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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 9 (Mission)

We travelled to London that night to attend a ceremony hosted by one of the richest business men in the Country. Anthonio had been sent to eliminate someone in his entourage. I hated the fact that Anthonio was still a murderer and I promised to change that. But I was gonna take things slowly. I would take my time to change him completely. First I’d make him love again, and trust me. Then once he trusted me completely, I would talk to him about all this terrorist shit.

“You’re beautiful.” he told me in the jet. I smiled.

“You’re handsome.” I replied and put my head on his shoulder, enjoying that little moment of tenderness.

We arrived at nine pm, just in time for the ceremony. Surprisingly, Anthonio hadn’t disguised and wasn’t recognised. It surprised me.

We were allowed in as usual, under fake names and identities.

Once in the huge room with other rich people, we did as the Romans do, fitting perfectly into the crowd.

“So? What do we do?” I whispered to Anthonio.

“That’s my target.” he looked over at a richly dressed couple. They Were discussing with other people.

“The man?” I asked.

“No. His wife.”

I looked at Anthonio then at the pretty and smiling lady.

“Oh, no. What has the poor lady done?”

Anthonio smirked.

“Poor? She leads a terrorist group as dangerous as Isis or boko haram.”

I looked at Anthonio.


“She tried to eliminate the boss and destroy some of his operations. She is a heartless being. A sociopath. So I’m here on a revenge mission.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked at the lady who seemed so inoffensive. So normal.

“So, how will you approach her?” I asked.

“As long as her husband has an eye on her, it’ll be difficult.”

“He loves her? That’s why he always watches her?”

“Nope. Both aren’t loyal.”

I watched the couple, at a point the husband went towards a table to speak to some other invitees. Being distracted for a while, his wife walked towards the mini bar.

“Now’s the opportunity.” I told Anthonio.

“Yeah. But I need to come up with a plan that’ll keep her husband distracted for a long while.”

I thought for a while then came up with an idea.

“Go to her. I’ll distract him.” I said. Anthonio looked at me.


“Using the same method you’ll probably use on his wife. Seduction. What else?” I winked at him and started to go but he grabbed my wrist. I turned to him.

“Be careful.” he said.

“Of course.” I smirked at him and walked up to the man.

On reaching where he was, I touched his shoulder and he tuned to me.

“Hello.” I smiled sexily and the man automatically smiled back, giving me all his attention.

“Hello, miss.” I gave him my hand and he kissed it.

“Mmm, well dressed and a total gentleman too.” I cooed, eying him slightly. He eyed me back.

“I’m Edward Knight. Owner of Knight cooperation LTD.”

“I know. I’m Lindsay Vands.”

“Beautiful.” he eyed me lustfully, “Very beautiful.”

I discreetly looked over his shoulder to see Anthonio smirking and chatting with his wife. She was laughing at something he was saying. Then I watched him take her hand and kiss it. He was one great actor. In no time, I watched the woman follow him out of the ballroom.

“So, tell me princess.” Edward’s words interrupted my thoughts and I smiled at him.


“Are you taken?”

“No.” I smirked, “I’m completely single and ready for an adventure .” I winked at him and he smiled broadly, probably thinking he’d hit the jackpot.

“Hmmm, I see. I like that. Shall I offer you a dink?”


After long minutes of boring talking with Edward, he tried to convince me to follow him to any hidden corner for so-called fun. I refused of course.

As we spoke, I spotted Anthonio reappear in the crowd, finally.

“I gotta go now.” I said as sweetly as possible.

“To? C’mon we were just getting to know each other?”

“I know. But I’m a very busy lady. Give me your card and I’ll call you tonight so we arrange a day and place to meet.” I said in a rather teasing manner.

“Good idea.”

He hurriedly gave me his card. I took it, smiled and walked away. I made sure not go to Anthonio because the man was watching me. I discreetly disappeared into the crowd.

From where I stood, I looked at Anthonio. He was now talking with someone I couldn’t see because the person was hidden by a pillar. Whoever it was, made Anthonio laugh.

I moved to the side and realised it was Leandro he was speaking with. What was Leandro doing there? I was pleased to see him of course.

At a point, both turned to me and Leandro smiled. I smiled back. Then Anthonio motioned with his head that it was time for us to leave.

And so we left the building one after the other with no one suspecting whatsoever.

We returned very late. But once in my room, I didn’t want to sleep and so I went to Anthonio’s room but he wasn’t there. I went to check Leandro’s room and he wasn’t there either. Where were they?

Bored, I went to the last floor of the mansion where I’d never been to, my heart in my hand. I tried to open the doors on that floor but most were locked. But after trying many of them, I succeeded in opening one.

I got into the dusty room. It was a bedroom but it was evident no one had slept in it for a long while.

I was about leaving when I heard voices on the balcony. Anthonio and Leandro. They were discussing and laughing. I went to join them.

When I opened the balcony door, both turned to me. I smiled.

“Oh, princess found us.” Leandro smiled at me and I smiled back before hugging him.

“I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, love.”

Then I turned to Anthonio.

“Ain’t sleeping at this time?” he asked with a smile.

“Nope. I’m unable to find sleep.” I replied walking into his arms and we shared a short yet sensual kiss.

On breaking the kiss, we both turned to a clearly shocked Leandro.

“The fuck?!” he exclaimed, standing straight. Anthonio and I laughed.

“What the hell is going on??”

I laughed.

“Oh my gosh, Anthonio didn’t tell you??” I mused turning to Anthonio.

“Hahahaha I was about to.”

Leandro stared at us like we were zombies.

“Tell me what??”

“We’re together.” I replied.
Leandro’s mouth dropped open.

“As in a–”

“Yes. A couple. Your devilish plan worked.” Anthonio laughed.

We watched in amusement as a huge smile, as huge as that of the joker appeared on Leandro’s lips.

“This is great news! What were you waiting for to tell me?!” he happily hugged both of us and we laughed.

“Hahahaha, we’re sorry.”

“This is close to unbelievable! Donnica you gotta tell me stuff tomorrow!” Leandro laughed. He was clearly happy with what he was hearing.

“Hahahaha, I will.”

He turned to Anthonio and smirked mischievously.

“Have both of you?” he asked, wriggling his brows and I laughed.

“No. Not yet.” Anthonio chuckled.

“Well, you should. Gotta be sure that thing down there still works.” Leandro joked and we laughed.

“Oh_ it does. Trust me.” Anthonio chuckled, pulling me closer to him.

“Ha! This is great!”

“You stole the boss’s girlfriend motherfucker!” Leandro teased Anthonio and they both laughed


“Hahahaha, shut up!”

“We have to dink champagne tomorrow. I swear!”

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