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(II) Chapter 15 (Odds)


“A handsome clown.” he corrected and I laughed again.
“But before I go and ask him anything, I want you to describe how it was in just one word.” Leandro said with a smirk.

“Hahahaha. Well, it was– It was so...” I moved my hands trying to hopelessly describe how sensual and amazing it was. Leandro watched in amusement.

“So good it makes you speechless?” he asked amused.

“Amazing. He’s– He’s good...” I ended with a desperate sigh, “Undescribable, Leandro.”

“You don’t know how pleased I am to hear that. Hahahaha, you fixed him!” he laughed happily and I joined him.

Things were getting better and better for me. I had a boyfriend who loved me, Anthonio, and a friend whom I could speak with and trust too, Leandro. Everything was fine.

One evening, I sat in the kitchen, reading a book and drinking hot chocolate. Anthonio and Leandro had left on a mission for a few days and I was beginning to feel all lonely again.

While I read, one of the masked members walked into the kitchen and I nearly stopped breathing.

“C– can I help you?” I murmured, standing up immediately. The man stared straight at me. He had scary eyes. I flinched when I slightly recognised them. This was the same person who’d told me one day that whatever I was planning to do wasn’t working.

“You think it’s over?” he said all of a sudden in an heavily accented tone.

“What?” I asked confused.

“You think everything’s fine. I told you it won’t work. Wait And see the plague that awaits you.” he threatened in a low scary voice. Goosebumps took over my skim and I tried my best not to freak out.

“Excuse me sir but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about...”

“You would wish you were dead.”

I felt a strange type of cold take over my body, causing me to rub my arms.
Without further ado, I turned to leave, walking as fast as possible. By the time I reached the door, I turned to look at the strange person one last time but he was gone. He’d vanished!

I got very scared. I looked around and he was nowhere. He’d disappeared?!

“Oh please.” I whispered, afraid. “Please, come back.” I added, referring to Anthonio or Leandro. Both. I was so scared I knew I would not sleep that night.
After washing the dishes that night, I hesitated to go up to my room, having a feeling that I might meet someone strange there. And so, instead, I went to the living room and lay on the couch. I was safer there with all those guards standing there and staring at me. After long tiring minutes of trying to find sleep, I finally succeeded in doing so.

“Get up Donnica.” someone ordered rudely, causing me to open my eyes and sit up immediately. My head spinning, I didn’t move for some seconds and waited for my vision to adjust. I looked above me and Anthonio stood by me.

I was going to hug him and ask him why he’d gotten me up so roughly but then I remembered there were guards all around and we had to pretend.

“Sorry. Welcome back. Lemme freshen up real quick then I’ll make breakfast.” I said, pretending to be nervous and a little afraid.

“Be fast. And once done bring mine to my room and don’t waste any time.” he ordered with a frown before turning and walking away. I stared around at the immobile guards.

It was around nine that I was finally done with my shower and was dressing up. After that, I rushed out of my room, heading for the kitchen.

As I hurriedly walked through the hallway, I bumped into Leandro. We couldn’t stop and talk to each other because the house was full of the other members and we could get caught at any moment and so instead, he gave me a quick and short hug followed by a kiss on the forehead, then we parted ways.

Once down in the kitchen, I made quick and delicious breakfast which I set on the table for the other members.

They soon came downstairs and sat at the table. I remained to serve them first.

While I did so, I felt one of them watching me intently. I looked back and it was that same strange man. He had a deadly look and he scared me a lot.

I hurried with was I was doing before getting Anthonio’s and Leandro’s breakfast and taking it to their rooms.

On getting to Leandro’s room, he was still under the shower and so I put his tray down and left.

I then reached Anthonio’s room and got in. He was putting on his jeans by the time I walked in.

The smile he gave me warmed my heart on the spot and all that fear and panic left me.

“I missed you.” I whispered, closing the door me.

“My sweetheart.” he called with a smile and I rushed straight into his arms, hugging him tight and enjoying the feel of him. I felt safe and protected.

“Hmmm, seems you really missed me. Hugging me so tight I can hardly breath.” he mused, softly kissing my forehead.

I felt like sobbing.

“Please, don’t ever leave me alone. Please. Without you or Leandro here to keep an eye on me, this place is unbearable.” I said softly, beginning to sob.

Anthonio looked down at me.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked, worry evident in his voice.

“Just don’t leave me. If you have to go, Leandro should be here. If he has to go, you should be here. Just don’t leave me. I beg you.” I put my head against his chest once more.

Anthonio was silent for a while but then he hugged me tight and kissed my forehead.

“Okay. I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I looked up at him and we shared a deep kiss.

It was just so ironic how he’d gone from my worst nightmare to my dream come true.

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