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(II) Chapter 25 (Mysteries)

After two days in that house, I noticed something. The number of members in that house began to reduce. The ones we'd come and met in that house had all left, leaving the house to the ten other members with whom we'd


I'd asked Anthonio where they'd gone to. He'd told me that apparently the boss had sent them all on important missions. My problem was, why didn't he send the ten others? Something wasn't right and l was getting more and more uncomfortable.

One evening, I was walking down a dark hallway in the house when I saw a dark figure slightly ahead of me. I stopped dead in my tracks, my heartbeat beginning to race like crazy.

"Who's– who's that??" I asked afraid.

The figure stared silently, all dressed in black. But then it started to come to me. I needed not to think twice! I turned on my heel and started to run back, as fast as possible! I could hear footsteps catching up with me!

Panicking while I ran, I tripped and fell.

"Aaaaaaaaah!!" I screamed when he caught my leg. I looked up horrified, it was that strange member! "Let me go!" I screamed.

"Your end is closer than you think! Hahahaha and I'll personally kill you!" he laughed hideously, dragging me towards him.

With the bit of courage I had left in me, I used all my force and kicked him in the tummy, making him tumble back in pain. I immediately got up and without looking behind me, I ran for my life.

I ran straight to Leandro's room which was closer. On entering, he sat with Anthonio and they were discussing. They immediately gave all their attention to me when they noticed how scared and horrified I looked.

"Hey, what is it?" Anthonio asked, worried.

Breathless and still shaky, I told him about that particular man and how he always scared me, speaking to me in parables. But of course he didn't know who exactly I was talking about.

"Why didn't you tell me since?" Anthonio asked annoyed, standing up.

"I don't know I just–"

"Where is he?" he cut in.

"The– the last floor. I wanted to find the attic, before I fell on him." I said, fear still in possession of my body.

Anthonio rushed passed me and out of the room. I was still very scared and confused. Unable to

really control myself, I started sobbing. I was still very shaky. Leandro walked up to me.

"There, there mi amor, we'll get to the end of all these mysteries." he said softly, hugging me. I hugged him back.

Minutes after I'd calmed down and had settled on the couch close to Leandro, Anthonio returned.

"Saw him?" Leandro asked.

"No. But I found this." Anthonio gave Leandro another piece of paper familiar to what we'd been strangely receiving. Of course on it were still Italian words. Leandro read it out in English.

"The blue room. The key." he read, "What the fuck is this again?? First it was Rome. Now it's the key." Leandro added, irritated.

Anthonio stared silently for a while before speaking.

"I think the blue room is in this house." he finally said and we both looked up at him.

"Yes. These messages we receive told us the first time that the blue room was in Rome. Now we're here. And this time, it's a key we need. Even as teens I can bet we hadn't and still haven't entered all the rooms in this house." Leandro added.

"Me neither. I tried but most of them were locked and had always been."

"Well, I bet the blue room is in this house. It's behind one of the doors."

"But we need to find the key."

"How?" I cut in, "What if it's some deadly trap. Let's not forget we're following the instructions of I don't know who. Who knows the risks we're taking." I said.

Both looked at me.

"You might be right." Leandro started,

"But we're still gonna look for whatsoever key and the door it opens."

"Death trap or not" Anthonio added.

"We're gonna get to the end of this. I'm done with waking up with a black eye." Leandro finished.

I was silent. I looked at them and I knew whatever I would say at the moment could not make them change their minds. I was doubtful but somewhere in me I knew they were right.

"Okay. W– what do you propose?" I asked.

"We find any key that isn't already on a door lock. As soon as we gather as much as possible or all that we'll find, we try it on all locked doors." Anthonio said.

"Fine. Let's get to work."

We separated and each on our sides, went in search of keys. As for me, after searching a part of the house, I found three old keys. I met up with Anthonio and Leandro who'd found keys too.

"Great. Now let's going."

We took our time and tried all locked doors. Most of them remained locked. It was tiring as there were a lot of floors and room doors to still check out.

After trying for what turned out to be hours, we didn't discover anything as expected. The few rooms that had unlocked were spare bedrooms and empty rooms. The rest remained locked.

It was very disappointing for us. We were done by six in the evening, tired.

"I don't even know what to think anymore. This is way too dumb." Anthonio said.

"Completely." Leandro replied.

Anthonio sighed, clearly annoyed and desperate.

"I'm going to take a nap. I'm exhausted."


Anthonio then turned to me.

"See you later." he kissed my forehead before walking away. I turned to Leandro.

"He's a little stressed out, don't you think?"

"We all are." he hugged me shortly before leaving too.

Not wanting to be standing there alone, I hurried to my room.

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