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Romance / Action

Chapter 9 (Complicated-2)

I watched him walk towards the locked motel’s door and open it. Then he returned to the car, opened its boot and took out a black travelling bag.

“Get in and put on the lights.” he ordered.

Scared, I went in and put on the lights. The place was old, dirty and dusty. Anthonio came in from behind me and locked the door once again. He went up the staircase. Not knowing what to do, I followed him silently.

We turned into a hallway with many doors. The place was really dirty. I sneezed because of the dust.

He stopped in front of one of the doors and unlocked it before carrying the bag and entering the room. Of course, I still followed. I was relieved and rather surprised when the room we’d entered was clean. Someone had cleaned it recently. The bed was made up, the table and chairs were all dusted.

I slowly closed the door behind me. I’d began sobbing again, finding it hard to believe what was happening.

“Wipe those away.” his dry tone came in. I looked up at him, getting annoyed.

“What? Wipe what? My tears??” I growled, boiling from inside. He stared at me and I stared back. I was shivering because of the anger I suddenly couldn’t contain. Tears just rolled down my cheeks continuously.

“Do you know who you are talking to??”

“Yes! A mad Guy! I’ve said it! Come kill me! You’ve already even done so! I’m better off dead than alive anyway. In a week or even less, my whole life was destroyed!” I cried out angrily. I expected the worst and didn’t care.

He stared at me like a devil. I noticed the swollen vein at his temple and I knew he would probably bang my head against the wall. Man, I was ready to run! It was not because I’d said I didn’t care if he killed me, that he actually had to, right?

To my surprise, he unbuttoned the police shirt he still had on before taking it off. Beneath was his white singlet which he also took off. I blinked in confusion. His athletic body took me off guard and I stared like a dumbass. His chest...stomach...abs...arms...all wasted for the killing of innocent people! He stared at me and once again, I stopped breathing!

‘Gawd! If he rapes me, I’m dying!’

I thought to myself, fear taking over me again.

To my surprise, he simply sat down and opened the box, taking out a wig and some female clothes. Then he took some card-like things and little books from his briefcase and aimed them at me. I looked at him in wonder.

“You’ll wear those clothes. And you’ll have those things on you.”

I picked what he’d thrown at my feet. There was a fake ID with my picture present and a fake visa along with a plane ticket. How did he? I had a fake Visa and ID in my hands! How? Had all this been planned, already?

“We’ll.... We’ll surely be caught...and why do I have an already made ID??? And visa??? You planned on taking me along??” I dared to ask.

“No. But plans have changed. Seems my boss will be very happy to know you.”



I widened my eyes in shock. Was this some indirect way of saying that I was going to be sold off or owned by some crazy terrorist and dangerous leader?

“W...what?? No! I am not going anywhere with these or with you! There’s no way I....” I cut my sentence short when Anthonio pointed his gun straight at my forehead.

“Now pick those things up, get into that bath and take a fucking shower. If it was up to me I would’ve killed you a long time ago. Your mouth makes me sick. Now go!”

I stared at him in shock mixed with anger and fear.

“Y...you’re rude...” I dared to say. He angrily took a step forward and before he could realise it, I’d ran into the bathroom.

I stood in the bathroom, trying not to sob or chicken out again. But it was hard not to do so.

I was going to undress myself when he knocked at the door and I opened it.

“Here.” he handed the clothes and wig, which I’d forgotten to take along. I took them and banged the door in his face. That was the least I could do. So pathetic.

After I’d taken a bath and gotten all dressed in the clothes he’d given me, I wore the wig. Then I left the bath and stood in front of him.

“I’m done.” I told him in a dry tone.

I was dressed in a baby pink fitting gown, long and black chic boots and a fur jacket. Not to forget the short wig I had on. He looked at me from head to toe.

“Apply make up.” he gave me a make up set. I made up and returned to him.

“Put these on.” he gave me a pair of brown eye contacts. I still did as I was told.

He then asked me to go stand by the wall. I did and I watched him get a strange camera from his bag before approaching me . It was one I’d never seen.

He raised the camera to my face and clicked. Immediately, a little portrait picture, the size of a passport picture, came out. I was silently impressed.

He took the little picture and replaced the fake ID picture with it.

“Whenever you go out with me, you have to look like this. That is, the wig and eye contacts. And make up.”

I simply nodded.

“I’m going in. Touch a thing in here and I’ll know. And you’re still to discover who you’re messing with if you dare to try me.”

I wouldn’t dare!

He locked the main door and kept the keys in his pocket. Then, he took some clothes and entered the bath.

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