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(II) Chapter 10 (Almost There)

I almost had a heart attack when I got up the next morning to find Leandro sitting by my bed and staring down at me.

“Aah! What are you doing here Leandro?” I asked amused, waiting for my vision to adjust, “For how long have you been here?”

“Well, good morning first. I got up a few minutes ago. I got out of my bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth and headed straight for this room. That explains why I’m still in sleeping shorts.”

I shook my head in amusement.

“Good morning, Leandro.”

“So tell me everything. How this all started!” he exclaimed and I laughed.


I took my time to explain all that had happened so far and how I’d succeeded in getting Anthonio to fall for me. I told him about our first kiss and everything that came after. He listened attentively.

“And that’s all.” I ended, laughing at his sad puppy expression.

“Hahahaha, you should see your face.” I giggled, “You’re sad, or?”

“Oh, I’m not sad. Fuck, you’re gonna make me shed a damned tear!” he joked, that expression still on. I laughed, “What a beautiful story. Makes me wanna believe in that bullshit called love.” he ended, standing and stretching. I laughed.

“Bullshit huh? Wait till you fall in love too.”

He scoffed and I couldn’t help it but laugh.

“Love doesn’t work for people like me.” he mused.

“Oh, yeah? I believe you and Anthonio are literally the same. But he’s in love, now.” I precised and he rolled his eyes.

“Blah, blah, blah. It’s because of the medicine I gave him.” he mused, heading for the door, “It was a magic potion.” he joked and I laughed.

“Yeah, right!” I laughed and he joined me. Then he stopped and turned to me with a more serious expression.



“Thank you. Very much. The Anthonio I knew once is back. And I clearly prefer him this way. With his thoughts straight.”

“No, thank you for helping me help him. For believing in me.” I replied and smiled sweetly at him. He smiled back and left the room.

That afternoon, I was in the kitchen staring out the window at the snow outside while waiting for the food on fire to get ready. I’d finally done it. I’d succeeded with the help of Leandro, to make Anthonio fall in love with me. I wished Velma was around just so I could share the news with her. She would surely be glad.

“Hola!” Leandro’s voice made me turn to see both guys walk into the kitchen, Leandro with a bottle of champagne in his hand. I laughed.

“Told you we were gonna drink champagne. I brought one of the best! Stolen from the boss’s special collection.” Leandro said and we laughed.

I went over to hug my boyfriend. It was just so sweet to refer to Anthonio as my boyfriend.

“How are you today?”

“Fine. I didn’t see you this morning.”

“Went for a run.” he replied, kissing my forehead. Leandro watched us the whole time, a smiled on his lips.

“Pinch me, I’m dreaming.” he started, “Just open the bottle yourselves. You’ve succeeded in making my eyes prickle.” he joked, handing the bottle over to Anthonio and pretending to wipe tears away from his eyes. We laughed.

Anthonio popped the bottle open and served each of us. The champagne had a great taste. We began to talk about everything and anything when a guard suddenly walked in.

“Anthonio?” he called.


“The boss wants to see you.”

“Fine. I’ll be up there.”

The man nodded and left the kitchen. Anthonio turned to us.

“Got an idea why he’s calling for you?” Leandro asked.

“Nope. I’ll find out upstairs.”

“Okay. We’re waiting.”

Anthonio left and Leandro and I continued to discuss. Several minutes later, Anthonio joined us again.

“So??” I asked.

“What did he say?” Leandro asked.

“He just wanted to tell me that he’ll be sending me to Switzerland for another mission. Tomorrow morning.”

l felt sad all of a sudden.

“You are not taking Donnica along?” Leandro asked.

“Of course I am. He said I could take her along if I wanted to.” Anthonio winked at me, “We’ll be gone for two days.”

Leandro chuckled, shaking his head. We both looked at him, amused.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m laughing at the huge mistake the boss has just made. He’s sending both of you on a honeymoon.” he mocked, his laugh being so contagious that we joined him.

Anthonio looked at me and I smiled sweetly at him. Yup, the boss had made a huge mistake. He was sending us on a honeymoon.

That night at about 8pm, the house was empty because all the members had gone out, including the boss, leaving only Leandro, Anthonio and l. As well as the guards.

Anthonio sneaked into my room in a T-shirt and a pair of sleeping shorts. l was from the bathroom.

“Hey. I smiled on seeing him.”

“Hey, how about we share the same bed tonight.”

“I agree.”

He walked up to me and we kissed.

“I hope you’ll make love to me. Tomorrow.” I whispered.

“You know I will.” he replied and I bit my lower lip.

“Good. How about we have some other fun tonight.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. I just want to give you a little taste of what tomorrow night will look like.”

“And how will you do that?”

“Through a little erotic dance.”

He smiled.

“Mmm, I’m gonna like this.”

I smiled and kissed him one last time before pushing him on the bed so he sat and watched me.

I sashayed my way to the speakers at a corner of my room and put a song.

The song started to play. I turned to Anthonio who’d been watching me, and smirked. Then I reduced the lights to a dim level so the environment was a little more romantic.

Anthonio watched me intensely as I began to slowly touch myself. Every part of my body. I looked him straight in the eyes as I did so. I moved my hips in rhythm with the song, touching and caressing every part of my body. From my neck to my breasts and lower, tempting Anthonio.

He watched me and I smirked sexily when the bulge in his shorts grew bigger.

I approached him and caressed his face. He Leaned into my touch, his eyes never leaving mine.

“You want me?” I murmured softly.

“You know I do.” he leaned in and kissed my tummy. I moaned softly and ran my fingers through his hair.

Then I grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it over his head before throwing it aside.

I leaned in and kissed him softly before backing him and sitting straight on his hardness, starting a slow lap dance that was sure to drive him nuts. He caressed my laps in return.

I slowly began to grind my butt against his poking boner. It was so hard and it loved the feel of it.
With his hands on my waist, he guided me. I would move up and down, right and left, grinding on him and making him lose it.

Anthonio would moan softly in the dimness of the room, clearly loving what I was doing.

At a point I got up and faced him before straddling him again. I went on with my grinding, but this time I kissed him while doing so. He would caress my butt throughout. At a point he squeezed me and I moaned softly against his lips.

“I’m gonna go all the way into you tomorrow.” he whispered, guiding my hips.


“Real deep till you can take no more.” he whispered dreamily through our kiss.

“That’ll be perfect. Make me yours.”

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