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Romance / Action

Chapter 8 (Complicated)

I silently followed the psychopath down that pitch black street.

"What about the police car we left behind?" I asked. He didn't answer me. I decided to keep quiet too. Didn't want him to beat me up or something.

But then, I regained my senses. Where was I going to?!

"I'm staying." I stated and he halted, turning to me.

"What?" he asked, his voice deep and threatening.

"I'm not going with a psychopath! I don't even know where I'm going to!"

I screamed in shock when he pulled a gun out and pointed it straight at my head.

"Too late to change your mind." he said in his usual dark manner, "Now you have to come with me. Whether you like it or not. Else I'll shoot you in head."

I was trembling from head to toe and dared not to tell him no. I nodded obediently, having no choice. It was now turning into a kidnap. I should've ran away when I still had a chance.

He led me down the street and I tried not to pass out because of the fear.

As we walked, a car's headlights could be seen at a distance approaching. He stopped in his tracks and I stopped too. The car came closer and I realised it was a black hummer. It pulled up and a man all dressed in black stepped out. I recognised him immediately. It was that man I'd seen roaming on campus. He still had that fat black hat on. In the dark, I couldn't really make out his face.

"Good job, Caruso." his deep voice gave me the chills.

"It was a kid's game. You got them?"

"Yes." the man gave Anthonio a briefcase before giving him the car's keys. I stood there lost.

"What about the girl?" the scary man referred to me and I stopped breathing.

"I'll see about her case later. I need to go."

"Alright. The bag is in the boot. When you'll land, you'll know."

"Okay." then turning, Anthonio pointed the gun at me again and I froze. "Get In the car." was his order.

I was scared to death as I hurriedly got into the front seat. Anthonio got in too.

"Meet you there." the man said.


Anthonio closed his door and started the car. I got confused.

"W– what about the scary guy? He's staying out there?" I asked, trembling. As if that was my business. I guess my fear had something to do with it.

"Shut up." he replied dryly as he started the car and we drove off, leaving the other man. I looked back and to my surprise, he wasn't there anymore. Like he'd vanished! What was up with these people?

"Where are we going to?" I asked slowly, tears rolling down my cheeks.

"One more word, and I cut your tongue off." was his reply as he turned to me with a sharp look. I adjusted immediately.

I remained silent till we left the city of New York.

Noise. I heard noise. I was hearing it, actually.

I opened my eyes and discovered it was still dark and I was still in that car. It wasn't a bad dream. I was really escaping with a terrorist. I'd slept off without realising.

Once all sleep was out of my system, I saw a lighted area ahead.

"What time is it?" I muttered.

"Four AM."

We'd been travelling the whole night.

"Please, where are we?" I risked to ask another question.

"Close to Philadelphia." he answered lazily, his jaw clenching. I realised I was beginning to annoy him again and so I remained silent.

We approached the lighted area and I discovered it was a gas station. We stopped there to put some fuel in the car. I was tired and even thought of escaping with the car. But to where? For how long would I stay away from New York? Anthonio and I were not safe in America as a whole. Of course his escape shook the whole country. We just had to leave the country. I had to! And without him, if possible! The thought made my heart ache I wasn't happy about all of this. Not at all!

Anthonio got back into the car and then we took off again. In about fifteen minutes, we'd reached Philadelphia. There I was in the same car with a terrorist. How had I gotten myself into this?

The place was quiet because most people were still asleep apart from drunkards and party animals.


After some time, he turned into a dark and dangerous street where we parked by a motel. It didn't look inhabited and seemed to be locked. I watched him take out that briefcase, open it and take out a bunch of keys.

"Get out of the car." he ordered in a cold tone. I obeyed again and stepped out of the car. There was a fog that early morning because of the cold. I felt horrible. I couldn't still believe what had happened to me the last night. I was sure they must have noticed that I'd escaped. Oh! What would I tell my patents? My friends. I had to find a way.

"We'll be leaving this place first thing later on this morning. Before the warrants get out on our arrest. So prepare."

I stared.

"Why?? Why are you holding me captive?" I asked, and he stared at me.

"Just shut the hell up." he finally replied in his usual dry manner.

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