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Romance / Action

(II)- Chapter 26

That night, around 7:35 PM, I left my room because I didn't feel comfortable staying all alone. I went to Anthonio's room and knocked. He didn't reply. I wondered if he was sleeping. Not wasting much time, I went to Leandro's room. When I knocked, after some seconds he opened the door.

"Need company?" he asked.

"Yeah. Plus, I think Anthonio's sleeping."

"Come in."

I walked in and turned to watch him close the door and that was when I noticed a tattoo on his lower back, for the first time. It was familiar. A lion head. The same Anthonio had behind his neck.

"What?" he asked on turning, after noticing I was staring at him.

"I didn't know you had a tattoo on you lower back."

"The lion?" he asked, going over to sit on his couch.

"Yeah. Anthonio has the same."

"He's always been a copy cat." he smiled, "I did it at 16. When he saw it, he decided to do exactly the same thing. If you noticed, at the top of the main gate of this property, there's this same head. There was this member, he passed away.

An old man who'd known a lot. He'd told me that the lion symbolised power. The power that the members of this group have always had. But what made me do it is the fact that the idea of the lion head symbol was given by one of the strongest members ever to have been part of this group. Crazy thing is, he was the youngest. He died 25 years ago I think. He was some sort of hero here."

I listened attentively.

"What was his name?" I asked

"I don't know. Funny right? Everyone pretends not to know his name. I wonder why they don't want to tell Anthonio and I about it. I tried investigating to no avail.

That old man had told me it was better I didn't know. Apparently it was a secret and still is one that could cost our lives. And so I stopped trying to discover."



"Anyhow. We'd heard a lot of stories from that so-called strong member. I wanted so much to be like him in the stories I heard that I got this tattoo. Now that I think of it, that was very dumb of me." he laughed, "I bet the guy didn't even exist. And Anthonio followed me in my dumb mistake. Now we got it for life."

I smiled.

"It's not a dumb mistake. You guys turned out to be very strong too. All the other members I've met so far are afraid of you both in one way or the other. Guess the tattoo symbolises your strength too."

"Ha! If you say so." he mused and I laughed. Leandro was hardly ever serious.

I went to sit on his bed and turned on the TV. All channels were in Italian of course. I rolled my eyes. Leandro was busy staring down at his phone. I looked at him. He was watching something and at a point he chuckled in a particular way that made me think of Anthonio.

"It's crazy." I started and he looked up at me.


"You and Anthonio are so close that you seem to be metamorphosing into the same person." I joked.

"Very funny."

"Hahahaha, I'm serious. You know what they say about two people who are very close. The more you spend time together, the more you adopt each other's habits without realising. You just chuckled like him."

Leandro raised a brow at me.

"Oh my dearest child. You are losing it." he stated and I laughed, "Anthonio and I are quite different. The only things we have in common are, we're assassins, we are Europeans, we're the youngest here, we're very handsome and we get along more than fine."

"That makes quite a lot in common. Still making me right in some way." I said, satisfied and he stared amused. "And you forgot one thing."

"What?" he asked.

"Odd eye color?"

"Unique, rather." he corrected and I giggled, "And I who thought I was unique in my own way." he laughed. "Anthonio proved me wrong the first time I met him."

I laughed.

"But anyway, Anthonio is actually part of me somehow. There was that bond from the first day. Probably because he followed me around every single time, asking a lot of questions and picking on my stuff like a twelve year old would." he chuckled a little.

I stared, my heart swelling.

"You saved him. It's normal."

"Yup. Now let's stop with the emotional and mushy stuff. Wouldn't want dust entering my eye anytime soon."

"Hahahaha! Dust huh?" I mocked and he laughed.

"Shut up."

It felt good to laugh a little and forget all the strange things that had started happening to us. But it wouldn't last. We had to and would find that key that led to the so-called blue room.

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