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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 12 (Endless Pleasure -2)

I stared up at him, anxiety taking over.

“But first,” he continued, putting both his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers. My breath caught up and he smirked, “...here’s what I have for you.” he whispered huskily and with that, I watched him slowly pull down his boxers till they dropped to the floor.

My eyes couldn’t grow any wider. My mouth dropped open as I stared at his hard and big erection. All those dick prints hadn’t fooled me. Anthonio was built like a Greek god of sexual desire.

I couldn’t stop staring at it.

Anthonio smirked and slowly made his way in between my legs. He lowered his head and started to lick my tummy, then navel.

I wriggled underneath him, the heat in me growing hotter and hotter, making me want more.

“Mmmmf...” I moaned softly when he started to lick my inner thighs, so close to my pussy. I moaned and slowly raised my hips, looking for some sort of release.

Anthonio stopped licking and looked up at me. I stared back. There was silence in the room, apart from my low moans and our combined hard breathing.

“Please...” the word suddenly left my mouth. That was the key word.

Without any reply and his eyes still on mine, Anthonio slid both his hands underneath my butt, then he lifted me off the bed and towards his lips. My body tensed up and when he began to lower his head, a low whimper escaped my mouth and I closed my eyes.

“yessss...” I hissed through clenched teeth, a crazy and satisfying feeling washing over me when his tongue touched me!

I moaned out, unable to control myself anymore. Anthonio was driving me crazy!

He licked my sensitive parts just as he’d done with my nipples. His tongue was rough against my sensitive clit. Just how I loved it. He was giving me sweet torture as well as pleasure, that made me immediately wrap my legs around him.

Anthonio ate me out like no man had ever done before. He teased my clit with his tongue, licking and suckling on it, making my eyes roll back into my head as my moans got louder.

“Oh my gosh!” I gasped for air, “Aahh! Y– yessss. Oh please!”

I thought I was going to grow mad. His tongue showed no mercy and he continued to suckle.

“Ah– Anthonio! Oh fuck!” I groaned, my head spinning.

“Mmm...” Anthonio moaned against me, driving me even more nuts.

Weakly, I struggled to look down at him, only to find him staring back at me while he ate me out. My head weakly fell back against the bed like he was draining all the power left in me.

Anthonio increased the speed of his tongue and that was when I knew it was all over for me, I tensed up, unable to breath. My whole body shivering.

And that was when one more earth crashing orgasm took over me.

“Ooohhh.” I moaned out. Anthonio had stood up and was watching me come.

I came for long pleasuring seconds and when it was all over I lay like a lifeless body, struggling for air.

I weakly looked up at Anthonio. He was smirking down at me, his cock in his hand.

“That was...” I struggled to speak.

“Shhh. I’m not done yet, baby.”

He got on the bed and managed to get me under the sheets. Then he got on top of me. He lowered his head and we kissed deeply, taking all our time.

“Are you ready for me, sweetheart?” he whispered against my lips.

“You know I am...” I replied, breathless and staring into those beautiful eyes.

He kissed me one last time and then I felt him position himself at my opening.

Anthonio kissed my neck and he began to push forward into me. I moaned out when I felt his thickness begin to stretch my walls.

“Aaahhh...” he moaned softly against my ear, loving the way I grew tighter whenever he tried to push forward.

We kissed passionately, moaning against each other’s lips. And that was when he slammed all the way into me. So sudden and making me groan out raw. He’d filled me so much I could feel my inner walls stretching.

“Aaaarghh...” he groaned against my neck, “Yeah...”

Anthonio withdrew from me before slamming back in, causing both of us to moan out continuously. He started with slow and long thrusts, taking his time so I would adjust to his thickness

“Mmmf...” he kissed me while he slowly moved in and out of me.

I wrapped my arms tight around him and kissed him back.

As we kissed, Anthonio’s rhythm began to increase. His low gasps turned to raw moans and grunts. He broke our kiss, staring straight into my eyes.

“Lemme show you how much you drive me wild” he whispered and withdrew completely out of me. And then to my sweetest surprise, he slammed back in with a force harsher than the first and I groaned even more.

Anthonio began to ride me like crazy, his thrusts were faster and harder while he kissed my neck.

“Ooh! Aaah! Yesss!” I moaned out as he fucked me senseless, “Anthonio!”

Anthonio would withdraw completely out of me and then slam back in with sudden force and speed they my vision began to blur out and I was literally drooling with pleasure. Sweet pleasure washed over my senses and I screamed out the most insane things.

“That’s right...” Anthonio groaned, licking the side of my neck, “Scream my name, baby girl...”

He growled and his thrusts seemed to increase in speed!

My loud moans filled the room and I thought I would lose it. I was shocked when he turned on himself till I was on top of him now.

“Ride me...” he moaned out breathlessly. I did just that, riding him as fast as possible, trying to reach that peak of pleasure!

“Faster, baby! Faster!” he groaned out, staring up at me. We were both sweaty and out of earth. Anthonio was taking me past the seventh heaven.

I rode him faster and faster, till I felt another orgasm fast approaching.

“Aaahhh, yesss!” I moaned out. Anthonio turned once again till he was on top once more.

“Wanna cum?” he whispered against my ear as he continued to pound me, “Lemme help you get there, Donnica...” he moaned.

Hearing him moan my name got me closer to the climax. Again!

Anthonio slammed into me one last time and I let go!

“Ooooooh!” I moaned out while I continuously came. Anthonio held my chin and made me face him and open my eyes.

“Good girl, I want you to look me in the eyes while you let it all out. Cum for me. Wet this cock...”

Another wave of pleasure washed over me. I was having a second orgasm. Two times in a row!

Weakly, I managed to look at Anthonio with a blur vision, and immediately I did, I saw his eyes close and his expression change. Anthonio’s body tensed up and the next thing I felt was him coming in me,

“Ffffuuck!!” he groaned out.

I grabbed his face and we kissed deeply, moaning against each other’s lips.

When everything had died down, Anthonio collapsed on me, exhausted. Then he rolled off me and we both struggled for air. I didn’t even know when I slept off, my body shivering from all those sweet orgasms.

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