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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 24

The next morning, my eyes fluttered open and for a moment I didn't know where I was. But then my vision adjusted and I remembered the previous night. A smile spread on my lips and I turned to see Anthonio, but he wasn't by my side. He'd returned to his room earlier that morning. I wondered on how he'd had that strength to get up and leave, after the sweet sex we'd had the night before. I was still very tired and my body was sweetly sore. He sure knew how to fuck me right.

After a long refreshing shower, I dressed up to go downstairs but first I decided to check Anthonio's room.

I opened his door and was surprised to find him comfortably sleeping. It was the first time I found Anthonio still in bed at that time of the morning. He was always up at five or six but at the moment, it was past ten.

With a smile, I slowly approached the bed before sitting on its edge.

"Baby?" I muttered, running my fingers through his hair. He flinched but didn't get up, "Anthonio?" I called softly.

After tossing around a little, he opened his eyes.

"Good morning." I smiled and he smirked, "You seem very tired."

"Aren't you?" he asked with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Not anymore."

"Wow. I'm exhausted. Because of you know what." he smiled lazily.

I laughed a little.

"Yeah. You slept with me?"

"No, when you passed out or slept off, I don't know which." he chuckled and I playfully punched him. "Ow. I decided to leave your room in case someone came to look for me in the morning."

"You had that energy to stand?"

"Not really. My knees were all shaky. I was so tired that my vision was blurred. I think I almost fell, once in the hallway."

I laughed.

"Sleep was heavily taking control of me. Had to hold on to the walls before reaching my room." he chuckled, "Yesterday was hot. We should make out that way more often. Hottest quickie ever."

"I agree." I kissed his forehead, "You're very tired and so lemme leave you to finish your sleep."

"I need it. Thanks love."

I stood up and covered him properly with the sheets. I then turned to leave.

"Donnica?" he suddenly called and I stopped in my tracks.


"I feel like I don't merit you at times. When I think of the monster I am." he said slowly

"Was." I corrected him immediately.

"I'm sorry." he said lowly, sincerity and regret in his voice, "For taking you away from your family. For destroying your life."

I stared at him, my heart melting and my eyes prickling.

"I forgave you a long time ago Anthonio. And I see the good side of things now. If you hadn't done what you'd done, I would've never known you or the sensitive and loving person you are within. I would've never changed you or made you a better person. I love you."

"I love you even more, Donnica."

I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

"See you later." I said and left his room.

When I went down to the kitchen, I met Leandro sitting there and manipulating his phone.

"Good morning, Lee. Your eye looks better." I said coming over to hug him.

He hugged me back.

"Good morning, princess. Yeah, there's this pomade I put on it."

"Oh okay. So what do you want for breakfast?"

"Don't worry, princess. I'm not hungry."

I stared at him for a while.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked with a smile, coming over to sit with him. He chuckled.

"The smile on your face means nothing good."

"Hahahaha. Leandro you're a great person, why don't you get yourself a girlfriend?" the look he gave me made me laugh out.

He laughed too.

"You're not serious I hope. After all this time spent with me you

should know that I'm not the kind of guy that settles with one girl or that even engages in a relationship. Never." he mused

"Oh C'mon, Leandro. I would really love to see you get serious with someone."

He rolled his eyes and I laughed.

"You can always dream. I'm not interested in that stuff."

"Wait until you fall in love."

I shook a little when Leandro laughed out hysterically, surprising and amusing me.

"HA! HA! and Ha! You got up this morning with a whole new sense of humor. Very funny. Very, very funny." he mocked, getting up to leave, "That's why I like you, Donnica. You're very funny." he repeated, heading for the door.

I watched him, very amused.

"Leandro, I'm serious." I laughed a little.

"Hahaha! I'm dying of laughter. Very funny. I swear!" he added sarcastically before disappearing.

I laughed. Leandro was a case.

But I'd just realized something. He wasn't so different from the old Anthonio. Yes he smiled, laughed and told a lot of jokes, but he wasn't that different from Anthonio.

Because of his smiley and fun nature, Leandro looked like he

was easily accessible, but that wasn't true. His heart was rock hard.

I somewhat believed that if it wasn't for the drugs, Anthonio would've fallen for me a little earlier. Leandro took no drugs but he was hardhearted when it came to love. And honestly, I believed that he might never change. His ego was way too big to let any kind of girl lure him into loving her. But I didn't judge him. He'd chosen to be that way, it was his life.

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