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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 4 (Unlocked)

Slowly. I closed my eyes and
parted my lips. As expected,
Anthonio did same.
I gave him a short yet sensual kiss that would leave him wanting more. Needing more.
He reacted Just as I’d wanted
him to. He was gonna kiss me some more but I stepped back.

“That’s all I wanted. I love you and I’ll wait for you.” I told him softly, slowly biting my lower lip as I still felt the pressure of his lips against mine.

Anthonio stared silently at me and I couldn’t guess what was running through his mind. But I knew I’d hit that sensitive spot. I’d unlocked something.

I turned to leave but he grabbed my hand. I faced him. He was silent. his expression empty.

“What is it, Anthonio?” I asked, innocently.

“Why did you do that?” his voice came out very low.

With him gripping my hand. I realised he was slightly trembling.

“Because I love you. I want you.” I replied and I saw him gulp.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” he muttered.

“Why didn’t you push me away?” I asked softly. staring straight into his eyes.

“l don’t know.”

“You should know. ” I tried to pull my hand away but he held on.

“It was wrong.” he muttered.

“I’m not sorry.” I pulled my wrist out of his grip and began to sashay my way towards the door, knowing he was watching me.

I held the door knob and turned it.

I’d opened the door halfway when all of a sudden. it was pushed close with force. I shook and looked to my side.
Anthonio’s hand was flat against the door. I turned to face him. But immediately I did, he trapped me by putting both hands at the sides of my head so I was stuck in between him and the hard door.

He stared down into my eyes. I had mixed feelings of fear and anxiousness.

“What?” I asked in a low voice.

He stared, silently for a short while.

“l shouldn’t be doing this. It’s
your fault.” he whispered, sending one more sweet electric feeling down my spine.

“You shouldn’t be doing what?” I whispered back, slightly biting my lower lip.

He looked at me do so and then he swallowed. He couldn’t lie I was driving something in him crazy.

“What I’m doing right now.”

I didn’t say anything but looked into his beautiful eyes. We stared at each other for about five seconds and then he said:

“To hell with the boss.”

I was surprised first


Anthonio didn’t answer but instead, with a hand. he caressed the side of my face.
Then he slowly slid his hand down to my neck. When his
fingers wrapped around it, I froze.

“Don’t worry. ” he whispered
huskily, “I’m not gonna hurt you...”

He leaned in and licked my earlobe. I almost went nuts!

“I’m not gonna choke you...” he whispered some more against my skin, giving me goosebumps,
“...I’m just gonna kiss you so hard you’ll forget whose air
you’re breathing.”

And with that. his lips crashed down on mine! No it wasn’t a dream!

Anthonio kissed me like no other guy had ever done! I wasted no time and wrapped my arms tight around him.

He kissed me with such passion and need. Like his life depended on it! I did same, kissing him with the same passionate furry and want. It was really happening!

Our tongues intermingled and the more we kissed, the more I couldn’t get enough of him.

“Mmmf...” I moaned through our hot kiss, loving the way he caressed me.

At a point, his hands slid down my back and he grabbed my ass. I moaned out, kissing him deeply and loving the way he touched me.

He pulled me towards him like he wanted our bodies to collide and form one being. Then he broke the kiss and went down to my neck, kissing and nibbling. I moaned out, running my fingers through his silky wet hair.

A low gasp escaped my mouth when he grabbed me by the ass once more and lifted me off the ground. I immediately wrapped my legs around him.

“Damn, I want you, Donnica.” he hissed against my neck before meeting my lips again. It felt so good.

As we kissed passionately. I felt something that made me gasp his name.


I felt the bulge in his boxers grow bigger and harder in his boxers, poking at my inner thighs.

“Sshh.” he hushed me and kissed me more.

Gosh, I didn’t want it to end. I needed him so much.

We kissed for a long while until he broke the kiss. We stared at each other, breathless.

“That was amazing. ” I whispered breathlessly.

“And that’s just a start. I would love to take you down now, with all the desire and craving you’ve caused inside me. It’s been so long. I want you so bad.” he replied, kissing my chin and licking my bottom lip.

“I want you too. Oh, please...” I kissed those pink lips again, ” ...make love to me now.”

“I will. I will,” he kissed me deep, “I want to, so bad. But not now and not here.”


“The members.” he replied and I knew he was right.

“Alright, please kiss me again.”

He did just that. Kissing me like the pro that he was.

“I have to let you go now before we get caught.” he murmured and kissed me one last time.

“Okay. ”

He slowly let me slide down his body till I stood on my own. His erection was very evident and it pleased me greatly.

“We’ll see tonight, right?”

“Yeah.” he smirked and kissed my forehead.

I smiled and turned to leave, but then he caught me from behind and pulled me closer to his body again so I could feel his erection rub against my butt.

“You’ve succeeded.” he whispered against my neck, “In healing me. Please make me love you. because I don’t know if I already do.” he
whispered and no words could be sweeter!

I turned and caressed his face.

“l think you already do. I know
you already do and I’ll teach you to love more than you’ve ever done before. Trust me.”

“l do trust you.” he murmured.

Oh my gosh, it was happening. It wasn’t a dream!

“Good. We’ll talk tonight.” I hugged him tight for a long while, feeling our hearts beat faster than usual against each other’s chests.

Then, I reluctantly broke the hug and left his room satisfied.

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