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Where there's LOVE, there'll be Romance and Happiness as well as Fights and Tears. Definitely, there'll be Mistakes and Misunderstandings ultimately leading to Heartbreaks and Hatred. Love comes with a full package. There's no in between. It's not about just roses, it comes with thorns too. But one has to learn it the hard way because there's no other shortcut or safe or easy way to learn it. That's why its one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Isn't it? Unfortunately, Hera too learned it the hard way by falling for "the heartless bad boy". He was her Prince Charming. But his one mistake turned her love into hatred. She was meant to be his forever. But her hatred turned him into a heartless Villain. One misunderstanding led to heartbreaks. She doesn't want to be with him anymore. And, He doesn't want to let her go. Ever. It's a Love/Hate relationship between childhood Sweethearts who turned into archenemies by the time they reached adulthood.

Chapter 1

WARNING: It’s an unedited rough draft, still in the initial stages of the writing process. I literally write and post chapters on the spot. So please excuse grammatical errors.

PS. My Hero comes with a bit of negative shade.

He’s tired of pacing, and the wait was killing what little patience left in him. He stopped abruptly to listen to the cry, a cry of a newborn baby.

“Ah, finally!”

He exclaimed and rushed to the door. The door opened and the Doctor came out, wiping the sweat on his forehead.

“Congratulations, Mr. Hunter. The baby girl is absolutely healthy. Her mother is passed out right now, but she’ll be fine when she wakes up. All went well, I must say.”

Alexander Hunter grinned, thanking the Doctor.

“That’s a relief, Doc. Can I see the baby?”

He couldn’t stop grinning. His excitement clearly written on his face. The doctor informed that the baby is going through the cleaning process and will be brought to him in a few minutes. They agreed to spend those minutes in discussing the do’s and dont’s regarding the health of the mother and the baby. After finishing his talk with the Doctor, he asked his PA to settle the bill and to make sure everything about the baby is kept under wraps. No one should know that Mariana had a baby, nor its safe to let anyone know that Alexander Hunter is the legal guardian of this baby. Either way, the baby’s life will end up being subjected to danger. He’s surrounded by enemies in disguise. He ordered his security team to be on high alert.

When the nurse brought the baby to him, he couldn’t wait to take her in his arms.

He kissed the baby’s cheeks and forehead. The baby was so beautiful that he couldn’t take his eyes off. The little bundle of joy decided to open its eyes and his heart melted at the sight of most beautiful big forest green eyes. Joyful tears filled his eyes.

“Goodness! You’re beautiful, little one. And an exact replica of your father.”

He kissed both of her eyelids.

“Let’s go and meet your mama.”

He looked at one of his most trusted bodyguards signaling him to hold the baby. Mariana was still asleep when he entered her hospital room. Half of her face was covered with the strands of her brunette hair. He brushed away a few stray hairs from her face, tucking it behind her ear and cupped her cheek with his palm. He saw her eyelids fluttering and she opened her eyes. He smiled at her with pure affection.

“How are you feeling, Anna?”

She smiled, but looked too tired, her pale skin looked paler than usual.

“Want to meet your daughter? She’s beautiful, Anna. Thank you so much for bringing her into this world. Shall I bring her in?”

“No, Xander. I don’t want to see her. I’ve kept my promise. Now it’s your turn to keep yours. Please take her away from my life.”

He couldn’t believe what she’s saying.

“Don’t look so shocked, Xander. You very well knew I never wanted this baby. You didn’t let me have an abortion. I didn’t have any choice but to give birth to her. Now she’s all yours. You’ll be her sole legal guardian. I’m ready to hand over her full custody to you as I promised.”

Alexander Hunter shook his head in disbelief and disappointment.

“How can you be so heartless, Anna? She’s your own flesh and blood. You can’t abandon her just like that.”

He begged, but she looked away, refusing to meet eyes.

“I want to move on with my life, Xander. You can’t force me to be a part of her life. You wanted her and you get to keep her. I want nothing to do with her. I don’t want anything in my life that reminds me of her father. Let me go, Xander.”

“She needs her mother. Can’t you stay for at least two months?”

She smiled sadly. She couldn’t stop her tears from escaping her eyelids.

“Don’t worry, Xander. I’m sure your wife will raise her like her own. My daughter can’t get a better mother than your wife. I know my best friend, Xander. She’ll love her to the moon and back. I trust you and Felicity with my daughter’s life.”

“Where’ll you go, Anna? Is there anything I can do to make your life better?”

“I’m grateful to you and Felicity for what you’ve done for me. I don’t need anything else. I’m going home to my parents. Just keep your promise, Xander. Give her a nice life.”

Her determined tone confirmed that she’s made her decision. He nodded his head in understanding.

“My legal team is here. You’ll have to sign some papers before you go.”

She agreed.

“You have my word, Anna. I’ll protect her with my life. She’s my responsibility now.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Sure, Anna you don’t want to meet her? Don’t you want to see your daughter once?”

“I’m her mother, Xander. And I know, the moment I see her I’ll be compelled to change my decision. I don’t want that. Let me move on, Xander. Please.”

Her voice turned into a whisper and quivered in the end. He bent his head, kissing her forehead.

“Thank you for everything, Anna. I’ve settled the bill already. You’re free to go whenever you’re ready. Two of my bodyguards will accompany you until you reach home safely. Just remember, if you ever need anything in life I’m just a phone call away.”

With that promise made, he walked out of her room and out of her life.

He took the baby in his arms and her lips twitched in a tiny smile.

“You’re mine now my little angel. I’m naming you as Hera. Because that’s the name chosen for you by my Darling wife from the moment we learned that the baby in the Mariana’s womb is a girl. You know, Hera is a Greek Goddess. And the name is just perfect for you. You’re beautiful like a Goddess. My daughter, Hera Hunter."

He kissed her tiny lips. He remembered the day when Anna told him about her pregnancy. He begged her to keep the baby when she wanted to abort it. He’d promised her that day, if she agrees to give birth, then he’ll take all the responsibility of the child and she’ll be free to walk out. He bought a home for her in another country and paid a huge amount of money for the security team he hired for her safety. The Doctor and the nurses received a lump sum too.

But he never thought that Anna will abandon the baby as soon as she’s born. He was expecting her to breastfeed and take care of the baby like any other normal mother would’ve done. He prayed for her to accept the baby. But he can’t blame her. She deserves to be happy. She’s every right to move on.

He sighed and thought its time to think practically. He can’t control everyone’s life. It’s better to leave some things in the hands of fate. He looked at little Hera in his arms.

“You’ll have a happy, secure, safe life forever as, Alexander Hunter’s daughter. I promise to give you every happiness in the world Hera.”

His phone started to ring flashing his wife’s beautiful picture on the screen.

“What is my Queen”

His happy voice made her smile.

“Missing her King. When are you coming home?”

“On my way, Darling.”

He ended the call and looked at Hera.

“Let’s go home to our Felicity, little one. Your mom’s waiting.”

As Mariana said, Felicity, welcomed Hera with open arms.

“She’s beautiful, Alexander.”

“She’s yours to raise now. Anna doesn’t want to come with us. She’s going back to France.”

Felicity felt sad when she heard that Mariana refused to stay in her daughter’s life. She sat on the sofa, settling little Hera comfortably on her lap.

“She has the right to have a happy life too, Alexander. Especially after what all she went through. And don’t worry about this little one. We’ll raise her like our own. I already love her.”

She removed her platinum chain from her neck and put it on Hera’s neck. It has a heart pendant with “Felicity” written on it. It was a gift from her husband Alexander.

“Bless you, Hera. With all the happiness in the world. Welcome home, Sweetheart.”

That’s why Alexander Hunter keeps thanking God every day for bringing Felicity into his life. She’s his Felicity in every true sense. He kissed her lips passionately showering his love.

“Sydney is beautiful and all, but I want to go home, Alexander. I miss my little troublemaker.”

He smiled, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and kissed the side of her head lovingly.

“We’ll leave the day after tomorrow for New York.”

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