His Princess

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


My eyes scanning him from head to toe as he was now breathing erratically. He looked like he just got out of bed with his bed hair, his clothes all wrinkled and only the two top bottom was undone. His belt was not even clasps and he only had one shoe on. "Edward." I gasps rising from my chair as he ran to me embracing me. "Are you okay? You're not hurt in any way are you?" His voice laced with worry. Sniffing him, he smelt of something sweet even from his messy attire. What has he been doing? I had wondered. "I came here as fast as I could once I heard the news." He pants, his eyes scanning my entire body, flipping me around as he also scans my back side. If it were any other day I would've gush at his concern. However that's the least of my worries after all I'm not the one who was targeted. My thoughts were soon replace by fury. Slowly pushing him away I wanted to yell at him, scold him for not being there. Maybe if he was there then this wouldn't have happened. "Where were you?" Instead I had asked calmly. No point in getting angry. I already have a lot on my plate. "I was...uh..busy." He was busy? What can he possibly be doing that required his attention elsewhere


Helena (POV)

The streets were crowded with people, holding banners, leis, some were even shouting and cheering.

I of course walked silently to myself along with Leo. He follows me everywhere. Really. I mean if I just keep to myself then no one would know I am here let alone in a different country.

My foot steps became heavier as I made my way through, trying not to bump along the people that had blocked my path. Leo made sure I had a path to follow.

Father is just way too over protective ever since the passing of mother when I was very little.

Thankfully Leo was like an older brother though he could try and smile a bit more. I had told him if he frowns a whole lot, his face will start to sag. Didn’t happen though. Rather it was quite the opposite which was amusing because even though he is suppose to be keeping watch of me, these woman doesn’t hesitate to flaunt their body at him. Seriously, Leo wouldn’t even give any of them the time of day.

The sun was now setting as my sight caught on to a powerful predator stalking away from unwanted eyes.

Its eyes zooming on the prey before her, slowly ready to pounce on any movements that poses a threat. She was always there lurking beneath the shadows with eyes that glimmer in the dark.

None the less I kept my vision straight trying to find that one person who means so much to me.

“Leo? Have you seen him?”

Shaking his head he casted his eyes upon me, “No my lady.”

If only I could roll my eyes, I would. How many times have I told him to call me by a name that I shall respond to. “Leo, in here, in public its Elena.”

I quietly ordered only for him to bow his head in shame, “Excuse me my...” he stopped before going any further, “Elena.” The words had choked out of his mouth. I could tell he was uncomfortable calling me by that name but I was here discretely.

I do not wish to be hounded by unwanted attention.

“Congratulations Edward.” A high pitch voice was sounded causing me to turn my head.

Edward. That name all too familiar with me.

Turning my head to that sound my eyes lowered itself. I have found who I was looking for, Edward. A name I shall never forget.

Though his arms were wrapped around a tiny red head. There he was kissing, in public no less. Did he not care about public affections. I for one would not be caught kissing no less in public surrounded by cameras and the many eyes.

Would it be rude of me to interrupt? Holding out my hands, Leo had given me the box that was neatly gift wrapped. But the red head had offered him flowers and a lei to which he seemed happy. Flowers for a man? Maybe I should’ve bought him flowers instead?

I was never good with dealing with the opposite sex. In fact I never had friends that could meet my standards.

And even if I did, they seem to always laugh at whatever I was saying even if it wasn’t a joke. They’d laugh and mostly agree to what I had converse with.

But Edward or Eddie as I called him was different. In fact he was the only one who could argue with me and not be threaten by the consequences. My father thought to be amusing when he had won most of the battles.

With enough courage I walked up to the two couple who seem to be in their own world and stop short.

For the first time I wasn’t being notice. Maybe I should head back.

Debating seeing I could come back later, “Leo, let’s go.”

Leo gazed on me with sorrow as we had turned our backs.

“Elena!” The voice that I have wish to have heard in years called my name. It was deep and very bold.

Turning around, he pushed the red head out of his way to embrace me in a bone crushing hug twirling me around in the process. I couldn’t help but giggle.

The flowers he once held were now on the floor crush by his feet as the red head only glared at me from behind him.

Eddie was much taller than me, that I know. It has been years since I had last saw him and when I did, I could have sworn I was taller than him.

Since when did he have a sudden urge to grow.

Setting me down gently he smiled, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see your graduation.” I smiled then graze my finger on his chin which was sporting short stubble, “You’ve grown Eddie.”

He blushed. He had always blushed every time I called him Eddie. “You didn’t have to come? I know you are busy at home.”

“None sense, I had to...”

Before I could speak anymore the red head took his arm, “Eddie, who is this.” She scoffed at me.

Eddie? Did she just call him Eddie? I thought I was the only one to call him Eddie. My eyes however only caught sight of the arm that is now wrapped around his arms.

Eddie though took his arm back, “Bridget, I told you not to call me Eddie.” He scolded making me feel triumph in the process. I don’t know why though. Jealousy isn’t one of my emotions I should be feeling.

“But she just called you Eddie.” The red head scowled.

“Only Elena here is allowed to call me that.” Again I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud at my protege. Well not really but if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t have gone to this prestigious school. Not trying to take the credit here but I admit I am proud of myself that I have met him even if it was under the worse circumstances.

Rolling her eyes, the red head picked up the flowers, “Edward you dropped your flowers.”

I watch Edward take it trying or not to take it or so it seems. “Elena what do you have there.” His attention turned towards the box I was holding.

Trying to hid the box behind me, apparently I didn’t hid eit fast enough, maybe I could exchange it for flowers after all he seemed rather fond to get flowers.

“It’s nothing.” I attempted to divert his attention elsewhere, “Nice flowers.”

Eddie didn’t fall for my obvious trap though, instead he had instantly wrapped his arms around me, where Leo had almost acted upon it but he knew Eddie posed no threat to me whatsoever.

As I had felt his hand around me, my breathing had picked up and my heart exhilarated. I have never felt like this before.

He was towering over me and if you seen him from another perspective it would seem like he was going to eat me.

When I didn’t let go of the box, he tickled me. I couldn’t help but give a loud giggle.

Covering me mouth, he grabbed the box from me. What was that? Never have I been so unladylike to actually snort in public.

Once again the redhead had tried to push me away when Leo had grabbed her, “No one touches her.”

Thank you Leo. How dare she try to touch me. Who knows where here hands had been. Just then a small growl could be heard from afar.

Once again my attention turned to that of a shadowy like predator who began pacing back and forth debating whether or not to jump its prey.

He made the right choice by just merely observing.

“Let go of me.” She shrieked.

Nodding my head, Leo had let go of the screaming red head and pushed her aside.

Eddie however couldn’t be bothered. His full attention was on that tiny box he now held in his hands.

Opening it I wince at his reaction. Would he like it? Taking out its contents he only gazed in amazement, “Elena, this is, wow, you didn’t have to get me this. I mean you have done a lot for me as it is.”

My expression only befell. He hates it I knew it. Quickly taking it back, “Um...you don’t like it? I’ll get you something else.” My cheeks turned in embarrassment.

“That’s not it.” He spoke once again. His husky voice sending shivers done my spine. since when has his voice develop? I had most definitely missed the years that has done him good.

Not only that but his physics as well. Oh where had the shy skinny timid boy that I had grown accustom to go. No longer, his face had cleared up well, with his chiseled jaw, his nose pointed but a bit crooked I would assume from fights. Hopefully he had won them all, and his body sure screamed rock hard. Well I’m assuming underneath his graduation gown. I could only imagine.

Sure we had skyped and talk on the phone but this is the first time meeting him eye to eye. It is like a totally different atmosphere and a different person.

He would have told me everything from the parties to girls and even ask for some of my advice about girl related issues.

Granted I am a girl but hell what do I know about girl issues. My everyday consists of people telling me what to do, how to act, how to dress and where to go. Not once in my life have I ever made my own decisions. Though I had tried it was always deflected by my grandfather.

“Are you kidding.” Again the gift I was now holding was once again in his hands. “I love it.” His lips had formed the biggest smile as I watch him put it on his wrists. “It’s just I didn’t want you to spend so much on me. But this omega watch, I love it.” He continued to stare at the silver watch I had given him.

His eyes now shimmering in the night. Though we have not hang out on numerous occasions I do know his likes and dislike. I made it my job to know about him. Otherwise, what kind of person who doesn’t observe and be mindful of their surroundings would that make me.

“Excuse me.” The red head once again made herself known. I had almost forgot she was here.

“Edward aren’t you going to introduce us?” Again she only glared at me with a bouldering heat in her eyes.

If I had cared then I would be cowering at her feet. Alas I don’t.

“Ah yes.” In his ever so masculine voice I watch Edward put his arms around the red head. Why does this make my heart ache.

Not once have he spoke about a girl who he was involved with.

“Bridget, this is Elena my child hood friend, and Elena this is...” he hesitated. I could see the conflict in his eyes.

“His girlfriend.” The red head also known as Bridget answered.

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