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(II) Chapter 22 (Their Home)

I'd lost notion of time during the entire journey. I only knew we'd arrived in the afternoon of I don't know which day.

Anthonio carefully blindfolded me before leading me out of the jet. Leandro and the guard that had been with us, followed closely behind.

As expected, we'd landed in the huge backyard of the Mafia property.

Before getting blindfolded, I'd had a glimpse of the house. It was the biggest of all the houses I'd come across! The surrounding was twice the size of all the others. It merited to be the headquarters of all these monsters. It was also the house in which Anthonio and Leandro had spent most of their teenage years.

"Been long since I came here." I heard Leandro say.

"Same here." Anthonio replied.

I was carefully led down the jet till my feet touched solid ground. I heard the other members leave their jets.

I stood there for about ten minutes, waiting that they first entered the house so I wouldn't see what they looked like.

After that we went into the house ourselves.

I heard some new voices, rather cheerful, welcoming Leandro and Anthonio in Italian. The boys greeted in return.

After that, I was led up a staircase that seemed never to end.

Once at the top, my blindfold was removed.

"Finally." I looked around.

The house was a very beautiful one, huge and with probably more than ten rooms. Another labyrinth twice the size of the others.

"Y'all grew up here?" I asked them.

"Yeah. I wonder if our rooms are still the way we left them." Leandro chuckled.

"The last time I slept in mine, I was 17."

"I was 18 when I last slept in mine. You were gone by then." Anthonio added


"I wanna see what the rooms of the younger Anthonio and Leandro look like." I said happily. Both chuckled.

"Okay. Leandro's room is close by. Let's go."

We walked a little distance down the hallway and halted in front of one of the doors. Leandro stepped forward and opened it before we stepped in.

The room was a big and beautiful one. I immediately noticed the posters on the wall that made me giggle. Bikini models on all of them.

"Oh, I'd forgotten these." Leandro mused and we laughed at him.

I was a little surprised because his room looked like that of any normal teen. Posters, video games, magazines, MP3s, a corner where all sneakers were, a TV, a basketball in a corner and it was as slightly scattered as a boy's room of his age by then could be.

"Wow. It feels odd to be in here again." he admitted.

"I know right." Anthonio replied.

I went towards his table. There were some pictures on it. I noticed one very beautiful picture. Leandro looked so young on it.

"Wow. You look so good on this pic. Who Clicked it?" I asked taking it.

"Anthonio. There was this camera we'd stolen once. We took a whole lot of pictures with it. I did the editing." he said and they both laughed.

"Wow. You're good at it." I admitted.

"Thanks. If I wasn't what I am today, I would've been a great photographer or artist."

"You draw?" I asked.

"Yeah he does." Anthonio replied, "And paints too."

"Wow. That's great. How old were you on the pic?"


I looked at the picture again. He was very handsome.

Then I saw another that looked more casual.

"And here? How old were you?"

"17. Almost 18."

"Oh my gosh, look at those cheeks! Where have they all gone to?" I giggled picking the picture up.

"You're as cute as the cat."

Anthonio laughed out at what I was saying. Leandro rolled his eyes.

"Had to make them disappear. Look at me now. I went from cute to sexy. And you know it." he wriggled his brows and I laughed. Anthonio scoffed.

I laughed again

"Stop being jealous." Leandro teased his friend, with a smirk.

"Who me? I have nothing to be jealous about, brother. Yes you went from cute to sexy. I on the other hand, have always been sexy." Anthonio replied with confidence, folding his arms. I laughed.

"Is it some sort of competition?" I mused.

"Nope. Just a fact. Let's go to my room and I'll show you pictures of me in my teen years." Anthonio chuckled and Leandro rolled his eyes.

"Stop feeling yourself." Leandro scoffed making me laugh again.

"Alright then. Let's go to Anthonio's room." I said.

We reached Anthonio's old room that had been a few doors away from Leandro's. He opened the door and we got in.

I wasn't really surprised when I saw his room. It was the total opposite of Leandro's. It was tidy, no posters, no CDs, no MP3s, but just books and the other necessities.

"He's always been tidy. I hated that." Leandro said with a chuckle.

"I can see it."

"Ain't my fault if I was stuck up." Anthonio laughed.

"I know right. So baby, the pictures. " I asked and he pointed over at his desk where two pictures stood.

"All our other pictures are surely in the attic, in some box."

"There's an attic?" I asked.

“Of course. This house is way too big not to have one."

"Oh, right."

I went to the desk and picked the first picture up. I smiled to myself on seeing how younger he was on it. It warmed my heart. He had that same unreadable expression. You couldn't know if he was in a good mood or not.

"You're so handsome here. How old were you?" I asked slowly, touching the pic with the tip of my fingers. I noticed it'd been torn into two.


I looked at them.

"It's torn. There's someone standing behind you on this photograph. Who was it?"

He looked at me.

"My ex."

"Oh. The one you–"


I looked at the pic again. Gosh, he was so handsome. Anthonio had always been good looking. I put the pic down and took the next. I literally gasped.


He was sexy.

"You are more than hot on this one!" I exclaimed and both guys laughed.

"Well, thank you. All credits to the photographer." Anthonio smirked, turning to Leandro.

"Leandro, the picture is great!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, thank you. I'm blushing." he joked and we all laughed.

Anthonio looked like the sexiest rascal on it. He was so damn fine. His lips, his eyes, his hair.

"How old were you on this?"

"Almost Sixteen."

I looked up at him surprised.

"And you were already this fiiiineee?"

"You're flattering me." he smirked, amused.

"Gosh, just kiss me already so I know this is true. I'm actually dating someone this handsome." I laughed, getting on my tip toes to give him a short kiss.

The short kiss we shared at the moment sent some hot signals down my spine and I broke the kiss. Looking up at him, I whispered:

"When last did we make love. " I asked shamelessly. The smirk he gave me only made things worse.

"Uh hum!" Leandro coughed, "I'm still in this room."

We laughed and turned to him.

"Sorry." I giggled. Then I looked at the pic again, "Can I keep this?" I asked.

"Um, sure. Why not."

"Thank you!"

I took the picture out of its case.

"Thank you." I repeated.

"Good. So how about we go show you where you'll be sleeping?" Leandro said.


He led the way and I followed. As I turned to leave, Anthonio gave me a little tap on the ass, and I smiled at him before going on. All that sexual tension between us at the moment meant only one thing, that night was gonna be another sweet one.

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