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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 28 (The Blue room)

"Mmm..." I moaned against his soft lips, "If I could eat you up." I murmured and he smiled against my lips, causing me to giggle.

"Same here. You can bite me if you want." he chuckled lowly.

I broke our kiss and brought my lips closer to his neck, kissing softly, then I slightly bit his shoulder.

"Happy?" he teased.

"Yeah, but not satisfied enough." I smirked, looking up at him.

I was sitting on the edge of the kitchen's counter with Anthonio in front of me.

"There's something I would love to have in my hand right now. Something I would love to feel in these tiny palms." I provoked him with a smirk. Anthonio's eyes slightly widened and I smirked even more.

"You are naughty." he whispered.

"Tell me you won't like it."

He stared at me silently before biting that soft and pink lower lip of his, his gaze dropping to my mouth.

"You know I can't say that."

I smiled and held the waistband of his jeans, pulling him closer.

Shamelessly, I unbuttoned his jeans, all the while looking him in the eye.

"You're not afraid of getting caught anymore?" he asked slowly.

"You've taught me that risks always makes things more exciting."


He held my face and kissed me real deep. Then with a hand, he grabbed mine and slid it down and into his jeans and boxers till I felt his hardness, making me breathless all of a sudden. Then he let go off my hand.

"Go ahead. It's all yours." he whispered against my lips. Gosh, If I could pass out or just have an orgasm because of his words, I'd be glad.

"I own it?" I asked, kissing him and starting to move my hand.

"Your question's the answer."

I could die for the guy. I could die for him. No further ado. This love was forbidden but I was blinded by it.

I began to stroke him while we shared a hot kiss. Feeling him grow hard in my hand got me all excited.

I knew I drove him crazy. And I loved it.

That afternoon at last, when the house suddenly seemed empty, though the ten other members were upstairs, Anthonio, Leandro and I returned to the upper floor.

We tried the key on different doors but none opened up. I was already giving up until Anthonio tried the key on one particular door and it unlocked.

"This better be that damned room." Leandro groaned.

"Open it let's see." I told Anthonio.

Slowly, he pushed the door open and we stepped in.

The room was very dark because there were thick curtains covering the windows.

We closed the door behind us and I watched the boys go pull the curtains apart. I gasped in delight.

"Yes! I bet this is the place! It's evident!" I exclaimed.

We were in a very, very big room. Blue curtains, a blue carpet and some blue furniture.

We coughed because of the dust present.

We started to look around.

The room looked more like a private office. There was a huge office table with old files on it, a lamp and pens, there was a beautiful chair right behind it, there were cupboards almost everywhere and shelves too. With all kinds of books on them. At a corner was a sofa where one could lay down and chill.

"What is this place?" Anthonio asked walking around and touching the dusty furniture.

"A private library. Or an office." Leandro replied, blowing the dust off some files he'd picked up.

"But who's office?" I asked.

"A certain Lorenzo." Leandro replied and we both turned to him.

"How do you know that?"

"Most of the files and books on this table have that name. Lorenzo Enrique."

"Wait." Anthonio frowned a little.


"Look at this." Anthonio replied going over to one particular book that was on the ground. He picked it.

"Leaders of the Italian Mafia."

"Oh. Open it. Maybe we'll find something on the Lorenzo guy."

Leandro approached and stared at the book.

"This book wasn't here." he suddenly said.

"What makes you say so?"

We watched him touch its cover.

"It's not dusty like the others. It was kept here intentionally. Maybe recently."

We looked at the book again and realised what he was saying was true.

"Maybe it was kept here to help us. Another clue." I stated.

"Probably." Anthonio opened the book. And there were pictures of different men, their short biography and the years from which their rule started and ended. We patiently searched the book till we fell on the last picture at the end. It'd been damaged by mould and so we couldn't see the person's face. He was the last leader according to the book. We read the name below: Lorenzo Enrique.

"Wait, he's the last leader on this. Is it that monster?? Your boss??" I asked, disgusted.

"No. The boss isn't called Lorenzo. And look," Anthonio pointed at a paragraph on his biography, "He died at 26. Twenty five years ago."

"Twenty six?? He was young." Leandro frowned a little.

"Wait, he was the one the boss took over from?" he asked.

"Yeah, seems like."

"It's that guy! The one Giuseppe used to tell me about." he told Anthonio.

"Who?" I asked lost.

"The old man that used to tell me stories. Remember I said he used to tell me about this very strong member that was the youngest yet bravest and who ended up being leader of the Mafia."

"The one no one wanted to tell y'all the name?" I asked.

"Yes. True." Anthonio stated, " It's this Lorenzo."

We looked down at the book again, all wishing his picture was clearer.

"This means we're in his office." I looked around.

"Yeah. He surely spent most of his free time here."

"Let's search and see what we find. The person who made us discover this place wants us to find something important." Leandro proposed.

"Right. Let's see what we find."

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