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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 7 (Better and Better)

I sat in my room wondering about what Anthonio would tell the boss about Rudolfo. I knew he’d intentionally decided to interrupt my little rendezvous with the boss. I smiled at the thought that he was being protective of me. It did me so much good on the inside.

I walked up and down in my room, thinking. Then there was a short knock at my door.


Anthonio stepped in and I smiled. He smirked at me.

“So what was so important that you had to interrupt the boss?” I asked playfully.


I melted again! I’d been melting very often recently.

“Oh my gosh you drive me nuts. If only you knew how much.” I admitted softly. He smiled and I saw that bit of red in his cheeks.

“It’s the same here.”

He walked up to me and we shared one long kiss.

“I won’t allow him to ever touch you again.”

“S– so, I come first?”

“Yes. I love you. Now I’m more than sure of it.” he added. I stared into his beautiful eyes, feeling goosebumps take over my skin.

“I love you too. So much.” I smiled, my emotions catching up in my throat.

He caressed the side of my face and I leaned into his touch.

“You’re so beautiful.” he whispered and stared straight into my eyes, “Donnica?” he called in a more serious tone.


“Don’t disappoint me. Just don’t. Please. You have me at your feet now. So don’t break me...” he whispered and I knew he was more than serious.

“I’m not your past. I’m your better present and future.” was my simple reply and I saw that relief in his expression.

He pulled me into his arms and we hugged tight. I could hear his heartbeat. I wasn’t going anywhere.

We then spent some time Chatting.

“What did you tell the boss about Rudolfo?” I asked

“I told him about the man who’d tried to kill you and who’d refused to speak. I suspected that it was one of his spies sent to eliminate you because of that watch we’d stolen.”

“Okay. I hate his presence, Anthonio. The things he does to me.”

Anthonio frowned a little.

“Baby, let’s not talk about it please. I really don’t wanna get angy right now.”

He’d called me baby. That was the only thing I’d heard and it made me smile.

That evening I went down to the kitchen through the other staircase in a pair of tiny shorts. I wanted to dink some water before returning to my room. After drinking down a glass, I dropped the glass and on turning, my prince was standing there. I almost screamed.

“Oh my gosh! You scared the hell out of me.” I whispered with a giggle and he smiled.

“You never hear me. Anyway I wanted to tell you that we’re going on a short mission tonight.”

My expression brightened.

“We’ll get to be alone at last. What country?” I asked.

“That’s the thing. We’re not going out of the country. We’ll fly to London with the jet. To return this same night.”

“Oh. I wish we could spend a night away from here. A night together. With no one to disturb us.” I smiled and he smiled back.

“So I would make love to you as much as I want to.” he replied, his eyes roaming over my body. That caused some sweet electric shock through my body.

“Damn, I would love that.”

“You ought to, sweetheart.” he approached me and kissed me. I melted once again in his arms. I gasped when he lifted me off the ground. I immediately wrapped my legs around him and we shared a sexy kiss there at the center of the kitchen.

We kissed for a long sweet moment. Then he slowly let me down.

“Lemme go and prepare then.” I said slowly and turned, making sure to rub my ass against him. I loved to tempt him. And it worked because he immediately pulled me back against him and began to kiss my neck from behind, his boner rubbing against my butt.

I moaned softly, loving the way his hands caressed and explored my body.

At a point, he slipped his hands under my large T-shirt and up my tummy to my chest. I had no bra on.

“Mmm.” I moaned slowly when he cupped my breasts and caressed them softly. When he did so, I felt the bulge in his pants grow harder. I moaned softly and leaned back against him.

He would kiss my neck and lick my earlobe all the while. Who would’ve thought that Anthonio and I would be standing in that kitchen smooching someday? I wouldn’t have believed it myself. A low gasp escaped my mouth and I bit my lower lip when he slightly pinched both sensitive nipples. I was getting real wet and I loved the heat he was building in me.

“I told you I would pinch those.” he murmured close to my ear, “They’re so soft, sensitive, mine...”

Goosebumps took over my skin. Anthonio made me face him. Then he lifted me off the ground once again and put me on the counter, making me lie on my back, knees bended. I didn’t know what he would do but then he parted my legs. I thought I would stop breathing!

He stood closer to the counter then he lowered his head and started by kissing my ankles. I froze. He began to slowly kiss his way up my legs. The heat was building crazily in me.

He kissed my thighs and inner thighs, driving me nuts. It was just as I’d daydreamed once. But this time, he gripped the waistband of my tiny shorts and began to pull them off me.

“Is it safe enough here?” I managed to ask, already breathless. He stopped and looked up at me.

“Probably not. But I really want to taste you right now.”

And with that he pulled the shorts off, leaving me in my tiny panties. He teased further, kissing my inner thighs. Then he kissed my clit through my panties and I moaned, raising my hips.

Just when he was about to take my panties off, he stopped. I looked up at him.

“What?” I asked.

“Someone’s coming. I feel it.” he carried me off the counter, “We’ll see if we can continue this later. Go and prepare for the mission.” he hurriedly placed a soft kiss on my lips and I ran up the stairs, my knees still shaky. Damn.

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