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(II) Chapter 8 (Fun)

That evening, I was in my bathroom straightening my coils so my hair would be straight, giving me a totally different look. I then tied everything into a ponytail.

I was going to start making up when there was a knock at my bathroom door. And before I could answer, Anthonio walked in, all dressed for that ceremony we had to attend. He looked so damn good in his shirt. It fit him so well.

“Hmmm, someone’s ready.” I cooed.

“And someone’s not.” he smirked, coming over to kiss me.

“I was getting ready. Don’t you see my hair? And I was about to apply make up.”

“You don’t even need that. You’re gorgeous.” he murmured, carrying me off the ground and making me sit on the sink.

I wrapped my legs around him, then I began to adjust his collar.

“You look so good.”

“So do you.” he leaned and kissed me softly. I just loved it.

“Is it just me or you seem to want me more and more. ” I teased with a giggle. He stared straight into my eyes and goosebumps took over my skin.

“Guess the answer.” he smirked and we kissed some more before he let me go, pulling my lower lip along. Shit. Everything about him was just so charismatic, so sexy. A low moan escaped my mouth and he smiled.

“You owe me what we started down there.” I whispered dreamily, our lips brushing against each other.

“Oh, yeah?” he whispered back.

“Yeah. You turn me on whenever I look at you.” I murmured lowly. He smirked and bit his bottom lip.

“When was the last time you had an orgasm?” he whispered, bringing his lips close to my ear. Goosebumps again.

“I don’t even remember.”

“Well today’s your lucky day.” he started, “Let’s do this real quick, baby.”

He parted my legs all of a sudden and a low gasp escaped my lips. Anthonio wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him without ever making me get off the sink.

Then, he slid his other hand down in between our bodies to the waistband of my tiny shorts. I gripped his shoulders and lay my head one of them when his slid his fingers down into my shorts.

“Raise those beautiful hips.” his lips were close to my ear. I bit my lower lip and buried my face into the side of his neck before slowly raising my hips off the sink. That gave him full access to my sensitivity.

Anthonio’s fingers were directly underneath me and I thought I would pass out.

“Now sit.” he whispered huskily.

I sat and I felt his fingers part my pussy lips as I did so.

“Ohh.” I moaned into his neck. Anthonio then began to stroke that most sensitive part that drove every woman crazy. The clitoris.

“Mmm...” I struggled for air, trying not to moan out to the hearing of others.

He started by stroking it slowly and carefully, building the heat in me and making my head spin.

“Oh, yeah...” I gasped against his neck as my hips began to move against his rubbing fingers, looking for the best type of release.

“Someone’s horny.” he whispered against my ear. I was too dizzy to answer. I was gone.

I began to increase my grinding against his rubbing fingers, trying to make him rub me faster, please me more.

“Oooh, please....” I moaned softly and he listened to my plea. Anthonio began to rub my cl*t with the flat of his fingers, even faster.

“Aaah!...oohh....oh my gosh...” I gasped breathlessly, trying not to be too loud.

He rubbed me faster, making my head spin even more. I was grinding on his fingers, low whimpers of pleasure escaping my lips.

And when he succeeded in pushing three of his fingers into me, I went nuts!

“Ffuck!” I groaned against his neck. He didn’t stop but began to to increase his rhythm, “Aaaah!” my head fell back and he leaned in and kissed my neck softly.

“That’s right, moan for me, baby.” he murmured, “Grind on my fingers. Soak them. Yeahhh, just like that...” he suckled on the sensitive skin of my neck.

I couldn’t control myself as I began to meet with his thrusts, grinding and moving my hips faster.

“Ride to your satisfaction, princess.” he whispered and kissed the centre of my throat. I immediately wrapped my arms around him.

My low moans and gasps filled my bathroom.

“Mmmm...” I was feeling like I was gonna grow mad with sexual frustration.

I held his face and kissed him deeply, moaning into his mouth. He didn’t stop and just increased the speed of his fingers. I kissed him more, whimpering and gasping against his lips.

“Yesss” I kissed him continuously.

“Shhh love...” he kissed me back, “You’re almost there now...”

His words encouraged me to grind faster against his fingers. Damn, he was driving me crazy!

“An– Anthonio!” I gasped.

“That’s right, let it all out.”

Before I could realise what was happening, a crazy orgasm hit me. So intense that my head fell against him and I bit his shoulder.

“Ooohh... Yessss.” I’d forgotten what it was like to have a good orgasm.

“Mmfff..” I moaned.

After those long seconds of pleasure, I let my head rest on his shoulders.

He slowly withdrew his fingers, making me whimper.

“Damn.” he kissed my forehead. My whole body was shaking. I was shivering. He sure knew how to handle a lady.

“I just love the feel of you.” he whispered, “How wet you get, how tight you are,” he kissed my head again, “And how tighter you get when you cum.”

I weakly raised my head and managed to look him straight in the eyes.

“If you like the feel of me around you fingers, wait till I ride the real thing.” I whispered and he smirked.

“You make me so impatient. You turn me on.”

We kissed deeply.

“I promise to make love to you in the next forty eight hours. Whether the boss is here,” he grabbed my hand and slid it down our bodies to let it rest on the huge and hard bulge in his trousers, “Or not...”

I looked at him in the eyes and he smirked.

“I’ll try and wait until then...”

“Same here.”

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