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"I'm gonna give you five seconds- exactly five fucking seconds- to wipe that stupid- looking smirk off your face or I will squeeze out your eyeball and put yourself into a coma." Aiden's voice was dangerously low, hard as ice making shivers appear everywhere on my body. Rage filled his voice that a person from miles away could feel the vibration of rage. "If I find out that you have put a fucking finger on her, I'm going to slit you open, strangle you with your own guts and splash you around like a puddle." Aiden squeezed his neck tighter, making Tucker gasp for air and his face turning blue, just like his shirt. Aiden gritted his teeth as he smashed Tucker's head into the stone wall, hearing his head crack. Aiden brought Tucker's bruised face closer to his, whispered in a deep, hard voice filled with rage, making me gulp. "Keep your eyes open, firefuck. Keep you ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I will find you and destroy you for what you've done. I gonna burn you and your stupid fuckin' gang to the ground." "...and that's a fucking promise." ___ Aiden Martinez. The schools bad boy. A walking time bomb, ready to explode on fuckers that cannot seem to mind their own fucking business. He doesn't care about anything because no one taught him how to. Although everyone finds him attractive and his reputation makes girls swoon over him, turning into a pile of goo right in front of him. Too bad he only has his eyes for one girl. A secret, he has never told anyone. He has a crush on the schools sweet, innocent little nerd. The one and only Mia Jones. WARNING: This book contains some possessive, controlling men and violent language. (SLOW UPDATES)



Aiden has always been a stubborn boy. Even when he was little he wanted to have his ways and when he wants something, he gets it. He doesn't care if people get hurt on the way, only if he gets want he wants, then he's happy.

All his life, from baby to teenager, he had been ruling over everything, making people bow their heads at him when he walks past them. Aiden always smirks at the way people fear him, making him feel like the king.

He is the king

He has always been the king.

He has always had girls go down on their knees and begged him to love them. But he doesn't give a shit about them. It has always been one night stand or a quick fuck and then moved on with the next one.

This kept repeating to sophomore year when his eyes captured a beautiful, sweet innocent little girl. The way Aiden was leaning against the lockers and watched the girl walk passed his made his knees go weak. Her light brown shoulder hair that bounced and the way her body moved when she took a new step forward.

Damn. He loved that.

Every time he sees her walk past him, it feels like his world stops and it feels like it is only him and her. It never seems like she noticed him but she did.

Every time she walks past him her heart starting to flutter and it feels like she is going to trip every time she walks past him. Thank you, she never did. Sometimes she catches his gaze on her and she usually shooting him a tiny smile that makes his heart beats faster. Something that only happens when she's there.

His love for her grew every day and he watched her every Monday and Wednesday at 10 when she walks past him as he stands by his locker. He never had the courage to talk to her. Something that never happens. He can talk to whoever he wants whenever he wants. But her. That a different story.

He has only talked to her twice. Both when he asked for a pencil and she gave him one. He always 'accidentally' brushed his fingers against her only to feel sparks and the way she blushed every time he did that made him feel ten times better. He always takes his time to look into her ocean blue eyes that hypnotized his brown hazelnut ones. Little did he know that she felt exactly the same.

It went a year. From sophomore to junior. He never knew her name but he wanted to know badly. He never asked anyone because that would seem desperate and he didn't want his friends to know because they would tease him every time he sees her. And his reputation? He's not afraid of that if you came to that conclusion. He's always going to have his reputation. No one can take that away from him.

But one day he decided to know her name. And with that, he turned around in his chair and met her ocean blue eyes.

"Can I borrow your pen again?" He asked, nervous about her answer. But it slowly disappeared when she answered.

"Of course!" She lighted up. She never said no to him which made him happy. She took her pen in her hand and gave it to Aiden.

"Thanks..." He drifted off to make it look like he wanted a name. She confused looked at him but later understood what he meant.


That was the first time he heard her name. As he thought he already had the biggest crush on her, it became even bigger when he got her name.

He wanted to have her so badly. He wanted Mia as his. Claim her. But he hasn't done that, not yet. He's waiting for the right moment.

Of course, there are boys that looked at her. That's normal but in Aiden's eyes, it was in the wrong way. They looked at her like a lollipop they could lick, something Aiden hates.

One time he caught a boy staring at her ass making Aiden punch the guy in the face and threatened him to never look at her again. Which the boy never did again.

Did this only happen one time? Of course not. This happened a lot. But Aiden made it clear. After a guy asked her out he lost it. It got to the point that he almost killed the guy and his friends needed to rip Aiden away from the guy. All Aiden saw was red. And with that, he made it very, very clear for everyone how dared to have any contact with Mia.

Do not look at her.

Do not touch her.

Do not speak to her, (only if it is necessary.)

That's what he said. And of course, they obeyed which made Aiden smirk in the victory. And no, Mia never knew about this. Aiden made it very clear to have Mia unnoticed about what had happened.

Everyone now knows that she belongs to him.

Only him. No one else.

He wanted to be her first kiss, first love, first everything. And he is going to get it. He's only waiting for the time. The right time.

Junior year went to its end and soon starts the senior year where their story begins.

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