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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 3 (Closer!)

Being more than patient, I tried my best to act normally with Anthonio while waiting for the boss and most of his goons to follow him. It was the biggest opportunity I would ever have and I had to seize that chance!

Finally, the day arrived when the boss had to leave. I was in my room sleeping when I heard voices and fidgeting downstairs. I knew it was the monster and his sidekicks.
They always travelled very early in the mornings, before sunrise.

With heavy eyes, I managed to smile to myself because it was good news to me. He was probably going to be away for twenty four hours and so I had to make good use of that free day.

That same morning, two hours after they’d travelled, which was six, I got out of bed and stretched real good.

“Today’s gonna be good. It has to be.” I murmured to myself, smiling.

I fixed my bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Once I was done showering, I entered my room and dressed up, wearing a pair of leggings with a crop top. I was clearly aware of how attractive I looked in those leggings.
And though there was snow outside, the house was always warm.
I went downstairs and straight to the kitchen, where I took foodstuff from the fridge to prepare breakfast.
I couldn’t help it but hum continuously, swaying my hips and having a good time. I knew nothing could spoil that day. I was not going to allow a thing to happen!

I made eggs, bacon and grilled sausages. Then I baked some bread myself. The smell was mouthwatering and that made me proud of myself.
Once done, it was seven, and so I took the dishes and put them on the table in a corner of the kitchen, close to the other staircase that led upstairs.

While waiting for eight to reach so I could serve everyone, I decided to clean the kitchen thoroughly well.

I was mopping the floor when I had a feeling there was someone else in that huge kitchen. I put the mop down and tiptoed my way around the fridge. Guess who I met trying to steal some bacon.

“Uh hum!” I cleared my throat and Anthonio literally shook. For the first time! I suppressed a laugh.
“What are you doing?” I mused.

He stared at first, speechless. Then he chuckled a little.


“Yes? You what?” I asked, trying hard not to laugh.

He stared at me in amusement, then his eyes dropped to what I was wearing, briefly. Then he looked away, looking a little embarrassed to my greatest amusement.

He turned to me again, smiled and slightly rubbed his chin. His smile was priceless, giving me goosebumps that early morning.

“I– I was upstairs when...um...” he chuckled again, “I’m ridiculous.”

I finally giggled. He’d come down using the other staircase.

“Yes, you are.”

He smiled, his teeth so white.

“Ain’t my fault if your cooking is delicious.”

“Aaaw thanks. But you’re gonna have to wait till eight.”

His eyes widened a little.

“Oh cmon, Donnica.” I just loved it when he called me by my name, “I’m hungry. Just a piece. Please.” he begged and I laughed.

“No. You’ll have to wait with the others.”

He stared at me, smile still on his beautiful lips.

“So, I’m part of the ′others’? You would never do this to Leandro.”

“Hahaha, cuz he’s part of my favorites. That’s what makes him special.” I teased with a giggle.

“Please.” he begged, his hand joined in front of him.

“You’re begging me?” I mused, very pleased.

“Yeah. Is it working?” he asked, innocently.

Fuck, I wanted to kiss him.

The Anthonio of a few months ago would have never asked my permission. He would just serve himself, be rude or end up not taking to me at all.

“Of course it’s working. I’m melting.” I giggled and his smile widened. “Hahaha, you should see your face. Go ahead and take one.”

“Yesss.” he hissed and took a piece of bacon. I watched him put it in his mouth and chew.
“Mmmm this is good.”

“Thank you. And you? Don’t you have something to say to me?” I asked playfully, turning my black to him and folding my arms.

There was silence at first and then to my greatest surprise, he approached me and I felt him hug me from behind. I froze for second, goosebumps taking over my skin.

I smiled and put my hands on his arms that had wrapped themselves around my waist and tummy. The feel of him behind me was amazing, especially because he was in nothing but a pair of sleeping trousers. He clearly had no underwear because I could feel his dick leaning against his thigh and rubbing my butt cheek.
It sent a wave of sweet shock down my spine. Leandro had told me to make his dick stand again right? I was going to do just that.

“Thank you.” he finally said and let me go. I turned to him.

“Welcome.” I smiled.

“I’m going to go shower now.”

“Alright. How about you just stay up there and I’ll bring your breakfast to you.”

“That’ll be great.”

“Okay, then.”


I watched him turn and rush up the stairs. Oh, he didn’t know what was coming.

I was fine serving all the others at eight thirty. Then I got a tray of food and headed for Anthonio’s room, my heartbeat slightly faster than usual.

I knocked at his door and without awaiting a reply, I entered. I headed for his table and dropped the tray of food. Just then, Prince charming stepped out of the bathroom, all fresh.

He had a towel around his neck and his hair was slightly wet. But those weren’t the things that drew my attention. He was in a pair of those boxers I liked so much. The ones that didn’t really hide his printing package.

“Finally. Thank you.” he said, coming over.

“You’re welcome.”

He bent to take a piece of bacon and I grabbed his arm, making him stand straight and look at me.

“Is there a problem?” he asked. I stared at him.

“Yes. My feelings for you.”

The little smile on his lips faded.

“Donnica we’ve talking about this–”

“No, we haven’t. At all. Anthonio, I’m tired. It’s frustrating and I want you.” I admitted, careless now.

He looked at me.

“Donnica, there’s nothing I can do about your feelings.”

“That’s what you think. Anthonio don’t tell me you feel nothing for me. I know you do. You’re just not sure and you hesitate because you’re afraid of love. I’m not like your first girlfriend. Let me love you and make you a complete man again.”

“D– Donnica, that’s how it works. I can’t just.”

“You can.” I cut in.

He got out of my grip and took a few steps back, running his fingers through his hair. I knew what I was doing was working. He was just so confused. He didn’t know how to react in such a situation.

“It’s– It’s impossible. And the boss–”

“He’s gone. Most of them are. No one will know. You’re not afraid of any of them. You just feel you owe respect to the boss. I know. But I’m tired. It’s you I want. You brought me here and the consequence is me falling in love with you.” I stepped closer to him.

He looked so confused.

“Please.” I pleaded, running my fingers over his chest. He tensed up under my touch.

“I–I can’t.” he stammered.

“Fine. I understand” I lied, “I’ll go. But first...”

Getting on my toes, I caressed the side of his face and brought my lips closer and closer until they brushed his. Anthonio froze. This was going to unlock his heart. I just knew it.

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