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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 20

The next morning I went downstairs to make breakfast. I was feeling all strange after all that happened to Leandro. Were they trying to kill him or what? And who? I hoped not. Thoughts of that possibility scared me. I didn’t want that to happen.

I went towards the fridge and opened it to take the milk out. On closing it, I skipped when I realised Leandro was standing behind its door. He had black shades on.

“H– hey how are you?” I asked.

Without a reply, he took his shades off. I gasped a little. The swells had vanished but his whole eye remained purple/ black.

“I guess I can be okay.” was his simple reply. It was clear that he was in a very bad mood, and it hurt me to see him that way. He was usually very lively.

Not knowing what to tell him at the moment, I put the milk down and hugged him. He needed it I guessed. He hugged me back.

Just at that moment, someone came up behind me, joining us in the hug, trapping me in the middle. From the perfume I recognised my prince.

It was the best group hug I’d ever had.

After a long yet comforting minute, we broke the hug. We both turned to Anthonio.

“Please, don’t let it get to you. Are you gonna be fine?” he asked Leandro, concern and worry very clear in his voice.

Leandro managed a smile.

“Of course. You sound just like the dad I’ve never had.” he managed to joke. We smiled.

“Or more like the brother you’ve never had. I prefer that.” Anthonio chuckled a little.

“Oh right. Sounds better. Let’s meet this afternoon to talk about that book, blue room and Rome. I can’t wait to discover who or what is behind all this. They’re gonna regret.”

“They sure will.”

“Good. This afternoon then.”

“Yes. At two.”

Later that day, at two, I stood in the kitchen waiting for the boys. While waiting I realised that the house was quite empty. All the members apart from about ten had gone on missions. And the ten that had stayed back hadn’t moved an inch.

As I thought, both stepped in.

“Oh, I was waiting.”

“We’re here now. So, about that strange book I–”

Leandro cut his sentence short when a guard stepped in and told them something in Italian. They nodded and the man left.

“What did he say?”

“Apparently the boss returned from wherever this morning and he wants to see all of us. That is, those present in the house at this moment.” Anthonio replied.

“I wonder what he wants to tell us.”

“Mission or something else. That seems important.”

They looked at each other then at me.

“We’ll talk later.”


Anthonio leaned in and gave me a short kiss before both walked away.

I was done with the dishes and was about to head to my room when I noticed a piece of paper on the refrigerator. It wasn’t there a few minutes ago. I looked around. I was alone.

I approached the refrigerator and took the piece of paper. Written on it was:

’Rome is near.′

“The hell?” I freaked out on the spot, looking around like I was crazy.

Leandro and Anthonio stepped in at that moment.

“We’re all leaving the house this evening. Orders from the boss.” Leandro said. “We’re going to–”

“Rome.” I cut in slowly.

“Yeah, to the headquarters.” Anthonio replied, slightly surprised at my answer. I showed them the piece of paper.

“I didn’t guess. I was told.”

“This is getting stupid.” Leandro stated.

“And ridiculous.” Anthonio threw the paper, “We should go pack our things, now.”

I followed them out of the kitchen and into the living room. Some members sat in a corner.

They both stared at me and I gulped. I recognised that particular one. I looked away immediately but Anthonio had noticed.

“What is it?” he asked them firmly.

Both men adjusted and that was when I realised how scared they were of Anthonio. The ugly look in their eyes faded immediately he spoke.

“Nothing, my boy.” one replied.

“Have you told her the boss said we’re all gonna be leaving?” that one asked.

“Where do you think she’s going to?” Anthonio replied dryly and that made me remember how cold and rude he used to be back when I’d just been kidnapped. Some strange part of me missed that other side of his personality. I loved arguing with that side.

“We don’t know.” the other replied.

“To pack the few things she has.” Anthonio said.

I couldn’t help it but look up at his serious expression and frown. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

“Okay then.” then turning to me, the man said, “Once done, come and serve us lunch.”

“O– okay sir.”

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