Savage Little Nerd

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The same cliche story of a nerd and jock falling in love. But what happens when the nerd turns out to be a boy that doesn't take shit from anybody and plays hard to get. And the jock a little too trusting. ⬇️⬇️Sneak peak⬇️⬇️ "Fine, we will do the project together." He said throwing his hands in the air, as he surrendered. I just smirked with my victory. "But in one condition; we do it outside the school. I don't want people knowing I'm hanging out with you." He said giving me a disgusted look. "Don't worry, I don't want people knowing I'm hanging out with a dumbass either." I snapped back. "Listen here you." He said while grabbing my collar. "Your little mouth is going to get you in trouble someday." He said between gritted teeth. "I'm sorry, my mouth can't control itself when it's presented to stupidity as low as yours," I said with a smirk crafted on my face. His face turned red and you could see a small vein pop out of his empty head. .......... Find out what happens next.

Chapter 1: New School

Run! Run! Run!

I ran from my house to the school, thank God it was only 5 blocks away. I ran through the new neighborhood; the birds were singing, the wind was hitting my face lightly, and the dogs were barking. It was truly a nice neighborhood to live in. But I can’t stop to look at the new scenario; I’m late for my first day of class in a new school.

I can’t believe that the first day of my new school I overslept. Like how can I be so stupid! This is what happens when I start watching the first season of Stranger Things; like I just started with one and I couldn’t stop!

Don’t start a new series on Netflix if you haven’t watched it kids. It could turn out interesting and you would want to watch the whole season.

I told myself I will stop every time I started a new episode; and when the episode finished, I said this will be the last one. As you could see how I’m rushing right now..... It wasn’t the last one.

When I stopped it was already 3:00 am. And I’m all to blame, even though the series was very entertaining..... I blame the entertaining series.

I also blame the alarm clock; I forgot to turn it on. I’m telling you it should turn on automatically; and my mom didn’t even try to wake me up. When she first saw me it was just to tell me to behave, and then she left the house; like I know, I still have a reputation as a straight A student to maintain. I will just try not to talk back to the students (notice the key word “try” ).

It’s just, if they come up on me and start saying crap about how I should do their homework and projects, etc; how do you believe I will stay quiet with that bullshit! Like the fuck no you trick ass Bitch! Do it yourself.

I glanced on my wrist watch when I was finally in front of my first period class, 8:25am.

Shit, the first day and I’m already late. And I really didn’t want to grab attention. I need to come up with an excuse, and quick’. I thought while opening the door. All eyes were on me when I entered the classroom, I really didn’t like it. ‘I got it’; I thought as I came up with the perfect excuse.

“And who are you and why did you show up late to my class?” Asked the somewhat bald teacher, I really didn’t like his attitude, but I need to respect him because I am the one at fault coming late on my first day.

“Hello sir, my name is Hunter Green and I’m a new student. I’m sorry for my tardiness, but you see it’s just I got lost on the way here and when I was close by I noticed an injured animal and I needed to attend to his wounds, you see; I just couldn’t leave the puppy suffering.” I said as I made my perfect “sad” face. “This will be the first and the last time you will see me late to your class, but please sir I ask for your forgiveness.” I told the teacher, while there were some “aww” from the background, I figured it was the girls, even the teacher awed a bit. I know that was a bit dramatic, but half of it is true; I did see a puppy along the way, but it wasn’t injured, it was just separated from its mother.

“Okay Mr. Green, I will forgive you just this once, but you got to promise me that you will stop coming late.” The teacher said while looking at the board, I noticed a small tear come out of his eye but he quickly brushed it away. ′Wow, did I really move him that much?′ I thought, it was more a statement then a question.

" I promise you sir”. I said giving him a small smile; while in my head I cheered with joy for him buying my slightly over dramatic lie.

“Well like you came late would you like to introduce yourself to the class.”

Crap! I hate doing introductions. It’s just, why would I introduce myself to people I don’t even want to interact with.

“Of course”, I said with a smile and headed in the middle of the class. ” My name as you already heard is Hunter Green, I recently moved here for personal reasons. I’m 17 years old, and I love animals and food” I said with a smile. “I hope we could get along”; I said as I smiled. I don’t really mean that, but I need to seem nice, right?

“Are you single?” A girl kinda yelled from the back.

“Yes, but I’m not interested to be in a relationship right now. I need to concentrate on my studies.” I said to her, I heard a few sighs of disappointment in the classroom.

“What a nerd!” A guy yelled from the back. His words slightly made me flinch and made the class chuckle a bit.

‘Control yourself Hunter, you promised mom that you wouldn’t talk back, before she left’. I thought, trying to calm myself down.

“Damien respect your new classmate, and that goes for all of you!” Said the teacher,

“It’s alright sir, I’m used to it. Let me just add this small comment.” I said to the teacher and he nodded. “People like him in reality only seek attention, because he doesn’t know how to seek it properly. In other words he’s just a clown trying to seek attention by saying incompetent words.” He looked at me in a confused look, while the class laughed. “In other words, you lack knowledge.” I said while the class laughed even harder.

“Look you son of a--”

“Damien I told you to calm yourself!” The teacher yelled at him. ” Now Mr. Green, I know you’re new here but it is not right to say those things, you hear?”

The fuck?! I was just defending myself.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry and I’m also sorry for you Damien” I said, obviously I was lying to Damien, I wasn’t sorry one bit.

“I forgive you. Now sit in the empty seat in the back, the one that’s next to the window. And Mr. Green just call me Mr. Johnson or teacher” he said.

“Yes Mr. Johnson” I said walking towards my new seat. Yes I’m sitting alone, thank the lord.

The so called “Damien” gave me a glare from the corner of his eye. I just shrugged off his look and paid attention to the class.

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