Make my Mark

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Romance / Drama


Live Love/Hate then Die. But what if you're tired of living? I was tired. So tired of being thrown around. My life has been hard from the start. Nobody cared or loved me. After all, I thought I was just another thing that comes and goes. That I'd never make my mark on the world because I'm not worthy. But something changed. People began to notice. Things began to take a new form. I look at the world with a new feeling. A feeling that I haven't felt in a long time. I'm hopeful, and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to make my mark. I look back at what led me to be where I am today and I'm happy. Then those two brothers came and changed my way of life for the good or for the worst. I can't tell yet but what I do know is that I can finally make my mark. I can show the world who I am through those famous brothers. I can accomplish my goal. I'm ready. I'm excited. Its time I make my mark.


20 years ago

I skip around, jumping into every puddle I could spot with my new rain boots. I quickly run in front of my mom where another puddle sits waiting for me to jump into it. I take a huge leap and t into it. Water goes flying everywhere where some lands on my mom, wetting her clothes and face. “Zoe,” she growls and I look down. I kick the puddle softly while choking out an apology.

“I-I’m sorry mommy,” I mumble, looking up at her. She rolls her eyes, shaking her head in disappointment and walks around me. I spin around and follow her. “Mommy where are we going??” I ask smiling. I try to grab her hand but she moves it away from me. ” To a bus stop,” she grumbles and I gasp. “Oh like the magic school bus!!?” I clap my hands squeal.

A stranger glares at me and my mom rolls her eyes once more. “Could you be quiet!?” She snaps and I close my mouth immediately. I walk beside her without holding her hand even though that’s what I ache to do. My hand feels so lonely. I sigh and look around. So many people are walking the opposite way of where we’re going. I wonder where life is taking them.

“It has been two years and they have finally come across a bus stop!” I lower my voice so I can sound like a narrator. “What will they do now? Find out in the next episode of the Twilight Zone!” I say confidently and giggle some more. My mom sits down on the bench and I sit right next to her. It begins to rain and I smile. “Rain rain go away come again another day!!” I chant those words over and over again but it doesn’t work.

So many strangers sit at this bus time. I feel the need to say hi to every single one of them but mommy may get angry if I do. ” Hey hun, I’m going to go get a incecream cone for you okay?!” she turns to me and smiles. I smile in return and hug her. “Yes please!” I giggle and she gets up.“Okay, stay put. Mommy will be right back,” and with that she gets up and leaves. I watch her walk away smiling, but then something changes.

I don’t want to be alone. “Mommy?!” I call out for her, but her pace quickens. Fear slowly begins to seep in. “M-mommy?” I stare at her as she runs away. I hear the bus park in front of me and the mumbling of the strangers as the get on, but that’s not my main focus. I get up and start to run after her. “Mommy!” I cry but it was too late.

Mommy was lost in the crowd of people and I became lost as well. Everyone ignored me, the crying 5 year old with no mommy or daddy with them. I keep walking forward until I spot an ice cream shop. My eyes light up and fill with hope. Mom must be in there! I take off running bumping and crashing into people. “I’m sorry!” I would yell out each time I would graze a person. I suddenly skid to a stop when I realize it would be so much easier to just cross the streets.

In between the streets is grass so I think I have a chance! I run across the first street and make it to the middle where the moist grass welcomes me, but then I hear someone yelling and I turn around. A bunch of strangers are yelling at me, but why? “Get off the street!!” I heard someone yell and I frown. So many people have their phones out but why? ” I want my mommy!!” I yell back to them and begin to run once more then I hear a car honk. I stop turn around and my eyes widen.

A scream escapes me before I see nothing but black.“Oh my gosh is she okay??” I hear someone say. “Call the ambulance!” A man yells. I open my eyes a little to see a crowd of people. Then I close them again.

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