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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 18 (Best friend)

I walked about in the kitchen, afraid and contemplating after Anthonio had left me. I was too afraid to ignore the fact that that guard had caught us. I couldn’t let it go. I had to try and talk to him.

I went towards the kitchen door and opened it, poking my head out into the living room. I saw the man standing at attention along with the others.

I cleared my throat and with the bit of courage I had, I called him.

“Um, sir? Excuse me? Can you please come over?” I asked to the hearing of most of them. But none faced me, all immobile apart from the one I called who came towards me. I made him follow me into the kitchen.

“Um, sorry for disturbing you.” I started and he simply nodded, as serious and professional as ever. “I guess you know why I’ve called you.”

He stared silently.

“Please, I’m begging you. Don’t report anything of what you saw earlier. Please. Right now it’s my life at stake. Please, I–”

“Miss.” he cut me, “You can be at peace. We’re paid to guard the place. Nothing more. We all mind our business and don’t interfere in whatsoever. And so whatever is going on between Mr Anthonio and you concerns only you both. Your secret is safe with me.”

I was speechless and surprised for a few seconds, relief washing over me. Ha! I wasn’t going to die! Yes! If the boss had learned about it, he would’ve planned my death behind Anthonio’s back. And he would’ve probably spared Anthonio. Unless Anthonio discovered my murder and killed the boss. In both cases, I would already be dead.

“Thank you very much.” I sighed in relief.

“No need.” the man replied in his accent before turning and walking out of the kitchen.

I watched after him, my blood pressure back to normal.

“You dummy!” I yelled, throwing one of my flip flops (slippers) at Anthonio as I entered his room. It hit him straight on the head. He was sitting on his couch discussing with Leandro.

“Woah, what’s going on?” Leandro mused.

“Ask him! He tricked me.” I grumbled and Anthonio chuckled.

Leandro turned to him.

“What is she talking about?”

Anthonio told him and they both laughed.

“So, what exactly is the problem? Because he didn’t finally talk to the guard?” Leandro mused.

“Yes! He forced me. Tricked me into making love with him.”

“Forced you?” Anthonio asked.

“Yeah.” I folded my arms

“But you didn’t complain when I made you come, did you?” he teased and Leandro looked at him, slightly surprised.

“That is so naughty, Anthonio.” he laughed, “You’re almost as naughty as I am now. That’s wonderful.”

They laughed.

“Seriously?” I scoffed and both laughed at me.

“Alright.” Anthonio stood up and came to me, “I’m sorry.”

“No.” I rolled my eyes.

“Sweetheart, don’t start with the attitude, please.”

Oh, I loved to hear him beg. It always seemed so unreal.

“Come closer let me tell you something.” I said.

When he did, I couldn’t help it but give him a little slap across the face.
Of course it took him by surprise.

“Knew it was a trap.” Leandro mused.

“Now I accept your apologies.” I smiled.

Anthonio smirked down at me, raising his hand and touching the cheek I’d slapped.

“I like it when you slap me.” he murmured, “A little pain to go with the pleasure.”

If I could redden.

“Hmm! Sicko. And they say I’m the kinky one.” Leandro muttered and I laughed out.

Anthonio turned to him.

“Shut up. You’re sicker than I am and definitely kinky as well.”

“Who me?” Leandro replied, standing up and heading towards the door.


“Ha! Then prove it. I’m hungry. Going down for a snack.”


He then left the room. I turned to Anthonio and smiled. He smiled back.

Some days later, I was in my room on Anthonio’s phone. He’d given it to me to occupy myself and call whoever I wanted.

Bored, I started by taking pictures in front of a mirror. But then I thought of Kloe. I missed her. My mom had told me once in a while when I called her that Kloe was fine and always asked about me.

I thought and tried to remember her number. Then I typed it down and called. I was happy when she picked up. I’d succeeded in dialing the right number.


“Hello, Kloe.”

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed and there was long silence. I giggled. “D– Donnica?”

“Yes, Kloe. How are you?”

I asked happily but I realised something wasn’t right. Her voice was low and she seemed to be weak.

“Oh my gosh. l’m so happy to hear you. *cough*. Wish I could shout. Scream.”

She didn’t sound okay at all. I got worried.

“Kloe, are you alright? You don’t sound well.”

“I’m– I’m not. I’m hospitalised. My situation got worse.”

“Oh no.”

Kloe was anemic with a whole lot of other problems.

“When did you get hospitalised?”

“This morning. Worse Christmas *cough* ever.”

I felt horrible.

“I’m so sorry. You need a blood transfusion again?”

“Yeah. Sick of this. You should see me now. Thinner than a rake. I’m tired Donnie.” I heard her begin to sob and I broke down, “But we’re not talking about me here. How are you doing, Donnie? I miss you. Please tell me they’ve done nothing really horrible to you”.

“No they haven’t, Kloe. And I have a guardian angel now.”

"RealIy? Who?”

“It’s a complicated story. I’ll tell you if ever I return. Wish I could be present for you.”

“It’s okay, Donnie. If you can’t be here for Christmas, I pray you arrive for the new year. I miss you. Kept you in my prayers.”

“I miss you too, Kloe.”

I couldn’t help it but feel horrible for her.

“I almost forgot. I’m engaged, Donnie.”

“Ooh wow! To Tyler??”


“I’m so happy for you!”

“Thank you. Come back fast.”

“I’ll surely be back someday, Kloe.”

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