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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 23

*Explicit Content*

That evening after cooking dinner for I don't know who, because I'd seen no one else since we'd arrived, I retired to the room I'd been given, for a good bath.

Once in my room, I undressed and went to the bath, where I took a long and cool shower. I needed it.

Once done, I left the bathroom and into my room.

While I dried myself, I began to think of Anthonio, of my struggle to make him fall for me, and how it'd worked. It was almost unbelievable, and sometimes when I would wake up in his arms, I still felt like it wasn't true. But it was. It was true that he now kissed me almost every single time, it was true that he cared even more for me, it was true that he loved me, and the way he made love to me.

I bit my lower lip as sweet thoughts and memories invaded my mind, sending that sweet electric message down my spine.

I felt hot all of a sudden. Horny, in other words. I wanted him at that instant, I needed to feel his hot body against mine. I wanted him in me.

I shook my head, waking up from my lustful thoughts. Recently he'd been the one seducing me for sex and I loved it. But that night, I was gonna take the first step again.

I wore my light, transparent nightie with nothing underneath. I felt a little frustrated that I had to wait for late hours before going to see him. Now was too early because the members were still to have dinner.

And so to waste some time, I took one of the novels piled up on the table in my room and began to read.

At exactly past midnight, when there was dead silence everywhere in that house, I stood up and tiptoed my way out of my room and down to Anthonio's. I didn't knock but just tried the knob. It was open. I slowly pushed the door and stepped in. There was darkness in his room apart from the moon's dim light reflecting into the room and permitting me to recognise my surrounding.

He was lying on his bed but slowly sat up when he saw me.

"Hey." I whispered.

"Hey. Aren't you sleeping yet?"

"I can't sleep." I replied softly, "Can you come take care of me?" I asked in the sexiest whisper ever.

He stared silently at me.

"I'm naked under this. If you're interested, you know where to find me." I added softly before quietly leaving his room. Of course I knew he would not resist.

I returned to my dark room and sat on the edge of my bed, facing the door, hands behind me on the bed to support myself as I leaned back.

I didn't wait for long as my prince soon appeared at my doorway in only his boxers.

"So you need my help, huh?" he whispered.

I smirked in the dim light, spreading my knees apart.

"Yes sir, please." I replied, biting my lower lip. I needed it so bad. I needed him.

He carefully closed the door behind him before slowly coming over till he was right in front of me.

I looked up at him. His eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. He smirked wickedly at me, making me breathless.

Unable to resist the Adonis he was, I slowly reached up and caressed his strong chest and making my way down to his abs, worshipping his hot body.

I kissed his lower abdomen, close to his waistband and a low moan escaped his lips.

Anthonio leaned over till his face was above mine, then he kissed me. I melted. We kissed slow and nice, loving the heat building in both our bodies.

After a slow, passionate kiss that left me wanting more, Anthonio got on his knees and to my sweet surprise, he put my leg over his shoulder. Damn, I knew what was coming.

He lowered his head till his tongue touched me there. That was it. I arched my back, my nails digging into the bedsheets and my teeth biting my lower lip hard, trying to stop myself from moaning out loud.

"Mmmm..." soft and low moans escaped my lips as my body weakened and my eyes rolled back into my head.

"Oh yesss." I hissed, running my fingers through his hair. I didn't know what had come over me that night. There was this insatiable heat in me that could only be quenched by Anthonio.

After some seconds. he stopped and stood up. I looked up at him, my vision slightly blur from the pleasure he'd just given me.

He smirked down at me before slowly pushing me down on the bed. I adjusted and found myself at the centre, looking up at him. He got on the bed too and knelt in between my legs. Then he asked me to sit up and do same.

I did till I was face to face with him.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me deep again. I kissed him back with the same intensity.

A sharp gasp escaped my mouth when in less than five seconds, Anthonio broke the kiss and flipped me over with such speed. I didn't even realise when I'd ended up on four legs. The upper part of my body and face on the bed but my ass up.

He was behind me. I moaned when he caressed my ass and carefully pushed the light material of my nightie above my waist, exposing me completely to him.

He then leaned in and kissed my mid back before whispering:

"Hold the bedpost love, you're gonna be needing support."

Obediently, I did as I was told.

"Good girl. Now do you want it slow? or rough?"

That question took my breath away.

"Rough, Sir."

I knew what I wanted.

"Good choice. I'm gonna love this. But first."

There was a scarf of mine close by. Anthonio took it and tied my mouth with it.

"Wouldn't want you moaning out, huh?"

I nodded slowly. He chuckled mischievously, causing

goosebumps all over my skin.

I was silent, eyes closed and waiting when all of a sudden, Anthonio slammed into me from behind with such force that I moaned my lungs out! Luckily the scarf muffled the sounds.

I'd not even known when he'd

taken his boxers off.

He withdrew before slamming all the way back in again. I moaned out, loving the crazy pleasure he was giving me .

With a hand on my waist and another holding my shoulder, Anthonio continued with the sweet torturing process, driving me wild.

"Mmmf!...ooh!" I moaned, struggling for air and loving all the sensations he caused in me. Giving me all of him. It was crazy. I'd never thought I could take all those inches.

I could hear his low moans and grunts, he was loving it just as much as I did.

Anthonio rode me like there was nobody else in that house. We were both dripping in sweat, the sexual heat intensifying with each trust.

"You like it?" he managed to ask breathlessly, "As for me, I love it."

The only reply I could give at the moment was a raw moan, perfectly muffled by the scarf as one crazy orgasm hit me, causing my eyes to roll back and me to leave the bedpost and land on my face.

My lower body was still up on my knees and the fact that I was coming didn't stop Anthonio. He went on with his hard thrusts while I came. I was dizzy, I lost notion of time and place!

Anthonio went on and on, never stopping and humping me like the hunk he was.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, he groaned deeply and came in me, joining me in a double orgasm. I had no voice to moan any louder. Anthonio came continuously in me, moaning my name in that low yet raw kind of manner.

The last thing I saw was Anthonio collapse by my side once he was through, dripping in sweat and struggling for air.

I tried to speak but I couldn't and then, I don't know if I passed out or slept off.

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