Billionaire love

By Miss_dreamyhead All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


"why? Why?" he yelled at me, "you married me." He was angry this time. He didn't want to get married but he had to. "I too can ask the same question." she back yelled him. "you destroy my peace." he said. "even you too." she said. He was businessman, so she was businesswomen. He didn't want to get married, so she didn't. He loved someone else, so she was in love before. But he didn't want someone to take his love except his love but she was broken. Broken in love. She didn't want to trust. She was strong and most importantly billionaire. Both were billionaire. They are plotted to marry. Will they can love each other? Will they get over with their past? And something new. To know more stay tuned.


He was searching something in room.

He was unable to find it.

"what do you want?" a voice asked.
He looked at the direction of voice. He found a girl whom he married one day ago.

"never your concern." he murmured and continue to search which he wanted.

She looked at him but didn't feel any hurt like typical novel stories.
Even she didn't care about him.
Like him she too didn't want to get married.

"look here, I am too not interested in talking with you but I feel you want this." she said again and he irritatedly looked at her and found a file which he was searching.

He moved in her direction to take the file but she backed her hand.

"what do I get by giving you this?" she said litting her eyebrow.
She was complete businesswomen.

The only funda she had was,"if you give then get the same worth of thing."

He got irritated and said, "just give me this file."
But she was hell stubborn in this matter.

They started to play pakda pakdai with each other.

They both landed on bed.
He was on the top of her.
They get lost in each other eyes.
He was looking at her plumpy lips.
He forgot everything in front of her.
He forgot that he never wanted to marry her.
He forgot that she was selfish.

She was too looking in his eyes.
When their lips were about to touch, they get back their senses.
They got up from each other.
Their was sense of awkwardness between each other.

He took the file from her and stormed outside.

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