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(II) Chapter 16

Anthonio had kept his promise as days flew by. If he had to go on a mission, he would first of all make sure Leandro was around to keep an eye on me. I was never alone. Plus, that strange man was no where to be seen. Maybe he’d gone on some mission too.

One day, after Anthonio had saved me once more from the boss’s claws, I went down to the kitchen and decided to make myself a bowl of cereal.

I stood while eating, staring out at the snow. Christmas was fast approaching. Thoughts of it gave me goosebumps as nostalgia set In.

While I thought, I felt someone sneak up behind me and hug me.
I smiled. It was Anthonio.

“Hey, baby.” he said


“Staring at the snow?”

“Yeah. Dumb right?” I smiled, turning to face him.

He stared silently at me. Then he took his phone out and gave it to me.

“Call whoever you want.” he said softly.

My heart!

“Are you serious, baby? But if the b–”

“Fuck that. Call.” he cut in and I
smiled broadly. I then switched on the phone.

“Your password?”

“Your name.”

I looked up at him, unable to hide a smile.

“Gosh, if you keep being this sweet I’ll ask you to make love to me right now.” I giggled.

He smirked and his eyes dropped to my body.

“That’s my point.” he replied and I felt my knees grow weak.

“You win. I’ll be yours immediately I hang up.”


I smirked at him before putting the password.

I dialed my mom’s number and it rang for a while. I turned to Anthonio.

“I’ll put it on loud speaker.” I said.

“Don’t. I trust you enough.”

I smiled at him again and he smiled back.

My mom then picked the phone up.



“My baby!! My sweetheart. How are you??”

“I’m very fine, mummy.”

Anthonio turned and went to get himself a drink from the fridge.

“I’m so glad to hear your voice! Have they done any horrible thing to you?!”

“No, mom. I’m fine. I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas my love. Your father isn’t around. As for your case, we found a great lawyer. Everything’s gonna be fine. We went for the fact that you’ve been kidnapped, so they won’t say you ran away. I have faith that we’ll win the case. Okay? You’ll be back here soon enough.”

“Okay, mom”

“I love you my dear.”

“I love you too. I have to hang up now.”

“Alright, baby girl. Bye bye.”

“Bye, mom.” I hung up with a smile. I loved speaking to my mom.

I then turned to Anthonio who was now backing me and staring out of the window.

I slowly approached him and wrapped my arms around him from behind.

He turned and I gave him his phone.

“Everything’s well over there?” he asked.

“Yeah. But let’s put that aside. Don’t you want me?” I teased sweetly.

“You know I do.” he leaned over and we kissed deeply.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight against his hot body.

I loved the feel of his hands on my skin. Guess I couldn’t get enough of him.

He broke the kiss and traced his lips down to my neck. I moaned softly. He continued to trail his soft kisses down my neck to my chest and then tummy.

Anthonio got down on his knees and continued with his soft kisses. I ran my fingers through his silk hair as he raised my T-shirt and began to kiss my tummy.

Then carefully, he unbuttoned my mini jean skirt. He started pulling it down my waist and thighs, staring up and me.

The feelings he caused in me were undescribable. I loved him so much it hurt. I remembered when I’d assumed that if I broke Anthonio’s heart he would kill me? Well, if he did same to me, I’d kill him. That wsst how much I loved him. I didn’t care.

My skirt was halfway down my thighs when he stopped and resumed his soft kisses on my upper thighs. I moaned.

Just at that moment, a guard stepped in! We froze!

Anthonio and I stared at the man who stared back, clearly shocked. My expression at the moment was priceless! Eyes wide and a slightly opened mouth.
A single word couldn’t leave my mouth at the moment.

Not knowing what to do, I looked down at Anthonio. He was staring at the guard but he didn’t look shocked at all. He was clearly amused.

“Any problem?” he asked with a smile.
The man, as speechless as me, shook his head no.

“Um, no. I’ll just leave.” he stammered with an accent and walked out.

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed and got out of Anthonio’s grip, immediately putting my skirt back in place.

He chuckled and got up, grabbing my waist and pulling me back to him.

“Come here.”

“No! Anthonio aren’t you scared we got caught??” I tried to struggle out of his grip.

He stared silently at me.

“Donnica, are you telling me no?” he asked smoothly, amusement
lingering in his eyes.

“Uh, I don’t know...”

“You can’t tell me no. Can you?”

“B– but you’re being unfair!” I grumbled with a nervous laugh.

He smiled and pulled me closer.

“Good. Let’s make love.”

*Sorry for the late update, guys. I had exams but as from now I'll update like I used to. Xoxo 💕💕.*

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