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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 13 (Blind Trust)

The next morning, I woke up due to the light from the sun that shown into the room. I tried to move but my body hurt a little. I was sore. But it was sweet soreness from the wild love making of the previous night. I smiled as thoughts of the previous night invaded my mind.

I smiled and looked to my side. Surprised, I found Anthonio staring back at me. He lay on his side, looking silently at me. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“You just got up?” I murmured.

“No. Got up about thirty minutes ago but just wanted to stare at you.”

“Oh, really?” I smiled at him.

“Yeah. You’re beautiful. Last night was great.”

“Amazing you mean. I’m sore.” I giggled and he smiled.

“Sorry. Hope I didn’t go too hard on you.”

“It was perfect, Anthonio.”

I caressed his face and he kissed my hand.

" I’m– I’m crazy over you, Donnica. Now I’m sure of that.” he said in a more serious tone.

“I’m crazy over you too.”

He took my hand and kissed it. Then he smiled.

“How bout we take bath together?” he proposed.

“That’ll be great but l’m so sore. My body hurts a little.” I giggled weakly, “I can barely move right now.”

Anthonio chuckled.

“Well, let me help you.”

I watched him get off the bed. I couldn’t help it but admire his nude and perfect silhouette.

“Hold on.” he winked at me and headed to the bathroom. Some minutes later he came out and walked up to my side of the bed and pulled the sheets off me.

“I just love seeing you this way.” I cooed, smiling up at him.


“Naked.” I admitted with a giggle and he smiled, his cheeks reddening a little.

‘Oh gawd, he’s blushing. I’m melting.’

“I know you do.” he smiled and leaned over before carrying me in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Hmmm, such special treatment.” I giggled

“A princess deserves the best.”

“If I could redden.” I joked and he laughed.

“Let’s go.”

Anthonio carried me to the huge bathroom and carefully, he put me in the bathtub, full of warm water and sweet smelling soap.

“Mmm, this feels good on my skin.” I cooed.

He went over and pulled the curtains of the bathroom closed so we were left in dim light. Then he joined me in the tub, sitting opposite me.

“I love you.” he said, rubbing my legs.

“I love you too.”

I looked around and that was when I noticed a bottle of champagne at a corner.

“Oh my gosh. I just love champagne. Please get the bottle.” I said happily and he laughed.

“Okay. Wow. Champagne for breakfast.”


He got the bottle and opened it. There was a glass close by and so he served me some.

“Hmm, it tastes so good. Please, can you rub my legs? I just love it when you touch me. Makes everything sweet.” I admitted and he smiled.

“Okay.” with his free hand, he started to slowly rub my knees.

“I’ll be meeting a contact today too. So I might be back around evening only.”

“Hmm, okay. I’ll wait for you.”


He stood up and got out of the tub, then he came to my side.

“Move a little.”

I did and he came in behind me, so I was now leaning against his hot body.

Anthonio got a sponge and carefully began to bathe me.

I relaxed.

He was a great guy. He was really a good person who’d had a terrible childhood that had destroyed him. But I was happy now that with each day that passed, he seemed to be getting better and better.

That afternoon when I was all alone and bored, I decided to leave my hotel room and go stroll around. I took some little money at my disposal and left the room and hotel, disguised.

The city in which we were was a beautiful one. I visited as much places as possible.
I even went to a chic café to eat. The people I’d come across so far were very polite.

After a good meal I went to the mall and bought myself a dress and a pair of high heels. Just to please myself and feel like my life was back to normal.
I even thought of calling my parents but deep in me I knew that that was a risk I should not take at all.
By six PM, after I’d done all I had to, I headed back to the hotel.

I reached my door and that was when I realised it was already unlocked. Seemed Anthonio was back. I stepped in and found him sitting on the edge of the bed, head down.

“Hellooo. You’re back earlier than I thought.” I said with a bright smile.

He didn’t reply, nor did he look up at me.

“Anthonio?” I called, slowly. Feeling worried.

And then, he looked up at me. I was surprised to see that his eyes were red and he was frowning.

“Anthonio is–”

“Where were you?” he asked in a low voice, standing.

What was going on?


“Answer me. Now.” his order came out in a low growl.

“Anthonio, I went to stroll. What has come over you??” I asked confused.

He stared at me.

“Stroll?” he asked, a hint of disbelief in his tone.


The look he gave me hurt me. He clearly did not believe me.

“Wait.” I started, “You don’t believe me.” I frowned a little, “You really think I tried to escape??”

“Tell me.” he replied, folding his arms.

The anger and disappointment I felt at that moment were undescribable.

“Are you serious right now??” I asked, annoyed and letting my bag drop to the floor, “Is that what you think of me? After all that’s happened between us till this point?”

“I don’t know what to think of you, Donnica.”

“What??” my mouth dropped open, “You really think I’d want to escape?? You think I’d take that risk??”

“Don’t raise your voice at me.” he warned.

“This is the best.” I scoffed, “Do you love me?” I asked, staring straight into his eyes.

He stared back.

“You know I do.”

“But you don’t trust me?” I shook my head, “My love for you is enough proof that I’m not going anywhere if you don’t let me. And even if you do, I’m not ready to leave you.”

“Are you sure, Donnica? It’s still a possibility that you made me fall in love with you just so you could manipulate me easily. That’s not gonna work.”

“Anthonio are you hearing yourself??” I widened my eyes, “Is this some dumb joke??”

“Donnica, right now I don’t know what to think of you.”

“I went to stroll! Get that!” I screamed, my emotions starting to take over.

Anthonio frowned.

“Don’t raise your voice at me!” he warned back with anger.

I still couldn’t believe my ears. I felt my eyes prick but I promised not to shed a stupid tear.

“If I’d wanted to escape, I would’ve done that yesterday when you went to Geneva. You still don’t believe me?”

He remained speechless, a frown still on his face. He didn’t believe me still.

“Fine.” I started, a lump in my throat_ “Think what you what you want. I don’t give a fuck.” I stated, picking my bag up.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To take some air. What? You want to follow me to make sure I don’t escape?” I rolled my eyes and turned to leave.

“Donnica, don’t walk out of me.” he warned slowly.

I stopped in my tracks and turned to him.

“Anthonio, watch me leave. You can come and force me to stay like you used to do. But unless you try to strangle me like the old times, I’m going to take some damned fresh air!” I retorted and turned.

“Donnica, don’t walk out of me...”

“Are you deaf?” I replied, reaching out for the door knob.

“Donnica, please.” he suddenly begged in a low, saddened voice.

I froze.

“Don’t go...” he added slowly and I turned to him.

“Understand me.”

“Understand what? I trust you wholeheartedly, but you don’t trust me?” I replied, tears welling up my eyes.

He approached me.

“Donnica, I panicked. I thought you left.” he said lowly and I noticed his eyes. Like mine, they were now watery with tears. My heart cracked.

“Anthonio, I love you but if you don’t trust me like I trust you, things will not work out.”

“Things will work out.” he cut in immediately, holding my shoulders, “It was stupid of me to doubt you. l’m sorry.”

“Trust me. Please.”

“I trust you. Blindly.”

“Thank you.” I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my cheeks.

Anthonio hugged me tight.

“I’m so sorry. I was so worried and thought you’d left me. Donnica, I love you so much. Please, don’t leave me...” he whispered softly and I could hear his speedy heartbeat with my head against his chest.

I hugged him back just as tight.

“I love you even more, Anthonio. I can never leave you. Especially not now.”

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