaned back on the rock. His breathing becoming harder as his teeth where now chattering.

Light foot steps began to march towards him making him frightened even more. “Hello, um lady.” He called but all he could hear were the sounds of the bickering wind.

A shadow came forth making him falter back until he seen that red ruby smile playing on her lips. He smiled watching the lady before him wrapped him up in a nice fur coat. Of course it had smelt bad but it was surprisingly warm.

Where had she got such coat but he didn’t ask. “What about you? We can share.”

“I got this for you?” Got this for me? He wondered where have she had gotten it. Was there a store up here nearby. “Come we shall go?”

Once again he was riding her back and he was now warm. “Are you not tired and cold?”

“No, I am always cold so this cold is nothing to me and I need the exercise.” She joked.

Makes him wonder what she was doing up here in the first place. No other people would be caught dead up here. So why was she up here? After all he knew what he was doing there. He was with his group, his pack but he fell behind and lost them.

He had remembered them, wondering if they were looking for him. Remembering how they ended up here. They were running. Running from who exactly? All he knew is his people trying to rebuild their community.

Until they came. They had hunted them like animals, tested on them even. Most of them were never heard from again. Who were they, he had thought. He did however miss his home.

Now there was no home to go back too.

“You are quiet my young friend, what are you thinking about?” She interrupted his mind thoughts listening to him breath.

“I was just thinking if I am going to see my family again.”

“Of course you will.”

“And you will help me get to them?”

Nodding her head she answered, “I will bring you home.” Her voice was like a soft melody playing, it was nice to hear, and wondered if she could sing too because he could listen to her talk all day.

She could feel him smile, his happiness know no bounds. Feeling him, his fingers, his touch, to her in felt euphoric and bliss. She wouldn’t tell him that now. What would he think if he knew what she had thought.

The young boy felt her stop, “Why have we stop?”

She didn’t speak no word, instead fear had crawled up her spine. Not fear for herself but fear for the young boy as dark clouds began to shadow over them and the wind howling even more as white powder was now flying. “We must seek shelter.”

Confused and conflicted, has she broken his promise to take him home, “Why, my family will be worried for me.”

Setting him back down she stared at him in the eyes then pointed, “Those dark clouds will soon be upon us and if we do not take shelter now we will be caught in the middle of a snow storm.”

This had worried him. What about his people, his father, sister? Will they too be caught in the snow storm. Will they make it out alive? Will he ever see them again?

“Don’t worry my child, they will be just fine?” As if she was reading his mind, she answered.

Pulling him away, they had come to a crevice in the mountain and both woman and child made their way in.

Using the coat she had given him, she was able to create a blockage so that now chilling wind can’t pass them.

Both sitting down, waiting for the storm to pass and all that could be heard were the sounds of howling.

Once again the boy shivered. “Are you still cold?”

He nodded his head timidly. “Come.”

Standing up he stepped a few inches closer to her before taking a seat next to her. She had instantly wrapped her arms around him shielding him from the harsh cruel winds.

He knew at that moment she would protect him, he felt protected, he felt safe but more importantly he felt her warmth even though her whole body was icy cold, he felt the need to be by her side.

“What’s your name?” His eyes now getting droopy.

“Are you sleepy my child?” She cooed, his eyes where in deed trying to stay awake but he felt comfortable in her arms.

“My name is Samuel Edmundo Fredrick Forrest.”

That is a long name she chuckled, “But...” he yawned trying to finish his sentence, “You can call me Seff.”

“My name is Amerie.” She mumbled the last words in hopes he had heard it before his eyes had closed shut for the night.

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